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XT60 MALE to Barrel MALE Plug Adapter

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Product Description

XT-60 male connector to Barrel plug

A converter that plugs into a XT60 female and a 5.5mm Barrel plug 

It will fit in most dolphin and bottle batteries (all that we sell) so that you can charge with a charger equipped with an XT60 female (like most of the chargers we sell).




Support notes:

Please check the maximum charge current for your pack if it is charging something other than a Luna pack.

We recommend charging with battery and cable on a level surface so you do not stress the adapter.




1. Can I get other adapters?




1. Yes, Luna sells many adapters for most connector combinations. You can find them here: > Batteries > Connectors

Product Reviews

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  1. Broke after a few months of use

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 5th 2017

    This connector was problematic early on. Not well made. It completely broke after a few months of use.

  2. 5.5mm male plug broke, seems like fire hazard

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 27th 2017

    Similar to the other reviews on here, the 5.5mm barrel tip didn't appear to have been threaded properly at manufacturing, so it eventually broke off. As it started to go, it would spark upon plugging in due to the loose connection. Given the quality of the rest of the Luna items I've used, I'm pretty shocked that they're sending one of these out with each kit. It's a pretty critical component and seems like it could damage the battery pretty severely or potentially start a fire while charging.

  3. Nice

    Posted by Mandalorianx on Oct 18th 2017

    I cut the barrel part off, and soldered it to the charge wires I.side my shark pack. It is super sturdy when done like this.

  4. 6 months in, broke

    Posted by Erik L. on Sep 13th 2017

    I'm about to tear down this little plug like others have to see what's up, but yes I also noticed it was never threaded into the plug.. if you are going to charge $7 for 82ยข of parts, at least make sure the labor is decent, guys. These kits cost upwards of $1500!

  5. Terrible 5.5mm male plug

    Posted by RafaG on Sep 4th 2017

    I bought the 36v charger with 7A output and I loved it, the best charger on the market !! ........ but the 5.5mm plug adapter for Shark Pack is terrible. Mine it lasted about two to three months, first it felt loose, then an electric arc between the plug and the battery it happened, then false connection and finally not connecting at all, I have not opened the Heat Shrink insulation to see the inside of the adapter but I assume that the high amperage at 7A causes the plug to overheat and possibly melt the soldering point. I'm going to contact Luna to find a solution.

  6. Broke after few charges.

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 25th 2017

    Like everyone else here the soldering to the barrel portion came loose.

  7. same problem - broken barrel plug crap connector

    Posted by Jerry McManus on Jun 18th 2017

    After just a few charges I had the same problem as everyone else, a cheap POS barrel plug that snapped off at the crappy soldering joint with hardly any effort. One star and shame on Luna Cycle for selling crap components.

  8. Barrel plug gets loose

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 6th 2017

    The barrel plug end of this starts rocking back and forth, have to cut heat shrink wrap to see what is going on, most likely a fire hazard. Seems to be a common problem with this item.

    Luna cycles really needs to source a better version of this item since their shark packs all use barrel plug.

  9. Barrel came loose

    Posted by Sam on Jun 5th 2017

    Barrel plug came loose after about 2 months. Had to re-solder a new barrel. Not good.

  10. Mine lasted 9 months

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 2nd 2017

    I received this part with my 36v battery and the barrel base broke after 9 months of being plugged in roughly twice per week. Love the XT60 end, hate the crappy barrel end. I bought two replacements so when this happens again I'm not left unable to charge my battery. Luna really need to find another solution.

  11. Works great until it breaks :(

    Posted by Unknown on May 30th 2017

    Same problem as the other reviewers here. The stiff heat shrink causes excessive stress on the soldered wires inside the barrel plug.

    I concur with the review posted on 2017-05-17 which recommends removing the heat shrink and making sure the barrel plug is tightly threaded into the plastic end.

    When using the product as shipped, without those modifications, don't expect more than 4 months of daily use before the soldered connections break.

  12. Figured out a fix to this component

    Posted by Unknown on May 17th 2017

    To extend the life of these poorly constructed components, cut away the stiff heat shrink, if yours was like both of mine, the barrel plug will be loosely fitted into the plastic end, hold the barrel plug tight, so that the soldered wires will not move inside the plastic end, now spin the plastic end which as internal threads, so that the barrel plug threads in, it should fit tight if threaded properly. Now the barrel plug end will be flexible and tightly seated so that it should help reduce arching across the terminals inside. It seems as if the people who built this did not thread in the barrel plug into the plastic end.

  13. The picture depicted is a FEMALE to MALE plug, not MALE TO MAE

    Posted by Unknown on May 16th 2017

    I am now on my third plug as the last two have broken quite easily even with EXTREME care when using, please LUNA stop selling poor quality components, some people rely on these ebikes as primary vehicles and we can not tolerate these inadequately built components that are most significant in the use of the ebike.

  14. Too loose

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 27th 2017

    The the plug that is supposed to plug into the battery is very loose and does not make a good connection or stay in place on my Luna Dolphin battery.

  15. Barrel Plug Broke

    Posted by Chris on Apr 18th 2017

    I had the some problem as the other reviewers. It seems like there is not enough stress relief for this cheap barrel plug and it breaks easily. Upgrade your parts Luna!

  16. You Need This!

    Posted by W. Paul Shivers on Apr 7th 2017

    The XT60 MALE to Barrel MALE Plug Adapter is a must have if you are using a Luna Charger with a production (Non-Luna) E-Bike. I have a Rad Power Bikes RadCity that comes with a 48v 11.6Ah Dolphin style battery. I also have a FLX Trail that has a blended into the frame 36v 17Ah battery by Reention. They both use this barrel connector for charging. Quality Product, but best to order with your new charger and save on shipping!

  17. Adapter broke internally for me too

    Posted by Michael on Jan 10th 2017

    Same as the previous reviewer my adapter snapped inside and the barrel plug popped out of the heat shrink wrapping. I ended up paying someone to attached a barrel plug direct to the charger's cable and did away with the adapter.

    Treat it delicately and don't let it hang off the bike and it will probably last longer.

  18. Internally snapped after a few months

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 7th 2017

    I began charging my battery while still installed on my bike and after a few times it would no longer charge. It looks like the weight of the connector has put a lot of stress on the plug. Unfortunately the thick heat shrink makes the whole connector very stiff.

    I suggest keeping the battery on a surface where the cable can also rest

  19. Good Adapter

    Posted by Jon Jones on Oct 21st 2016

    Fits the Sondors and Luna Cycle Batteries perfect! This is the replacement i needed for my 4 amp charger. The original barrel adapter became loose at the tip not allowing for a good connection. Bought a couple extras...