Talaria Sting MX3

Swap Your Tires

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  • New for 2024 Offered at a never seen before price!
  • The latest 2024 mx3 model with Factory Forks
  • 38.4ah battery with LG 21700 cells (2280 watt hours)
  • Gearbox (instead of a belt reduction) for more reliable and quiet performance
  • OLED display
  • Comes in all black with a new red colored sticker kit that you can put on or leave off
  • New Controller for 2024 offers higher reliability!



Shipping Info (Ships Within USA Only)

Assembly and set up video


IMPORTANT NOTE: We sale this bike as an off-road only bike.  These bikes are shipped limited to lower speed/power to make them road legal in many states, but you should check your local laws in your jurisdiction.


The original Sting that started it all!  This is the new release of the mx3 with a new more reliable controller and factory fork.

With all the hype of the new Sting R MX4 we are able to offer this bike at a never seen before low price of $3400!  For many riders who do not need the extra power of the MX4, this bike is a great way to save a lot of money and still get an incredible bike. Also this bike makes an excellent upgrading platform for people who plan to change their controller and battery anyway.

This is the latest edition of the Talaria Sting MX3 (not to be confused with the Sting R MX4) offered at a never seen before low price for this quality of a bike.

This is the Talaria MX3 which is a little more docile and manageable than the Sting R MX4 at a better price point and almost identical power to the Sur-ron X. 

This bike offers very comparable performance to the Surron X with some added niceties such as a gearbox, smoother throttle, larger rear tire, and a taller frame.

The motor has an encoder (instead of hall sensors) for ultra smooth throttle response.