BSBF-1 Stabilizer Bar for BBS02 and BBSHD


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For full suspension bikes with 68mm BB shell

Made in the USA with 304 stainless steel


The Bafang BSBF-1 is an alternative fixing plate for stabilizing the mounting of the Bafang mid dive. Made of high strength 304 stainless steel, this bar will fit most full suspension bikes and attach to the down tube. Some bending or forming will probably be required for a rock solid installation with either a hose clamp or suitable M6 bolt.  May be painted or left with original stainless steel finish.

Will fit most full suspension bikes and attaches to the underside of the downtube.

Some bending or forming might be needed to establish strong connection and can be secured with a hose clamp.

For the version that works with other BB sizes please see the BSB-1 listing

9 Reviews

KP Jun 27th 2018

Not perfect but works

If you are mechanical and creative, this could be modified to work fine with most full-suspension bikes. But you will definitely need to cut and bend to fit properly... Took me several hours to form fit but work perfectly now.

Rob Dec 29th 2017

Nice idea, poor execution

The fwd bolt hole is not positioned quite correct for bbshd, needs opening 0.5mm to be able to get the bolt in. The web that goes up the downtube clashes with the fwd bolt lug on the bbshd unit and needs trimming by 2mm. The downtube bolt holes are not in line with the centre of the downtube. I would understand if I had a wide bottom bracket but mine is 68mm so it wouldn't fit anything. Also some nasty sharp corners that need to be radiused out.
Otherwise perfect! Lol.

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