Luna Wolf V2 52v Battery Pack


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Note: Thank you to those that supported our work, unfortunately due to production issues this lineup has been discontinued. This page will remain available for reference and support purposes.
  • V2 new design "wireless" design for peak performance and reliability
  • Available in clear and black color
  • Made in USA
  • your choice of top grade Samsung or LG 18650  Cells
  • 52v 12ah or 52v 13.5ah (Depending on Cell Choice)
  • 625 watt hours or 704 watt hours (Depending on Cell Choice)
  • 50amp continuous BMS (Select 30q cells if consistently using this much power)
  • 14s4p configuration 56 18650 cells
  • Fully potted pack for the ultimate in battery protection
  • Each cell has its own fuse for ultimate in safety (Read More Here)
  • Magnet mounts make the pack easily removable and make this pack over an inch shorter than the standard wolf pack
  • 9 pounds
  • 36.5cm L, 10.5cm H, 9.5cm W  (approx. 14" x 4.25")
  • Click here for a printable PDF that can be made into a mockup to see if it fits your frame (Note, check printout matches rough dimensions above, if not adjust your printer)
  • Click here for our documentation on this battery

New V2 pack is made with state of the art technology to make what we feel is the most advanced, safest high performance ebike battery there is.

We believe  this pack is the best because of the following:

  • Made with authentic top shelf cells, not only name brand but state of the art bleeding edge cells that are expensive but ensure quality, reliability and high performance.
  • Each pack in encapsulated in a military grade polyurethane potting material for ultimate in collision and water resistance.
  • Wire bonded pack for the ultimate in efficiency and reliability
  • A Luna smart BMS  (battery management system) that after years of development we feel offers the highest performance with the most reliability and safety of any ebike BMS on the market.
  • Each pack is ran through a full charge and discharge before leaving our facility to make sure you are getting every amp hour you paid for
  • A brilliantly Engineered magnetic mount that not only works very conveniently  but also gives you over an inch of extra mounting space in the triangle for the wolf battery.
Premium 18650 Cell Choices

Without exception a great battery starts with its bare ingredients. The wolf pack is made with 56 of the best cells money can buy. Of course good ingredients are expensive but we spare no expense when it comes to making the high performance Wolf pack.

Because our packs are made in the USA we can make sure that the 18650 cells we use are genuine grade A authentic cells. It not enough that our cells are made by top brands (Panasonic, GA, and LG) but we also only use the very top end cells these companies have to offer so that the Wolf is the ultimate in high performance and reliability.

The Samsung 30q is a great cell known for it's high discharge rate and good range, while the Panasonic GA has a slightly lower discharge rate but a longer range. The LG M-J1 is a newer cell that offer both the highest energy density and fairly good continuous discharge. According to our sources and test the MJ1 is slightly higher discharge performance than the GA cell.

Wireless Pack

This is a truly wireless pack, and we do not mean Bluetooth (we believe Bluetooth communicating batteries are unnecessary and will lead to reliability issues)

We construct the wolf pack in El Segundo.  For a long time we have known that the wires usually running all over a pack are not only an eye sore but we have found them the most common source of failure in our batteries. If one wire vibrates or gets pulled loose somehow the BMS senses a fault and shuts down your pack for good.

For a year we have been simplifying the wire harnesses in our packs until we finally decided the way to "win" wire harnesses is to get rid of it completely.  The V2 wolf uses circuit boards and bus bars instead of wires to perform BMS functions such as balancing, temperature protection etc. Even the BMS is soldered directly to the side circuit boards so there are no wire loose ends.

What this means is not only do you have a more reliable pack than even the V1 wolf was,  but also with no wires there is no resistance and loss of power because of the wireless pack will actually be more efficient and put out slightly more power.

Wire Bonded pack

Of course when we  say "wireless", we are not including the wire bonds that connect each cell to the gold plated circuit board. This is a very advanced process and the same process Tesla uses. We use a German made CNC machine which pull tests every connection to make sure it is strong.  We have found this is the most reliable way to use CNC to construct a pack and also make sure the connection is strong and the cell is not damaged. Other processes use heat to weld a nickel strip to the cell, this is far less reliable.

Our wirebond process uses ultrasound which is almost heatless and is sure not to damage the cell.  All other processes weld a plate to the cell which is not good for the cell and can actually damage the top of the cell.

The wire we use is precision rated for certain amperage, and with it we get the real single cell fusing that other battery makers  can only pretend to have.

What advantages does wire bonding offer?

  • Reliable strong pack construction that will not vibrate or break loose
  • Real single cell fusing
  • Consistency in manufacturing to make sure every cell in the pack is consistently attached to the rest of the pack
  • Heatless ultrasonic system to add reliability by ensuring the cell is not damaged during assembly


Magnetic Mounting System

The Wolf Pack uses a unique magnetic mounting system.  The V2 has added a precision engineered super strong magnet t made with stainless steel.  You simply attach the magnetic plate to your water bottle holes in your frame and the Wolf snaps in place.  The pack is easily removable by just pushing sideways on the top of the pack.

The magnets are very strong, in fact you can pick up most bikes by just the hold of the magnets.  The only easy way to get the battery off is by tilting it sideways.

Another big advantage of this mounting system is that since you attach and remove the pack sideways you get an additional 1.5 inch of clearance inside the downtube you would not get with a shark which slides into its mount and in essence makes the shark's space requirements an inch longer.


XT-90 and XT-60 Connector (Double x2 for Redundancy) 

One thing we hated about the shark pack was the connectors were not capable of high power and would occasionally make weak connections which would cause them to melt and need to be replaced.  

The Wolf Pack uses XT-90 with spark resister (it does not spark when you plug it in) and an XT-60 for the charge leads.  The V2 wolf uses 2 of both connectors as a redundancy, if you lose one you have two more. These connectors make the pack easily removable and at the same time make a very solid connection.