Sur-Ron Model X Sine Wave Controller
Sur-Ron Model X Sine Wave Controller
Sur-Ron Model X Sine Wave Controller
Sur-Ron Model X Sine Wave Controller

Sur-Ron Model X Sine Wave Controller


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25% increased power from the stock controller. 

10% increase in top speed.

Smoother, more linear power band.

Regenerative braking.

Plug and play installation (max 20minutes)


Luna is happy to release the new “X” controller for the Sur Ron in limited quantities, Sur ron has been working on this controller for several months. Luna has helped them with final tune and adjustments.

Sine wave controllers are the latest in brushless motor controllers which smooth out many of the rough edges of the old school “square wave” controllers, resulting in 30% less noise compared to the stock controller!

The next big difference is that you will notice is much smoother throttle response off the line.  Sine Wave controllers are digitally controlled and programmed, resulting in a much smoother and more predictable power curve throughout the entire range of operation.

In addition to the improvements in driving mannerisms, this controller outputs approximately 25% more torque…  see a side by side comparison here 

In real world testing we saw a 10% increase in top speed.



FINALLY! A huge bonus on this controller  that we cannot confirm will be available in future "X" controllers is regenerative braking. This means the motor actually slows the bike when you let off the throttle while simultaneously charging the battery.

In sport mode when you let off the throttle the regen braking comes on full. The bike brakes and recharges the battery at the same time. Not only does this make the bike more efficient and increase your range it will also lengthen the life of your disc brake pads.  

As an added feature, the new controller allows you turn off the regenerative braking function by simply switching to “EP” mode on the control switch.



This is a very easy install, the connectors are plug and play with your old connectors.  Watch this video for more info on installation:




Support notes: This controller is only compatible with the newer motor (post feb 2018), if you are unsure locate the while label on the motor and if the model number is P/N: 11100-YQ2A-0100 then it' not compatible with this motor. you will have to change the motor to the new version







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