Luna X1 Enduro on Sale at its lowest point Ever!

The Luna  X-1  Enduro bike was the smash hit of late last summer at the time we  could not keep them in stock because nothing is available anywhere near that price point for this quality. Check out the Electrek  article on the subject.   We offer the bike with a silent gear and 2000 watt option which no other ebike company does anywhere. We created our own peek plastic reduction gear for this bike which not only is strong enough to put up with 2000 watts but is also amazingly silent: read our post about silent gear here.

All of last year we were sold out of this bike and now we finally have it in stock and we need to get them out the door while we are still healthy and shipping!  We have lowered the price by $200 as a thank you to the regular customer base that keeps us gong. This is the best deal you will find anywhere on an enduro specked bike. It has a full 6 inches of travel front and back suspension and up to 2000 watts in a mid drive, a feature that no other ebike company offers. 

Fast electric bikes are the best way to get outside, keep your distance and stay sane.

While supplies last we will be including a supply of  masks with every purchase. 

Stay safe everyone and ride on.