Luna Full Color Display DPC-18 For the BBS02 and BBSHD


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  • The most recent display released from Bafang.
  • Advanced settings now changeable in the main menu.
  • Error code list so no more memorizing codes. 
  • Full color with an updated sleek speedometer design. 
  • USB output for charging your cell phone or other small devices.
  • Click here for DPC-18 documentation


Bafang has refined and updated their most popular full color display, the DPC-14 to the new DPC-18 and of course Luna has them in stock and ready to ship.  With a plethora of features, they have completely gotten rid of the advanced menu so most adjustments can be done in one screen and without the need of a password to memorize.  

Display Features:

  • Full Color Display
  • Automatic Night Mode (with customizable light sensitivity)
  • 5 levels of assist
  • Choice of Percentage or Voltage display for Battery
  • USB Charger
  • Accurate battery gauge
  • Watt OR Amp Display to gauge how much you are pulling
  • Clock
  • Password Lock
  • Error code list and memory


This display shows in mph or kph (your choice).

It has a clock and it will also display total ride time.

It has the convenience of a USB cable plug that can charge your phone directly from your ebike battery. A missing feature with the Luna 750c Display. Be aware that the USB port only produces 5v and about 0.5 amp which is enough to charge a phone or run a GPS but is not powerful enough to run a high power LED bike light.

Works with the BBS01, BBS02 & BBSHD drive units. If using Bafang Ultra you need a different display.


19 Reviews

Shaun Disch Dec 26th 2019

The DPC-14 was better than the DPC-18 is by far.

Much harder to use than the 14. All kinds of issues, the main one being that to reset the trip info you have to go into the settings screen hitting like 10+ buttons just to clear the trip instead of just holding down the + and - for 2 seconds. It is prettier and works, but it is not worth getting. Just ordered the 860C, I hope it blows this one away. Fingers are crossed.

WilliamT Aug 13th 2019

Works but not very useful

Watts gauge is difficult to read so you can't tell how many watts the system is putting out. The old DPC-14 is much more useful. They should get rid of the circular bars; its just waste display space.

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