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Luna Cycle is proud to announce the Apollo, a bike that after two years of development we are proud to introduce what we think is the best production ebike ever.

This is a quality bike to start with and with high end spec components all the way around (list of components are below).  This is a bike lovers ebike.

  • Mag Ultra - Exclusive version of Ultra Motor made just for Luna made from Magnesium that is 3lbs lighter than stock model peak power 2000 watts
  • SRAM Eagle SX 12 speed drive-train
  • Rockshox Debonair Suspension
  • Maxxis Minnion 27.5 2.8 inch tires 60p
  • True 40 mile range, far more if you use pedal assist
  • New Custom Torque sensor that has been professionally tuned by Luna for the most efficient power output available
  • Luna Fusion Battery Pack 21ah 52v LG MJ1 Cells
  • 1100 watt hours for really long range (see our article on calculating range watt hours)
  • Space Age, custom designed, beautiful Carbon frame
  • Uses the popular 27.5 diameter 3 inch wide tire format (27.5 plus tires)
  • Lightweight: 60 lb total. 48 lb on the frame, 12 lb battery
  • Features both thumb throttle and pedal assist with various settings for different power levels
  • Includes a Luna Advanced 300W Charger
  • 90 day warranty with extended warranty available
  • For documentation please see this link
The Pinnacle of all Ebikes

The Apollo is the pinnacle of electric bike engineering.  

This and the Luna Apex are the first production ebikes to have off-road only levels of throttle power combined with torque sensing pedal assist. The massive power you get is far above the lackluster pedal-assist-only, feeble drive designed for the 250 watt European Market.  The Ultra Mag max was built for Luna Cycles for the US market to go on bad-ass bikes like the Apollo.  It is made from magnesium for light savings and uses our own controller for high power, reliability, and smooth power and torque sensor delivery no other Bafang powered production bike offers. Many controller settings are also end-user programmable!

The Apollo is the the most difficult ebike we have ever built, put together piece by piece,  and we are proud to be able to offer it to you. We love this ebike!  At Luna we are true Ebike nuts and have been that way for many years before selling kits or ebikes. The Apollo is a wicked combination of a high tech battery, the ultimate mid drive motor, and the most beautiful carbon full suspension frame partnered with A-list components that our competitors simply do not have access to.

This is our flagship product, which shows what we are capable of achieving by a company that is dedicated to the future of ebikes.

Please note the Apollo set in its highest power levels is not legal for road use.  If you intend to ride on-road, please let us know in the order comments on check out and we will limit the power of your Apollo to 750 watts. 

Carbon Frame

State of the Art Carbon Frame

The Apollo's futuristic shape is made from Grade 1 carbon fiber creating an appealing design using top-notch workmanship. You will not find tubular or flat surfaces on this bike. Every spar is angular, contributing to the custom, high-end look.  Our primary goal when designing the Apollo was not only functionality and performance, but designing a spectacular bike that was truly different from all others on the market.

A full suspension electric fat bike with a powerful mid drive that doesn't flex and bob when you hit the throttle is nearly impossible to find.  Luna set out to accomplish exactly this, and it did it, in carbon.

We had a leading carbon frame engineer help us with the design and we went through several design changes and prototypes. This Ebike is designed as an Ebike, using 4x the amount of carbon in some critical stress areas to give this full suspension bike the toughness it needs to handle a high torque motor and a full suspension design.

Taking advantage of the latest in manufacturing techniques and using composite materials we were able to develop a bike that is completely unique, a shape never seen before in a production bike.  We use a carbon fiber house that specializes in F1 car parts to make this shape and the molding process possible. We first focused on creating the perfect battery shape in a removable battery compartment, as large as possible. We used the most technically advanced and energy dense cells available, and then designed the rest of the frame around the battery. This is a purpose-built ebike from the ground up and it uses the best ebike battery ever manufactured, in the most unique shape to meet its goals.  The days of production bikes with rear rack batteries, and bolt-on dolphin packs are numbered.

