Luna Eclipse ChainRing for the BBSHD

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  • Replaces the ugly and heavy 46t chainring on the Bafang BBSHD 1000W
  • Weighs less than half the weight of stock ring at 240 grams
  • 42t version has 42 teeth for better off road performance (more torque), 48t version is optimized for higher top speed
  • Perfect tooth profile really grabs the chain so no more chain falling off.
  • Provides even more offset than the stock chainring for better chain alignment
  • Interchangeable custom rings allows you to change to different number of tooth ring in the future
  • Easier on your chain than the stock chain ring
  • Made with heat-treated 7075 alloy
  • Lovingly made in California
  • Anodized in black, blue, red or polished silver
  • 2 tone colors with beautiful polished metal
  • BBSHD only; This chainring will NOT work on the BBS01 or BBS02
  • Works with any chain up to 10spd
  • Click here for dimensions

The biggest complaint we have heard about the awesome new BBSHD 1000W Bafang mid drive is it has an ugly, heavy chain ring. 

Luna Cycles is not only the first dealer in the world to have the  BBSHD 1000W in stock (go here to buy), but now we are the first to offer an aftermarket chainring for the BBSHD.  Also we wanted to create a piece of art and to really make a statement that we are hear to raise the game.  We are so proud that this piece of art is created right here in California and we will never outsource it because California can do it better than China. They can copy us but then they suck. 

This is a two piece unit and has everything you need to convert to a beautiful 42 tooth chain ring.

This comes stock with a sprocket, but it is a two piece and the sprocket can be changed out later for one of our other sizes. See the options for available sprocket sizes, any sold out size will be autohidden until restock.

We will be offering a full range from 40T to 48T chainrings which you can change out. As always expect top quality and our "can't be beat" pricing. 

Note that the only chainring shown is straight polished alloy. Chainrings will also  be available in blue, black, red and these will be machined so that they will also have polished metal showing (see blue ring in pictures). 

Changing from the old ring to our bling ring is a quick 5-10 minute job. Pull the crank off, then the old chainwheel and slap the new Eclipse ring and the crank arm back on.

For an independent review from Karl at (check out this review).


Support notes

If chainring touches your chainstay when mounted you can use a chainring spacer to back it off a bit (slightly longer M5 chainring bolts may be needed, you can get these at your local hardware store)

See here for a comparison of this chainring to other chainrings

As seen in the comparison this chainring provides more offset than anything else on the market, to maximize the potential for the absolute best chainline and all the associated advantages that provides. This can sometimes be too much offset if you have a wide chainstay and it touches the chainstay. You can use our chainring spacers to move it away from the frame as much as needed (you can double or triple them up if you need to)


Single speed users: The recommended way to run this chainwheel on a single speed is with a chain tensioner. If you don't have a chain tensioner and the chain falls off you can't just put it on the cog then put it on the chainwheel and turn the crank. Because the chain has to wrap around the front of the chainwheel and it is so massively offset you will bend the chainwheel and/or bend or break teeth as the chain gets way too tight. Instead you must take the chain off the cog and put the chain on the eclipse chainring then put the top of the chain on the cog and gently roll the bike backwards, stopping if there is too much pressure. It should put the chain back on without bending the Luna eclipse chainring. If you have a single speed without a tensioner and try to reinstall the chain on the cog first your broken chainring (it will break) will not be covered under warranty.