Luna Cycle Super  Banana eBike (Racing edition)
Luna Cycle Super  Banana eBike (Racing edition)
Luna Cycle Super  Banana eBike (Racing edition)
Luna Cycle Super  Banana eBike (Racing edition)
Luna Cycle Super  Banana eBike (Racing edition)
Luna Cycle Super  Banana eBike (Racing edition)
Luna Cycle Super  Banana eBike (Racing edition)
Luna Cycle Super  Banana eBike (Racing edition)
Luna Cycle Super  Banana eBike (Racing edition)
Luna Cycle Super  Banana eBike (Racing edition)
Luna Cycle Super  Banana eBike (Racing edition)
Luna Cycle Super  Banana eBike (Racing edition)

Luna Cycle Super Banana eBike (Racing edition)

Mid Drive System *
Custom Lunatic Crankset *
Builder's Special *
Add an Installed Batt Man Display
Add an Installed Front Rack
Quality Mosso CNC Pedals *
Included Luna Tool Kit *
Included Luna Thin Bell *
Upgrade Your Included Front Light *
Upgrade Your Included Rear Light *
Replacement Parts Warranty (If any parts (including battery) break we will replace or fix)

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Now with knobby tires!
For our more practical BBSHD (quieter, cheaper and more tame) street legal version of the Luna Banana check here. 
Coast Cycle Base Bike  (see specs)
Powerful 3000 watt cyclone mid drive
40 mph top speed
Many Custom CNC Parts
72v 11.5 ah  Panasonic PF battery 828watt hours
21 piece Luna Ebike Tool Kit
Custom Luna Tick Double Freewheel CrankSet
Luna Advanced 72v 300 watt Charger
Range: UP to 50 miles depending on how hard you ride (828watt hour battery)
Note: this is a custom build.  May take 2 weeks for builds to be finished.

Total Weight of Bike: 70 pounds





The Luna Banana Cyclone is our racing version of this ebike that is sold as an offroad race vehicle only.  For road use we sale the BBSHD Version of the Luna Banana which you can find here.


It can be used on private property, at race tracks, by private security at corporate complexes, but never on private roads.


The Cyclone Banana would be considered illegal for road use in all 50 states unless you take off its current battery and put on a 36 volt battery and limit the controller with a 20 amp controller.


For builders we do sale this ebike without a battery pack at a reduced price.



Introducing our fastest Ebike Ever


The Super Banana is our first Cyclone powered ebike and it does not disappoint for someone who wants something different than the ordinary BBSXX Build. It is among the fastest production ebikes ever made. This build does not use a hub motor, but a powerful mid drive. It only weighs 70 pounds which is lightweight for this kind of power.  It is hard core, and is meant for the hard core ebike enthusiast. It is for race use only and should only be  rode on private property.



Custom CNC Parts Lovingly Made in  California

We custom made and designed 10 different parts just for this bike.

One of the biggest problems with the Cyclone conversion kit is its cheesy mounting brackets that just don’t work well. We CNC  from billet aluminum custom mounting brackets here in California to make a tight fit and make this bike more “blingy”


We also made our own chain tensioner which replaces the cheap one provided in the cyclone kit, and made a safety guard which not only protects your leg from the spinning motor but also really improves the look of this monster drive system.


To top it off this bike by using our own Luna Tic double freewheel crankset which uses a triple row of bearings for reliable & safe operation even at high rpms.


The end result is a quality, powerful bike with the quality you would expect from Luna, at a price never seen before in something this high performance.


Reliable Power and High Speed


This bike provides reliable high power and top speed even compared to our BBSHD model. Compared to anything else on the market? Forget about it, nobody can touch Luna for power to dollar performance and light weight.


We also  offer this bike in the BBSHD version you can see here. The BBSHD is more refined in that it has a dashboard, pedal assist features, and can be shipped to you road legal. We highly recommend the BBSHD version of this bike for first time ebike buyers.


The Cyclone is more raw, much higher torque, much higher speed, and is illegal in all 50 states for public road use.  It is throttle only and has no pedal assist feature.


The Cyclone can be run at 72 volts which makes the motor run much faster, and gets the full 3000 watt capacity out of the 40amp controller.


Hand built to order


Like all the Luna Bikes this bike lovingly assembled in our shop in Los Angeles California.


A bike like this takes us a full day to assemble and pack and ship out.

We ride  test each bike and make sure it is all dialed in before shipping.  


