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Now Available in a Glossy Galaxy Color! Read (here) for More Details

* Carbon Full Suspension frame
* 6" of travel front and rear
* Probably the Best Pound for Pound, Dollar For Dollar, Watt for Watt Electric Enduro on market
* State of the Art Mid Drive System
* Ludicrous mode available for offroaders
* Now available with the Luna Silent Treatment (Read More Here)
* NEW! Updated with 38T sprocket


Read Electreks Write up on the X-1 here.
Industry Leading Electric Drive system
  • Bafang M600 drive with Luna steel helical gears
  • Torque sensor (Tuned by Luna) with Throttle
  • Up to 2000 watts of power with soon available ludicrous controller
  • Over 95 NM of torque
  • Temperature sensors & steel gears
  • Customized  Luna “Ludicrous” Controller Option
  • Display with USB port
  • 48v 13.5 ah with Panasonic GA cells (650 watt hours)
  • 30-40 mile range with moderate pedaling
  • Class 3 pedelec
  • Fast removable battery (see images)
  • Lightweight bike (55 pounds for medium)
  • Available in every color as long as it is BLACK
Top End Bike Components

You will not find specs like this in ANY bike under 3k (including a standard pedal bike).  With an Eagle 12 group set, a Carbon Fiber Frame, ROCKSHOX top end suspension, GUIDE hydraulic brakes, and MAXXIS tires, this bike will outperform similar OEM rivals with twice the price tag.

  • Rockshox Debonair Yari 160mm
  • Rockshox Monarch 200mmx57mm in Rear 
  • Sram SX Eagle 12 speed cassette (standard HG driver, not the XD from SRAM)
  • Sram Guide 4 piston hydraulic brakes 200mm front 180mm back (6 bolts rotors)
  • Maxxis Minion 27.5”x2.8" tires 
  • 44 56 non integrated headset
  • Double wall alloy 40mm 27.5" rims
  • Dropper seat-post with internal routing
  • All cables throughout the bike are internally run
  • Thru-axle hubs in both front and rear 15x110 Boost front, 12x148 Boost rear (Length 180mm, 1.75 pitch)
Built Specifically for Luna

Our goal since the beginning was to create an “affordable” full-suspension bike that was worthy of the Luna name, and was loaded with top notch components.  Unlike our other flagship carbon bikes, this is one of the few bikes we have chosen not to build in the USA, and we will be upfront and honest about this move.  Instead, we have teamed up with an incredible parts supplier to obtain never-before-seen pricing on a top notch carbon frame, and top notch components to match, which we have full confidence will fulfill the expectations of the most seasoned eBike riders.  

Additionally, we wanted to build a somewhat “stealthy” bike that would allow those who wish to blend in with other casual riders, and carry an OEM fit and finish.  Do not let this special introductory price mislead you, this bike should normally cost well over $5000.  Selling direct to the consumer and buying large quantities allows us to offer pricing well below the competition, in addition to a special pre-order price that will be increased once bikes are on the shelf.  We are only offering a limited number of pre-sale bikes at this price, so buy it now while the buying is good. Because you are buying from Luna you can trust you will be getting a bike in a class of its own.  Not only have we been very selective over what bike we have chosen to put our name on, we also perform all final assembly and quality control in our California facility.

Limited Time Crazy $3650 Dollar Price

It is Luna's 4 year anniversary on the 4th of July. This is our giveback to the community and our gratitude that our customer base put us in the position to do production bikes we always dreamed of. $3650 dollars is a crazy price for this bike but its for limited time. There are a few reasons for this price. We do not use dealers and sell to you direct. We buy in bulk components and we get crazy OEM pricing. Also this is a pre-order price, so you are helping us achieve this and getting this amazing bike at an amazing price. This is a critical time of year for us and we need cash flow to keep up with all our other products that are selling out. For a limited time and with a limited quantity we are offering the best deal ever on a full Enduro bike. Once we have the bike in stock the price will go to over $4000. 

You will not find this spec of ebike for even close to the $4000 price, at $3650 it is an absolute steal. Dealers can buy this bike at this cost and still make a profit. We are doing this special pre-sale price which is a win win for our customers, smaller dealers, and Luna who normally could not afford such an outlay and still keep up with other inventory in summer.

