BSB-1 Stabilizer Bar for BBS02 and BBSHD


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Fixing plate for stabilizing BBSHD and BBS02 mounting

Works with any size BBSHD


The Bafang BSB-1 is an alternative fixing plate for stabilizing the mounting of the Bafang mid dive. Made of high strength 304 stainless steel, and having a mounting angle of 40 degrees, this bar will fit most non full suspension bikes and attach to the chain stay. Some bending or forming will probably be required for a rock solid installation with either a hose clamp or suitable M6 bolt.  May be painted or left with original stainless steel finish.

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Rassy Jun 3rd 2017

Stabilizer Bar Used On Tadpole Trike

My BBS02 is installed out on the boom of my tadpole trike and I wanted it to be under the boom and there was no easy way to keep its torque from rotating it up. My first attempt at a torque arm snapped at the BBS02 bolt on the first test. My second one held up for a year, but it was ugly and I worried about it breaking also. When I learned that Luna had made this stabilizer bar to fit the BBS02 I purchased it. Perfect fit and no more worry. I just ordered another one for a friend that I am going to help with the installation of a BBS02 on the boom of his tadpole trike. While it may seem a little pricey, it's well worth it for a very unique problem solver.

May 30th 2017

Clean looks by itself, but not worth the money

I bought it because my BBSHD motor could not be tightened with the BBSHD kit parts. The piece is fairly thick, but machining is so-so. I had to grind the holes a bit to get the mounting bolts through them. For my Framed X5 fat bike at least, the unit's shape was NOT AT ALL aligned to provide a solid mounting to anywhere in the frame. I had to bend the unit at an odd 3 Dimensional angle and then connect it to another mounting plate bent at 3 dimensional angle (basically, a twisted U shape to connect between motor and bike frame) to secure it to bike frame. A lot of work definitely which makes me wonder if it wouldn't have been better to make a custom fitting unit from the start and save the $21 charged for this unit.

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