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x5 Rear Light W Laser

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Product Description

  • Wireless control panel
  • Built in rechargeable battery (usb chargeable)
  • Turn Signals
  • Super bright LED light
  • Lasers for even more visibility
  • Works awesome




This is the ultimate rear light. Very bright and attention getting.

When I first tried one I was afraid it would be gimmicky and Chinese like.  I was pleasantly surprised. This rear light is awesome and adds to your safety a lot when riding at night.

If you like the idea of turn signals on your electric bike, this device does the trick in a very clean elegant package. 




Product Reviews

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  1. Very Bright, even though it was tricky to turn on.

    Posted by Tim on Aug 4th 2017

    I really like the laser capability. It was tricky to turn on since it has a very tiny power button on the main unit. I'm not sure it mentions or not, but it uses the common 18650 Li ion cell. So it should be easy to replace.

    I'd maybe consider a more solid mount for the wireless controller, but otherwise I am content with the product.

  2. Bright

    Posted by Richard on Mar 3rd 2017

    Very bright and looks great with fat tires.

  3. I love this light!!

    Posted by Brim on Dec 23rd 2016

    So, I have tried many lights both front & rear over the years, most have claims that vastly exceed at least my experience with the products. However, this one is really terrific. I love the easy to operate remote and the independent laser ground lights, which can be steady or flashed. Even the most inattentive car driver cant help but see these things. I feel much safer when riding at night...well as safe as any of us feel with cars around us at night. But much safer than before I installed these.

  4. Good light but ...

    Posted by Philippe Pijourlet on Sep 13th 2016

    powerfull light
    wireless command
    turn left/right mode

    laser doesn't bright enough for day ride, works fine during the nights

    I bought a gopro holder to fix it under the seal and not on the tube.

  5. Best rear light for any bicycle...

    Posted by David Lambert on Jun 26th 2016

    This is a very cool rear light. I love the functionality to it, the ability to use right and left turn signals, and the running light options. I don't think the added safety value can be overstated.

    Price for value just adds icing. My only complaint is that the factory installed 18650 battery is not to it's own manufacturers specs (2000 mAh, not 2200 mAh) and so the light didn't really work correctly. I ordered the proper spec battery (186650 2200 mAh 3.7 V) from Tmart for ~$7.00 and that solved the problem. I didn't want to complain about it though because even having to spend the additional $ the light is well worth it.

    It would be awesome if Cmelian would program into the remote a directional flash for turning because it's easy to forget that the signal is on or off. Also, some sort of rear rack mount would be great too.

    Overall, something you have to have. Get it.

  6. I like this, but I haven't worked out the kinks.

    Posted by matt on Apr 24th 2016

    Great product, does everything that I need, laser, red tail light, turn signal. It seems to have a low battery. I notice that when I get home, the light is out. I charged it, but it doesn't seem to charge fully. I plan on changing the battery and see if that helps. I've been looking for a product like this, as I ride my bike around 3K miles per year and having this makes me feel safer - just need to work out the kinks.

  7. Cool light for a good price

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 30th 2015

    The light looks really nice and easy to mount. Turn signals, laser, and flashing main red light is pretty nice. Manual is ok. Battery claim is 2200mah in the manual and was only 2000mah when I opened it up. Clearly labeled on the battery. Swapped it out for a Samsung 2600mah instead.
    I didn't like the auto dim function as I like to ride with the red flasher on during the day. So I just taped over the light sensor.

  8. Great Features and Value.

    Posted by Jason S. on Oct 21st 2015

    I have only ridden a couple hundred yards with this light at night to test it but I am really digging it already.
    Bottom Line: Great Value for the money. Buy it.

    - Light Weight - Notice I have this as a pro and a con.
    - Wireless. It is wireless so there is nothing to thread or zip tie.
    - Bright: Great visibility and super bright brake light.
    - Installs Easy - I mounted the light to my shock reservoir but most will put it on the seatpost. Remote mount is with a rubber band style clamp anywhere on your handlebars. Of course, I placed my within reach of my thumb. It comes off easy enough to move amongst bikes quickly, but at this price, just put one on each bike.
    - Charges Easy - Charges with a Micro USB so you probably already have 10 of these cables around the house. The included cable is a little short so you will use the quick release to remove it or just use a longer cable to charge. The initial charge to top mine off took about a day with a low power cell phone charger.
    - LASERS ARE COOL - Nobody has these laser lines. I like cool new stuff

    - Light Weight: You'll notice I also have this as a pro. The feel is SO light that it feels a little fragile but for most bikers, the light weight is a pro. I don't have any indication that the light weight will be an issue though.
    - The yellow turn signal is probably overpowered a bit by the red light but the red light does a scrolling movement to the direction of the turn signal so you get two indications of the signal.
    - The remote doesn't give you a great indication of whether the turn signal is still on or not. The flashing indicator light seems like it can get out of sequence with the tail light. Note: this might be newbie user error.

    If all goes well in some longer term use, I will be picking up 3 more of these guys for my other bikes. This is too good of features for the price not to pick up a couple more.

    Now if they had had an input wire and dual intensity tail light to get brighter with brakes, that would be mind blowing. But for the price it is now, it's a sweet deal. Get one... or a couple.