Luna Mighty Mini Display for BBSHD and BBS02 (upgraded 500c)


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  • Luna's First Full Color Mini One Piece Display for the Bafang Drives
  • Reads accurately up to 60v (other bafang displays do not)
  • Tiny
  • Full color and awesome
  • NEW Haptic Feedback and Integrated Buttons for the tiniest footprint (vibrates when you press any button)
  • Graphical and Numerical Voltage and Wattage Readings
  • Automatic back light
  • Odometer, trip time and total mileage.
  • Uses universal error codes commonly found on the Bafang Displays (no more guessing)
  • Click here for a review by Karl at ElectricBike-Blog
  • Ships with screen protector on display to prevent scratches, peel off before use

Luna is the first to offer this new brand new horizontal display made from the same factory. We have been trying for a small display for years that makes the ebike more discreet and at the same time offering the same functionality as larger more bulky displays.

We believe real estate on your bike is your most precious valuable commodity.


Cleverly designed to include the most important information in a completely compact size, this is Luna's first single piece display (integrated buttons) that fits perfectly on one side of your handlebars. 

This is a newer and smaller version of our popular 750c display (see it here), and because of its extremely small footprint, it can be creatively mounted anywhere you can think of (though Luna highly recommends the left side). 

Aesthetically clear and to the point, this display uses the classic styling of auto speedometers and the tiniest bit of color for a pleasant mix of a minimalist and futuristic feeling. 



This is our favorite display of all time.  

The display can be set for 24 to 52v battery and also includes a nice colorful touch in all of the gauges that presents the data very easily in a way to process quickly.

Also the volt display is accurate in voltages over 55 which none of the stock Bafang displays have the ability to do. As a new update the gauge function is now calibrated for 52v nominal batteries instead of 48v like older versions, though regardless of the battery type we typically recommend displaying voltage instead of the estimated battery gauge for best accuracy. Click here for a handy reference chart to see how voltage relates to state of charge for 52v nominal packs, and here for a chart of 48v packs. We recommend printing this out and keeping it on hand first few rides until you have memorized what voltage equals charge percentage.

Another surprising upgrade was the new haptic feedback that is found on most cellphones and video game controllers.  When you press any button you now feel a small vibration confirming contact and response, which is is usually important when trying to multitask while biking. 


Screen protector note:

It may not be clear that this has a protective film on the display to prevent scratches during shipping, but it does.
To peel back, run a fingernail across the plastic a few times to pull it up.