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Luna Apex

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Luna Cycle is proud to announce the Apex, a bike that after two years of development we believe will be everyone’s first choice for an ebike. We have created an ebike that exceeds all other production ebikes in both performance and quality.

Quick Stats:

  • 40 miles per hour top speed
  • True 40 mile range, far more if you use pedal assist
  • The Brand new Ultra Drive system can be programmed up to 1500 watts, and can provide up to 2500 watts of power with the optional Ludicrous upgrade
  • New Custom Torque sensor that has been professionally tuned by Luna for the most efficient power output available
  • 52v 28ah Custom Fusion Battery, made in-house with state of the art Samsung 21700 battery cells for the highest quality power output available.
  • Rohloff 14-speed internal gear speed hub (optional)
  • Space Age, custom designed, beautiful Carbon Frame Set
  • Full Suspension 4" Fat Bike, for the smoothest, most controlled ride possible
  • Features both thumb throttle and pedal assist with various settings for different power levels
  • Each bike is hand built in USA
  • 3 different sizes to choose from:  17", 19" and 22" (S,M,L)
  • We can configure your ebike to your preferences using the customization section below
  • Includes a Luna Advanced 300W Charger
  • Professional assembly and integration
  • 90 day limited warranty with extended warranty available
  • Sold for off road use only
  • 65-75 pounds depending on size frame and options selected
  • For documentation please see this link
  • Each bike is built custom built to order in the USA, please allow up to 50 days for shipment.

General Description

The Apex is the pinnacle of 2017 electric bike engineering.  

This is the first bike to have Off-road only levels of throttle power combined with torque sensing pedal assist. The massive power you get is far above the lackluster pedal-assist-only, feeble drive designed for the 250 watt European Market.  The Ultra was built for Luna Cycles for the US market to go on bad-ass bikes like the Apex.  

The Apex is the the most difficult ebike we have ever built, put together piece by piece,  and we are proud to be able to offer it to you. We love this ebike!  At Luna we are true Ebike nuts and have been that way for many years before selling kits or ebikes. The Apex is a wicked combination of a high tech battery, the ultimate mid drive motor, and the most beautiful carbon full suspension frame partnered with A-list components that our competitors simply do not have access to.

The Apex is projected to be the Luna Flagship product. This is the ebike that shows what we are capable of achieving by a company that is dedicated to the future of ebikes.

Please note the Apex set in its highest power levels is not legal for road use.  If you intend to ride on-road, please select the road legal 750 watt version on check out and we will limit the power of your Apex to 750 watts.

For an independent review of the Apex check out this article by

Dream a Better Frame (in 3 sizes) 


Please see our documentation for sizing

The Apex's futuristic shape is made from Grade 1 carbon fiber creating an appealing design using top-notch workmanship. You will not find tubular or flat surfaces on this bike. Every spar is angular, contributing to the custom, high-end look.  Our primary goal when designing the Apex was not only functionality and performance, but designing a spectacular bike that was truly different from all others on the market.

Unlike many mainstream Ebikes, this frame is offered in 3 sizes (small, medium and large), and because it is carbon we created three separate molds.

Regarding selecting the right bike size, we think that if you are in doubt, you should default to the smaller size. We think that unlike traditional bikes, having the optimal sized bike is not as important. A smaller frame has its advantages on an Ebike;  it will have a lower center of gravity and be easier to get on and off.

Full suspension fat bikes are increasingly rare, as they are typically much harder and more expensive to design and to manufacture.  A full suspension electric fat bike with a powerful mid drive that doesn't flex and bob when you hit the throttle is nearly impossible to find.  Luna set out to accomplish exactly this, and it did - in carbon.

To even compare this accomplishment the only thing we know that compares is the $9500 Specialized Levo which is only 530 watts (pedal assist only) and just making it to the market in carbon in 2017. Also, the Levo only has 1/3 the battery capacity. 

We had a leading carbon frame engineer help us with the design and we went through several design changes and prototypes. This Ebike is designed as an Ebike, using 4x the amount of carbon in some critical stress areas to give this full suspension bike the toughness it needs to handle a high torque motor and a full suspension design.

Taking advantage of the latest in manufacturing techniques and using composite materials we were able to develop a bike that is completely unique, a shape never seen before in a production bike.  We use a carbon fiber house that specializes in F1 car parts to make this shape and the molding process possible. We first focused on creating the perfect battery shape in a removable battery compartment, as large as possible. We used the most technically advanced and energy dense cells available, and then designed the rest of the frame around the battery. This is a purpose-built ebike from the ground up and it uses the best ebike battery ever manufactured, in the most unique shape to meet its goals.  The days of production bikes with rear rack batteries, and bolt-on dolphin packs are numbered.


The Ultimate Power Mid Drive


We proudly worked hand-in-hand with Bafang to develop and manufacture this new massive "Ultra" motor to make ebikes like the Apex possible.  In true Luna fashion, we have added our own “secret sauce” to what was already guaranteed to be a great final product.  Standard ebike output can be programmed one of three ways: a street legal 750 watt version (1000 watt peak), a 1500 watt Ultimate version, or to 2500 watts in "Ludicrous mode" (upgrade). We are ecstatic about the reliable and smooth power we have programmed in a shape that is integrated into the frame much like the Bosch or Brose motor, giving you serious torque and speed and maximum ground clearance.  This motor has considerably more motor mass than the bolt on the BBSHD conversion kit but uses very similar engineering to the BBSHD, which has proven itself to be a reliable high-performance mid drive motor. The Ultra promises to be even better due to the increased motor mass and improved heat dissipating qualities, but at the same time still preserving the same silent and reliable performance.

