X5 Rear Light With Laser


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  • Wireless control panel
  • Built in rechargeable battery (usb chargeable)
  • Turn Signals
  • Super bright LED light
  • Lasers for even more visibility
  • Works awesome

Please note there is a power switch on the side of the light and you need to hold the power bottom for a few seconds to turn it on. The remote can only put the light in standby mode. 

This is the ultimate rear light. Very bright and attention getting.

When I first tried one I was afraid it would be gimmicky and Chinese like.  I was pleasantly surprised. This rear light is awesome and adds to your safety a lot when riding at night.

If you like the idea of turn signals on your electric bike, this device does the trick in a very clean elegant package. 

Note: This only has mount for directly to the seatpost. If you want bolts for mounting to seat you'll need to buy them at hardware store.


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Michael Steele Feb 5th 2020

Luna rear light and turn signals

Very good,// nice and bright for night time visibility. People will see you better from behind.//

Randy Jan 27th 2019

Amazing when there no rain or puddles

This is my 6th one all dead 3 from light rain one from heavy rains 2 from just water on the road amazing idea but the design on the outer shell is junk im so sad i really needed this for my electric bike im.so bummed

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