Sur-Ron MX Electric
Sur-Ron MX Electric
Sur-Ron MX Electric
Sur-Ron MX Electric
Sur-Ron MX Electric
Sur-Ron MX Electric
Sur-Ron MX Electric
Sur-Ron MX Electric
Sur-Ron MX Electric
Sur-Ron MX Electric
Sur-Ron MX Electric
Sur-Ron MX Electric
Sur-Ron MX Electric
Sur-Ron MX Electric
Sur-Ron MX Electric
Sur-Ron MX Electric

Sur-Ron MX Electric

Colors Available *
Extra Battery (Pre-Order Only)
Swap to a Super Moto Conversion Set (Pre-Order Only)
Pedal Options (Pre-Order Only)
Upgrade Your Front Light

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  • High Torque Mid Drive
  • Single speed, no transmission or clutch
  • Removable 60v 33ah Panasonic Battery 
  • Custom Dashboard
  • USB charger
  • 110 pounds
  • Limited availability in 3 colors (gray, blue, and red) please give us a your 1st 2nd and 3rd top choices in order notes
  • 176 Panasonic 18650 cells – 60v 32ah
  • 2000 watt hour battery for gigantic range and power
  • Quality 10 amp 60v charger includer charges in 3 hours
  • Sand forged aluminum frame - lightweight and high strength
  • Easy to operate with both standard and sport modes


 We cannot keep this bike in stock and are currently taking pre orders for the ocean shipment that is scheduled to arrive in July and we are expected to ship by mid July. 

You cannot get this bike anywhere else in North America. Luna is the exclusive North American distributor of the Sur Ron bike and we are offering it at incredible direct to the consumer pricing. As of now we are the only dealer in the USA although we are accepting applications for other dealers) Our mark up is small at $3500 and remember we have to ship this bike in from china and pay customs etc.   

Luna bought into this bike  because it is a game changer and we want  to keep them affordable so the word gets out on how awesome EVs can be.

We are selling this bike at a ridiculous price because we believe in it (plus we have made a commitment to Sur Ron to move ALOT of bikes)

This shipment are all equipped with the RST Killah forks (watch our video on why we think the RST is the best option for the Sur-Ron)

The first batch of bikes went out to all happy customers.  You can see many reviews of the 100s of happy customers on youtube and on the forums.

This ebike is a monster and a bargain and will not disappoint. 

At $3500 we consider this one of the best values in the small ev market (read this forum post)  This bike will blow you away how good it is.

This is the newest version of this bike with a new motor with better heat fins, more power, and significantly quieter than the first prototypes seen online.


For Off Road Use Only


Although people have been riding ebikes of this size for years without harassment from law enforcement, with over 5000 watts of power they are definitely not legal in 50 states in the public roads.  We encourage everyone to respect the law and even when riding off road be respectful of other riders etc. This is a powerful ebike and with great power comes great responsibility. 

Check out the review on

Incredible Battery

On any electric bike, you should take a good look at the battery since it is by far the most expensive part of the bike.  Lightweight  power dense batteries are not cheap, and if they are cheap they are probably not safe or reliable. The Sur-Ron has a gigantic 60v 32ah pack which is 2000 watt hours. To give you an idea how much range to expect it has 4x the capacity as most of today's production bikes.

We at Luna Cycle are battery experts and know a good battery when we see one and the battery is awesome  what really sold us on this bike. The battery consists of panasonic PF cells is in a well built case that slides in and out of bike,  a microprocessor based bms and extra goodness.

Awesome Engineering

This is the best electric bike we have seen out of China at any price.   Not only is every detail of the bike thought out, it looks awesome as if yamaha or honda built it.  Mix that with custom built high performance componentry and a casted frame and you can see a lot of thought went into this bike. Sur-ron spent a million dollars in tooling to create this bike and you can see it. 

Every detail of this bike is thought out and no expense is spared when needed to make a reliable high performance off road machine.

(watch our engineer on youtube do a tear down of this bike)


This bike is 50cc Honda killer and competitive with 110cc. It is the ultimate little dirt bike perfect for young or inexperienced riders, but also good for just about everyone (great xmas present which you can use yourself).

This electric mini motorcycle is fast, reliable, giant range, and built at a quality that we have never seen before for an EV out of China. 

Sur Ron and Luna have secretly been working on developing this product for the North America market and Luna is the exclusive North American Dealer for this product. 

Luna will also be announcing some exciting new upgrades which will only be available to people who buys their from us. Also we will support the product from here in the USA getting you any warranty replacement parts you might need shipped direct from California.

This bike is built like a tank and we are confident it will provide years of reliable service.

It has one of the best constructed battery packs ever offered in a small EV.

This bike is easy to customize and upgrade, the performance upgrades are limitless from the battery to the controller.

We will be offering an easy to install pedal kit in the next few weeks.

This bike has the capacity to be the ultimate hot rod ebike.

Quick swappable battery pack (we are now offering extra batteries)

Fast 3 hour charging with included high quality 10 amp 600 watt charger.




The Sur Ron is designed for serious off road riding and we have done tests with many drops that confirm the suspension system on the Sur Ron is rock solid.

The Sur Ron comes with an 8 inch travel Fast Ace for the back suspension.


The Killah RST Fork  is up front.

   Upgrades coming!

We at Luna take our flagship products serious and we have many upgrades coming soon for this bike including a high power sine wave foc controller,  a super moto road  upgrade sprocket upgrades, etc. We will be adding a Sur Ron section to our website shortly.  One thing is for sure is we will be stocking repair parts and upgrade parts for the long term for this bike.  





  •  1870mm
  •  780mm
  •  1040mm
  •  270mm
  •  1260mm
  •  50kg
  •  24kg
  •  26kg
  •  130kg


  •  70 / 100-19
  •  70 / 100-19
  •  19×1.4
  •  19×1.4
  •  to the four-piston hydraulic disc brake
  •  to the four-piston hydraulic disc brake



33 Reviews

Travis Anderson Jun 17th 2018

Size request

Is it possible to customize the Bee with bigger rims & tires (ex. 22-26"), extended handlebar, neck stem, seating, etc.? I am 6.2ft. and the bike seems a bit small for me. I currently ride a larger mtn bike, 29" with extended stem and layback seat post. I fits comfortably with no margin for reduction. I am interested although would rather not make a $4000 mistake.

Josef Schuhmann Jun 17th 2018

Sun-Ron MX Electro

Is it orderable for Germany?

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