Luna 750c Full Color Display for BBDHD and BBS02


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  • The first horizontal full color display available for the Bafang BBS02 and BBSHD
  • Has a 52v battery setting for accurate 52v voltage reading
  • The highest quality display available for the Bafang BBSxx
  • 4 button control
  • Displays volts for highly accurate battery gauge giving you a good idea when your battery will die
  • Automatic back light, Black or white background can be toggled
  • Odometer, trip time and total mileage
  • Variable throttle option for limiting throttle in different power levels
  • See here for documentation
  • See list of advanced features and error codes on our forum (click here)

Luna is the first to offer this new brand new horizontal display made from the same factory that brought us the vertical  DPC14 color display.

This is the first display to offer a 52v setting so you can get an accurate graphic display of your voltage with the battery meter.  

It has been designed to give a clear graphic (circular) showing speed and watts with just a quick glance so you can keep your eyes on the trail when moving fast. 

This is a newer version of our most popular DPC-14 display (see it here) with many of the features and more advanced diagnostic software if your BBSHD or BBS02 ever has a problem. 

The Display can be set for 48 or 52v battery which will make your graphical display accurate. 

Also the volt display is accurate in voltages over 55 (the DPC-14 is not accurate above this level)

Another great feature this display has is variable power levels for your throttle.

Now you have the option of having lower or higher power levels depending on what level of pedal assist you are on.