Luna M600 Silent Gear

Luna Silent Treatment *

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NOTE: This is for EXPERT Ebike mechanics only
  • Reduces the gear noise level the M600 makes by half
  • Made from space age PEEK Plastic
  • German Bearings
  • Strong enough even for ludicrous power levels
  • 1 year warranty
  • Read our blog post here for more information

Luna developed this reduction gear system for the Bafang M600 to address the issue that the stock steel gear makes noticeably more drive noise than what most Bafang mid drive customers are accustomed to because most bafang mid drives come with nylon gears which are quiet but not strong enough for higher power levels.

The Luna Silent PEEK plastic gear is both quiet and strong.

For more information on this gear check out our blog post here. 


This will require a special tool to remove the M600 spider....the Bafang socket tool is ideal and we are out of stock of this tool until early March. This tool will also work: Bike Hand YC-29BB-2A or YC-29BB.

Without the socket, getting off the old spider will be tricky.

This is at minimum a one hour job to remove the M600 drive and install the gear and reinstall the drive. It can be as long as 3 hour job for an expert the first time they do it. For this reason we do not recommend for people to attempt this themselves.

In the next few months we will be offering this as an upgrade option by sending us the motor and we do the install for an extra $100 in labor.

How to remove the chainring bracket from the motor:

This is recessed so a typical ring spanner will not work. A socket style bottom bracket tool for screw in bearing cups does the job. A chain whip is needed to hold the chainring when removing the locking nut. The lockring is reverse or right hand-threaded, so you must turn it clockwise to remove it.

Please note while installing you will need to grease the gear with Mobil28 as well.