To get your bike going all you need to do is unwrap it and put on the handlebars.


Want to buy the bare bike to do your own conversion? We sell it here


Why buy from Luna a New Ebike Company You Haven’t Heard Of?

Read our recent Ebike Mission Statement
Google Luna Cycle Ebike
Read this warning about buying ebikes (do not get punked)
Read this recent Ebike School Article about Luna Cycle.




Panasonic 72v PF 11.5ah Battery



The battery is the most vital of any ebike.  We use the best 18650 cells available (the Panasonic GA) which offer both amazing energy density and high performance.  (read a review on this ebike pack)  We make our packs with quality BMS, cases and cutting edge technology.  You can have confidence that when this bike is outfitted with a Luna Cycle battery you are getting the ultimate in reliable, safe, performance at an affordable price.  Our competitors sale a 48v of this pack for over $1000.  Look here for more Info on this pack.
Research ebike battery packs and you will see the Panasonic GA Shark is the best battery available today.
We use a quick change pack which allows you to extend your range by quickly swapping the pack. You can swap packs in about a minute.

Mounted Inside the Triangle - Perfect

This bike has the largest triangle we have ever seen. It comes with a whopping 828watt hour battery  but you have unlimited room to add more batteries.  This bike is an ebike upgrader's dream. 




21 Piece Luna Toolkit


Because we feel every rider should have the capacity to wrench, we are including a free luna kit which is all tools we either made or hand selected to be perfect companion to one of our mid drive bikes.
This will help you because our high performance mid drive bikes will need  occasional adjustments, This kit along with our video guides will give you the tools you need.

Quality Mechanical Disc Brakes

At Luna Cycle we believe stopping fast is as important as going fast, and this bike uses Tektro  Mechanical Disc Brakes. These Avid Brakes are reliable and convenient.
The large 180mm front/160mm rear rotors helps prevent your brakes from overheating on long mountain descents.


Frame Sizing

This is a small sized wheel bike (20 inch wheels with a low seat.

It is a one sized fit all frame, nearly anyone over 5 feet can fit comfortably. You can ride this bike if you are over 6'6" but it is not that comfortable.

We love small wheel, short frame bikes because of the stability they give, and the confidence you get when riding them even off road.

This seat is 30 inches off the ground. 


Bike Specs

Adjustable height handlebars
SRAM X4 8 speed, X4 Trigger Shifter, 11-34T cassette
20" 100mm wide aluminum double wall rims
9x135mm quick release front hub
10x190mm quick release rear hub
Tires: 20x4.25"
Tektro cable disc, aluminum brake levers, 160mm rotors
Mosso Pedals
Custom headset
Chain: KMC


Warranty Options

We are an eCommerce company and ship this bike to you wherever you are at. We charge minimal markup because we do not offer face to face support.  Most of our sales are to enthusiasts and to builders who know what they want and don’t need a lot of assistance from their dealer. You can use our forums and knowledgebase to find the answer to almost any support question you have.
If you expect your bicycle to be flawless and never need adjustment or maintenance, we recommend that you buy your ebike from a local brick and mortar ebike store if you have one near you, especially if you want person to person support when it comes to adjustments and maintenance of your ebike.  We do not offer this level of support.
Bikes are large and expensive to ship, and once you ride it it is used, and we do not offer any returns on your bike unless it is dead on arrival.
For 30  days after you get the bike we will replace any parts that are defective.
These are just bicycles and are easy to maintain and to work on, we really encourage you to learn basic bicycle maintenance or get a relationship with a local bike shop.
The drive system and battery we will cover for 90 days for part replacement.  
Extended warranties are available for 6 months and 1 year and 2 year for an added cost. Warranty covers any parts that are defective we will send to you with instructions how to install.
Since our drive systems are modular every repair is easy with the right part in hand.
That being said this a high quality bike with a high quality component system and should be as solid as any ebike. However, you will be required to do routine adjustments and maintenance on your own.

1 Review

Matt K Apr 28th 2017

This thing is SO MUCH FUN.

My first real POWERFUL ebike. I'm a early Sondors adopter, and after putting 3K in miles per year... I wanted something with some juice. This thing delivers. It showed up nearly perfectly put together, just had to adjust the handlebars and was good to go.

Fits myself (and my wife), and is "stealth" enough, that if you aren't being out of line, you can easily ride in a major city.

Just pure fun.

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