Luna Full Color Display DPC-18 For the BBS02 and BBSHD


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  • The most recent display released from Bafang.
  • Advanced settings now changeable in the main menu.
  • Error code list so no more memorizing codes. 
  • Full color with an updated sleek speedometer design. 
  • USB output for charging your cell phone or other small devices.
  • Click here for DPC-18 documentation


Bafang has refined and updated their most popular full color display, the DPC-14 to the new DPC-18 and of course Luna has them in stock and ready to ship.  With a plethora of features, they have completely gotten rid of the advanced menu so most adjustments can be done in one screen and without the need of a password to memorize.  

Display Features:

  • Full Color Display
  • Automatic Night Mode (with customizable light sensitivity)
  • 5 levels of assist
  • Choice of Percentage or Voltage display for Battery
  • USB Charger
  • Accurate battery gauge
  • Watt OR Amp Display to gauge how much you are pulling
  • Clock
  • Password Lock
  • Error code list and memory


This display shows in mph or kph (your choice).

It has a clock and it will also display total ride time.

It has the convenience of a USB cable plug that can charge your phone directly from your ebike battery. A missing feature with the Luna 750c Display. Be aware that the USB port only produces 5v and about 0.5 amp which is enough to charge a phone or run a GPS but is not powerful enough to run a high power LED bike light.

Works with the BBS01, BBS02 & BBSHD, and Ultra drive units.