Fisher Fab House LED E-Bike Light


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  • High-Power Output with Cree LED Technology
  • 80 to 3200 Lumens plus Flash for safe riding
  • Combined Spot and Flood Lights
  • Made from Billet T-6 6061 Aluminum
  • Quality made in the USA
  • Please Note: Sur-Ron X uses a 12v version with 31.8mm mounts. Depending on stock level this option may or may not be visible. If in doubt look at the option, the compatible options says Sur-Ron compatible next to it!

The Fisher Fab House LED headlight is a quality, custom-constructed ebike lamp made right here in the USA! With 3200 lumens of 5000K light illuminating your path, you can ride with confidence well past sunset. Built specifically for e-bikes, these versatile lamps will work with battery systems running between 28 and 112 volts. Sur Ron X and MX uses 12 volt version with 31.8mm mounts.

Light Modes:

  1.  80 lm @ .72 watts
  2.  770 lm @ 5 watts
  3.  2900 lm @ 22 watts
  4.  3200 lm @ 27 watts
  5.  770 lm flashing @ 2.5 watts

Your light has 5 separate modes which you activate using a single button. Select any mode by quickly tapping the desired number of times regardless of the current mode.

  1. Dim – 80 lm                 1 tap
  2. Bright – 770 lm           2 rapid taps
  3. Super – 2900 lm         3 rapid taps
  4. Ultra – 3200 lm         4 rapid taps
  5. Flashing – 770 lm      5 rapid taps
  6. Turn off                        Hold the button down for 2 seconds

Check out this comparison video by Fisher Fab House that demonstrates the power of their powerful e-bike light!


How to mount the light


How to operate the light