Talaria Sting R MX4


Expected release date is early June

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May 21st: Now taking Preorders for a Early June delivery!

Also check out the Talaria Sting MX3 at a substantial $500 savings if you don't need the extra power of the MX4.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We sell this bike as an off-road only trail bike. These bikes are  speed/power limited to make them road legal in many USA states, but you should check your local laws in your jurisdiction.



The new bike from Talaria is the most exciting bike to hit the market since the Surron X.  50% more power than the Surron X while retaining a small size and weight factor for nimble handling plus a low key appearance.  Talaria asked Luna what we would need to sell Talaria bikes and this is what we asked for… a factory-made “XX” version of the Sting. Now that we have it, we are excited to be one of the first to offer this bike. We have these in limited supply.  

More Power

We are excited to carry this new Talaria Sting R bike. It has over 50% more power than the stock Stings and Surron's and 18 percent increase in range without compromising reliability and ride-ability.  This bike puts out 120 max Amps, while the Surron X puts out 90 Amps. We dyno tested this bike to have 7.39 horsepower compared to the Surron X and original Sting's 4.8 hp for over 50 percent increase in power.  Talaria made many new tweaks to the bike to support this power including a much better motor, bigger (230mm) brakes, and better battery.  This bike out of the box is one of the best bikes we have ridden, and without the need of expensive performance modifications. This bike has about as much power as you want or need in this mini-trail bike platform. 

Improved braking system

When Luna first started modifying Surron's, we noticed right away that the braking system was not cut out for a faster more powerful bike.  Talaria understands that if they are going to upgrade their bike to be faster and more powerful they need to improve the braking system.  First of all they went with bigger and thicker rotors front and rear.  220mm x 2.3mm compared to the older 203mm x 2.0 mm. This gives you 20 percent more stopping power and heat dissipation.  The brake pads are upgraded to a more robust and squeakless pad.  4 levels of regenerative braking that you are able to adjust on the fly make the bike more efficient and less hard on the mechanical braking system. By using regenerative braking wisely you can increase your range by up to 5 percent and greatly reduce brake wear and tear.  

More Efficient and Reliable IPM Motor



We are very excited about the upgraded motor on this bike. This is an IPM (Interior Permanent Magnet) motor with bigger and better magnets and a far superior design to the stock Sting and Surron. This means better efficiency, better heat dissipation, and most importantly much more reliability than the stock motor.  Magnets coming loose or demagnetized and hall sensors coming loose were the biggest causes of motor failure in the Sting/Surron.  This motor also includes a magnetic encoder which removes the need for hall sensors.  If you ever upgrade this bike with a more powerful controller this motor will handle much more power than the stock motor, and because it is more efficient you will get more power out of it. This motor will do higher RPMs than the older motors as well, and will give you a more robust power curve. 

Bigger and Better Battery


The battery is 45Ah 60v (2700 Watt hours) consisting of high performance  LG 21700 (5000mah) cells that do not compromise battery life when putting out the extra range and power. This battery is an 18 percent improvement in range over the Surron X battery. 



The Talaria uses a new and improved gearbox for its gear reduction with thickened mounts.  This makes the Talaria Sting more quiet and also more reliable (no broken belts) than Surron.  Instead of periodic changing of belts, the new gearbox requires changing of the oil every 3000 -5000 miles which is an easy and quick task (5 minutes).  You still need to do an oil change after the first 300 miles for break in.  The Talaria R comes with enough gear fluid to do your first oil change. 


Included Upgrades:

  • 220mm x 2.3mm thick rotors both front and rear (stock is 203mm x 2mm)

  • Upgraded Brake Pads

  • 4 Piston Hydraulic Brakes

  • improved  throttle and tuning  for smooth and predictable response
  • The motor has an encoder (instead of hall sensors) for ultra smooth throttle response. 
  • Improved and strengthened Gear box (oil only needs to be changed ever 3-5 thousand miles)
  • IPM Motor Rated for High Power and 94% efficiency

  • thick 3.25 inch rear tire
  • 45Ah 60v battery with LG 21700 Cells

  • Rear Brake Rotor Protector

  • Foot Peg Support Brace

  • Full wrap sticker kit (not installed)

  • Higo connectors on the ebrake shut off for easy disconnect

  • OLED full function display

  • Upgraded circuit breaker (125 Amp)

  • Rear Brake Rotor Guard

  • Talaria or Fast Ace fork  (depending on supply) upgrades any of the forks it uses to customize them for this bike. 

Other Features



12 Amp battery charger

4 position Regenerative braking which you can adjust while riding

145 pounds

Future Upgrades

All the upgrades that work on the Talaria Sting also work on the Sting-R. Many of the upgrades made for the Surron X already work on this bike. Luna is working on many upgrades for the Talaria to release this summer. 

As for performance upgrades this bike with its 21700 battery and IPM motor is a great candidate for power upgrades although we think it has plenty of power as is.