We have had samples of this drive for over a year and have performed extensive testing, helping Bafang to create the most feature-rich, powerful, and potent mid drive motor on the market.  


Torque Sensor

The Ultra Drive has a pedal-assisted torque sensor built in which we have custom programmed to ensure a smooth, drama-free riding experience. You also have a thumb throttle for technical hill climbs or for when you just don’t feel like pedaling.  A torque sensor (read this article for more info

senses how hard you are pedaling rather than just how fast to give you a more bionic feel when you apply pressure to the pedals. Luna did this in responses to the feedback from our customers who were requesting a torque sensor in our ebikes, many citing as the only argument on why they believe the Euro designed bikes are better.  We’re thrilled to say that we have delivered, all while not compromising performance, which has been our staple for years. Why choose between a throttle or a torque sensor when you can have both?

Our Best Battery Pack Ever 


The Apex uses the most advanced E-fusion ebike battery we have ever created. The pack uses the very latest in battery technology, incorporating top of the line Samsung 21700 cells. With these new advancements, we are able to contain a battery that in 52v 28ah in this tiny case giving you a whopping 1500 watt hours for rides longer than you ever thought possible. Like the rest of the bike, the battery case in unconventional with a custom Space Age design incorporating rounded cues and complimenting the frame perfectly. All of our Apex packs are made here in the USA, using cutting-edge production methods. Each battery undergoes thorough various tests and quality processes before being shipped to the customer. It is completely sealed, waterproof, rugged and above all, safe. Lastly, we have spared no expense and incorporated the German-made Rosenberger magnetic connector as a charge plug providing a reliable and convenient charging port. 

You can buy an extra carbon cased battery pack for $1000.

A-List of Components 



This bike has an "A-List" of components available, including the following:

The Rohloff (optional)

The German-made Rohloff 14-speed internal gear speed hub is our all-time favorite ebike component  (read our article on The Rohloff is a bulletproof transmission built into the rear hub of the bike. It gives you 14 speeds and a whopping 500 percent gear ratio while getting rid of clunky derailleurs, as well as the associated maintenance and mechanical issues.  The Rohloff is bullet proof even on a high power ebike like this if you use some care while shifting.  If you happen to blow the Rohloff out with all this ebike’s power, we will rebuild it for only $100 for the lifetime of the ebike.  We have never managed to blow a Rohloff out, but do offer the rebuild service in case this does happen. The Rohloff is a heirloom product, and you will probably have it for life. It really is that good! It is pure ebike porn, and we think it is a conducive feature to add onto a high caliber mid drive ebike like the Apex. This ebike will come with the newly released Rohloff format for the thru axle wide dropout fat bikes. 




The Carbon Lauf fork


The availability of quality suspension forks for fat bikes is limited, and we considered them all when designing this bike.  Introducing, the Lauf fork.

The Lauf fork is an Icelandic-made piece of technology that uses no moving parts to establish a respectable 60mm of travel.  This fork utilizes advanced engineering with composite material to give you the extra cushion you need for your commutes.  This fork is great for road riding and gravel track riding, works surprisingly well and is very light weight.  It is not recommended for hard-core, high-speed, off-road use. We would suggest another suspension set-up (see our other offerings in the optional listing above).  We personally LOVE the Lauf fork and feel it best compliments the looks of this bike, while performing perfectly for most ebike users

We understand the various needs of our customers, and for that reason have selected additional forks for a more traditional look, feel, and for increased off-road performance.  We also offer the Wren Inverted Fat Fork which is one of the newest and most exciting names in suspension forks.  As if that were not enough you can also choose the Luna Lander Carbon fork which is a thru axle fork that Luna had made with this bike in mind!

Lastly, we highly recommend you go with the Luna Carbon Hoops, a 3 dimensional looking full carbon fiber fat bike rims that really make this bike really pop ($600 option).  Though not required for performance, it absolutely sets this bike off, and contributes to the overall "wow" factor when cruising down the street.

Built in the USA with Love

Because this is a build-to-order bike you can pick your favorite parts (please stick to the list of available upgrades). The Apex is a fully customizable bike because it is hand assembled in the USA at the Luna factory.  This bike takes a full day for our expert mechanics to assemble, test ride, and pack. Each bike is extensively test ridden and adjusted before being sent in a large shipping box to the customer.

The cables are fished through the frame to make an ultra clean assembly, rarely seen these days on any ebike.

The bike only takes 2 minutes for the customer to assemble. You only need to straighten the handlebars, tighten, and ride. No further adjustment should be required.

Because of our careful assembly and testing process, please allow up to 20 days for shipment.


List of ComponentsStockOptional Upgrade


Bafang Ultimate 1500 watts

Ludicrous 2500 watt upgrade +$250.00


52v 28ah 1500 watt hour made with Samsung 21700 cells

Optional extra pack including carbon case +$1000.00


Luna Apex Carbon



Luna Advanced 300w charger


Charge Port

Rosenberger magnetic connector



Raceface 42 Tooth


Pedal assist

6 level torque sensor


Seat Post


DNM CSD Dropper post +$150.00



Brooks Comfort Saddles +$100.00


Shimano Deore 10 speed

Rohloff 14speed Internal Gear Hub +$1300.00


Weimann DHL80 4 inch alloy fat rims

Luna Fat Hoops (Recommended) +$600.00


Chaoyang Sandstorm 4 inch x 26

Schwalbe and Maxxis Tires available +$150.00


Shimano Deore m615 Hydraulic



Wren Carbon



Wren Carbon


Rear Suspension

RockShox RCT3 Monarch


Front Suspension

Luna Lander Carbon

Optional Lauf and Wren Suspension available $200.00


Color DPC-18



Mosso CNC (2 color)




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