The Ultimate Power Mid Drive

Bafang Magnesium Ultra

We proudly worked hand-in-hand with Bafang to develop and manufacture this new massive "Mag Ultra" motor to make ebikes like the Apollo possible. This is a 2000 watt version of the ultra drive and its made out of magnesium to make it lighter.   In true Luna fashion, we have added our own “secret sauce” to what was already guaranteed to be a great final product.  We are ecstatic about the reliable and smooth power we have programmed in a shape that is integrated into the frame much like the Bosch or Brose motor, giving you serious torque and speed and maximum ground clearance.  This motor has considerably more motor mass than the bolt on the BBSHD conversion kit but uses very similar engineering to the BBSHD, which has proven itself to be a reliable high-performance mid drive motor.  The Ultra promises to be even better due to the increased motor mass and improved heat dissipating qualities, but at the same time still preserving the same silent and reliable performance.

We have had samples of this drive for over a year and have performed extensive testing, helping Bafang to create the most feature-rich, powerful, and potent mid drive motor on the market. 

Torque Sensor

The Ultra Drive has a pedal-assisted torque sensor built in which we have custom programmed to ensure a smooth, drama-free riding experience. You also have a thumb throttle for technical hill climbs or for when you just don’t feel like pedaling.  A torque sensor (read this article for more info) senses how hard you are pedaling rather than just how fast to give you a more bionic feel when you apply pressure to the pedals. Luna did this in responses to the feedback from our customers who were requesting a torque sensor in our ebikes, many citing as the only argument on why they believe the Euro designed bikes are better.  We’re thrilled to say that we have delivered, all while not compromising performance, which has been our staple for years. Why choose between a throttle or a torque sensor when you can have both? This torque sensor was tuned by the experts at Luna to give it a much better experience than the stock Ultra motor. 

Our Best Battery Pack Ever 

Apollo 52v 21ah Battery Pack

The Apollo has a made in the USA 21ah 52v battery that is made with the latest technology at our El Segundo Facility. 

Top End Bike Components

We have changed the specs on the bike slightly for 2021 which has allowed us to up the quality AND lower the price because of the volume deal we are now getting with SRAM.   With an Eagle 12 group set, a Carbon Fiber Frame, ROCKSHOX top end suspension, GUIDE R 4 piston hydraulic brakes, and MAXXIS tires, this bike will outperform similar OEM rivals with twice the price tag.

  • Rockshox Debonair Yari 160mm
  • Rockshox Monarch R 200mm in Rear 
  • Sram SX Eagle 12 speed cassette (standard PG driver)
  • Sram Guide R 4 piston hydraulic brakes 203mm front 180mm back (6 bolts rotors)
  • Maxxis Minion 27.5”x2.8" tires 
  • Double wall alloy 40mm 27.5" rims
  • Dropper seat-post with internal routing
  • All cables throughout the bike are internally run
  • Thru-axle hubs in both front and rear 15x110 Boost front, 12x148 Boost rear (Length 180mm)
  • Luna Apollo Full Carbon Frame
  • Charger Luna Advanced 300w Charger
  • Rosenberger magnetic charge port
  • Chainring Narrow Wide 44 Tooth
  • Pedal Assist 5 Level Torque Sensor
  • DPC-18 Color Display

We are proud to offer the Luna Apollo in 3 sizes.  But really so many sizes is not needed.  With electric bikes we always recommend when in doubt go with a smaller size, frame size is not as critical with an electric bike as it is in a pedal bike since optimal pedal efficiency is not as important.  Here is a chart to help you find your right size. Also remember that in modern mountain bikes like this one with swept low downtube frames with remote controlled drop out seat posts where you can instantly change your seat height.... they are easy to step over and size really is not as another good reason to opt for the smaller size. Sizing is not a critical decision on the Apollo bike.  If you are in doubt go to a local bike shop and sit on comparable mountain boost bikes to get an idea of sizing. 

Luna Apollo Frame GeometreyClick Here for a Closeup


Shipping notes:

WE SHIP BIKES TO USA ONLY. FOR HAWAII AND ALASKA PLEASE CONTACT US TO ARRANGE THE ORDER. Your bike will be shipped as freight from our Southern California warehouse so it's not your usual small packet delivery truck that will handle it. If the shipping address you used is a residential one then the delivery date that is shown on the tracking system is likely not the day that they will deliver it to. It's the day that FedEx will call you to schedule the delivery appointment. Best is to call them a day ahead of that date! We generally ship this bike on Friday after the stated lead time for your particular order. For lead time estimates see this page