XT60 MALE to Barrel MALE Plug Adapter


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XT-60 male connector to Barrel plug

A converter that plugs into a XT60 female and a 5.5mm Barrel plug 

It will fit in most dolphin and bottle batteries (all that we sell) so that you can charge with a charger equipped with an XT60 female (like most of the chargers we sell).




Support notes:

Please check the maximum charge current for your pack if it is charging something other than a Luna pack.

We recommend charging with battery and cable on a level surface so you do not stress the adapter.




1. Can I get other adapters?




1. Yes, Luna sells many adapters for most connector combinations. You can find them here: Lunacycle.com > Batteries > Connectors

19 Reviews

Dec 5th 2017

Broke after a few months of use

This connector was problematic early on. Not well made. It completely broke after a few months of use.

Oct 27th 2017

5.5mm male plug broke, seems like fire hazard

Similar to the other reviews on here, the 5.5mm barrel tip didn't appear to have been threaded properly at manufacturing, so it eventually broke off. As it started to go, it would spark upon plugging in due to the loose connection. Given the quality of the rest of the Luna items I've used, I'm pretty shocked that they're sending one of these out with each kit. It's a pretty critical component and seems like it could damage the battery pretty severely or potentially start a fire while charging.

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