Cyclone Double Sprocket / Freewheel


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  • Replacement Stock Cyclone Chainring
  • Double chain-wheel 44t and 44t
  • Freewheel included
  • Freewheel also can be used as replacement on triple chain wheels


This is the stock Cyclone sprocket with freewheel.

It has two sprockets, one for the motor and one to go to the back wheel.

This double free wheel design is what we recommend for the cyclone.

Some people say you need a triple ring chainring, and utilize the front derailleur but we do not think you ever need more than 8 speeds on an ebike, and the derailleur is never going to work as welll as a stock set up..... so we say stay simple and go with the double sprocket system like this one up front and forget about all the complexities of having a derailleur up front. 

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Matt Sep 22nd 2016


I'm all about top speed. When I bought my kit it came with a 44/32 combo which gave me great torque but very little speed. This product is listed as 48/44 but it's really just 44/44t which is great. You get almost a 1/1 ratio of motor to wheel rpm. It got me 25% more speed. Now the freewheel itself is pretty great. No wobble in the bearings and holds up great at 50mph for about 100 miles. I don't see any degradation as of yet. Hope this helps

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