Luna BBSHD Ludicrous V2 Released!

The Ludicrous V2 is the result of many months of R&D designing a motor controller from scratch with the latest innovations in motor control, spanning over 100,000 lines of code, the best automotive qualified materials, and vastly proven building blocks; all tightly integrated into the stock BBSHD volume.

From now on, anyone buying one of the Luna BBSHD bikes can choose Ludicrous V2 as an option.

This is a 18 MOSFET controller, with 100V rated and automotive qualified FETs, running at high frequency for maximum power density and silent operation.

Next-gen powerstage design maximizes the cooling surfaces while minimizing MOSFET junction-to-ambient thermal resistance.

Powerstage layout on the bottom

This controller runs Field Oriented Control (FOC) which makes the torque output mostly proportional to throttle input and reduces losses compared to the trapezoidal commutation found in the stock controller. The MTPA optimization, besides increasing torque also increases the top speed, very much like Field Weakening.

This power level can only be endured by the highest quality batteries; only a 52V Wolf Pack or a 72V PowerWolf Pack can survive this controller (Dire Wolf Pack recommended).

All the algorithms and safety checks are implemented on the control board:

  • 168MHz MCU running VESC® firmware
  • Hardware-based overcurrent protection
  • Signal conditioning
  • USB and CANbus connectors populated (but fully potted)
  • Bluetooth module
  • The weirdest shape to keep the volume to the absolute minimum

Ludicrous v2 control board

Having full control over the software allowed us to internally develop support for many displays readily available for the BBSHD system, implement new fault detection mechanisms and it allows us to fine tune the user experience like throttle response and PAS assist. With more testing, tuning and user feedback we plan to extend the current limits, along with efficiency/range improvements with Over-The-Air updates with the built-in Bluetooth interface.


Real time data can be displayed with the VESC Android App

Throttle settings

PAS settings

Log on the phone, analyze on the PC, share on the forums!

Because we are awesome and nerdy this controller was fully developed using open source design tools: KiCAD + FreeCAD + gcc + eclipse + VESC®, on Linux! And we donate $10 to the VESC project for every controller sold.

The base design is derived from PowerDesigns’ Axiom 150kW motor controller, proven heritage.

We are only offering the Ludicrous Upgrade to customers who will use the bike off road and private property only, and only to loyal former customers who are familiar already with the power of this type of mid-drive.

Custom CNC Case

Because we wanted to house this gem in the most beautiful controller home ever we custom cnc and polish a case out of billet and designed heat sinks that keep this baby cool. We also had the case polished and nickel plated to give this controller the bling and wow factor it deserves.

Now that’s a nice render

Safety Notice

This motor controller is powerful enough to melt a motor, wires, destroy a battery and break bones. With great power comes great responsibility! Don’t try to break stuff, because you will!

The controller comes with a default configuration that should work for even the wildest users. As you can tell from the extreme power density achieved, these motors, wires and power electronics are already being pushed to the limit.

We are offering it for people who know what they are doing and will be responsible with this kind of power (know what gear to ride in, understand battery limits, etc).

We prefer to sell this kit to our existing bike customers only. If you are a new customer you may need to convince us that this is the controller you want. This is for people who have owned the stock or ludicrous V1 BBSHD and want more.

Luna is supporting a fully Open Source platform named VESC®, which means users could potentially change any parameter of this motor drive, and have full access to the source code to change or improve fundamental features. Luna builds come in read-only mode to deter people from changing safety-critical parameters, but we know its only a mild entry barrier.

Modifying the default motor configuration is NOT advised as it greatly increases the likelihood of property damage and severe injury -and source code changes are far more dangerous-.

It is NOT legal to ride this on public streets or trails. We sell this bike for private property use and race/track riders.