M600 Bafang's Mid Drive - Powerful & Light


  • Bafang's newest and most innovative motor system
  • 7.5 pounds, tiny form factor
  • 750 watts continuous, 2000 watts in Ludicrous configuration
  • Over 95NM of torque
  • 28 to 1 gear reduction 
  • Small form factor for stealth
  • Integrated controller and display for luxury riding experience
  • Torque sensor that works well

Real estate is your most valuable commodity in an ebike. Big and powerful is easy but small, lightweight, and powerful is a gigantic feat.  The M600 is the newest offering from Bafang, designed for integration with production bikes. Luna has worked with prototypes of this drive for 2 years with improvements on this drive and with Luna's own proprietary touches to make it smooth, powerful and most importantly, reliable.

Weighing in at only 7 pounds, it still smashes other tiny drives on the market while retaining stealth.  While most other production bikes on the market are 250 watt Euro spec bikes with no throttle and no real power.  With most limits in the USA set at 750 watts, this drive is perfectly suited for our market, allowing it to be used on most Class-1 trails legally with non-Ludicrous mode.  Quiet power, combined with an integrated DSAHS system, and a torque-sensing drive system to top it off.  The bike senses how much effort you are inputting via the pedals, and increases the motor output to match.  Even with this setup, there are 5 levels of torque sensitivity and power output.  Lastly, all our bikes come with a manual throttle for when you’re worn out and tired of pedaling.

The 28 to 1 gear reduction using one of the most advanced gear reductions in the industry is not only quiet (for an all metal gearbox), but now with steel gears it is also reliable.  The importance of gear reduction in a bike like this is not only does the motor spin at its most optimum efficiency level, (electric motors love to spin fast) the gear reduction has the final sprocket spinning slow enough so that you actually get pedal cadence at high power, a very hard thing to accomplish on a high power drive.

M600 Replacement Parts

When you buy from Luna, know we are one of Bafang’s largest dealers and one of the few who keep a full line up of replacement parts on all the drives we sell.  Bafang systems are generally very reliable and if a part breaks they are very easy to service.  We provide many instructions for how to swap parts in our knowledge base: https://electricbike.com/forum/

If you do fry any parts, we will have a full stock of replacement motor parts that are easy to swap out in case something does break.  Parts are covered for a 6 month warranty but again, use common sense about being in the right gear etc. when riding, especially in Ludicrous mode.  At the least, you will have more confidence knowing parts are always easily swappable in the unlikely event something does break.

Optional Ludicrous Mode

As most Luna fans know, Luna has been hot-rodding Bafang motors for years with great success. Because of improvements we make in cooling (for example motor and controller cooling air vents) and changing certain parts, we think the ludicrous controllers are more reliable than the stock controller. However the Bafang M600 is a lightweight, tiny and sexy motor and we know running 2000 watts continuous can break things if you ride in the wrong gear up long hills or lean on the throttle too hard. We also know that in pedal-assist only applications there is no issues feeding 40 amps to this controller. Many new eBike riders tend to start out too hard in the wrong gear which is hard on the motor, controller and gear reduction. That being said this motor and controller have thermal overload protections that other Bafang drives did not have which makes it more reliable even for the less experienced riders.  

We will offer this bike in 2 configurations:  
  • Ludicrous Mode (2000 watts) with throttle ($300 dollar upgrade price)
  • Standard Mode (750 watts) with throttle

The reason we do this is to run at high power with a more powerful drive like this, it is really necessary not to pin the the throttle in the wrong gear, by pedalling you naturally will get a good idea what the right gear is and not abuse your drive line by full throttling in the wrong gear. Also please note if you select higher power option your range will be reduced, as you will use power faster.

Battery Pack

Luna Cycle has been known for years as an ebike industry leader in ebikes. Without a good powerful light weight battery the rest of the bike will be landfill.  This bike utilizes a battery pack which has been integrated into the downtube, yet is easily removable as needed allowing for quick changes.  The battery will include 2 keys with a locking release mechanism, securing the battery firmly in place and adding to the strength of the downtube.  The battery also has its own state of charge indicator, power switch and charging port, allowing you to remove the pack and safely charge your battery in a more convenient location than the bike may be stored in.

A Legit Enduro EMTB

The X-1 is a legitimate contender for ANY other electric Enduro eBike on the market, and will fit in on almost ANY trail due to the stealthy design and quietness.  At first glance, it will appear to be a tricked out Enduro eBike to even the most seasoned riders, allowing you to hold your head high as you share the trail with standard bikes and eBike alike.  Of course, the added benefit of being able to smoke any other $8000+ OEM 250 watt spec’d bike up a hill is priceless.

Click Here for a Size Chart

We are proud to offer the Luna X1 Enduro in 3 sizes.  But really so many sizes is not needed.  With electric bikes we always recommend when in doubt go with a smaller size, frame size is not as critical with an electric bike as it is in a pedal bike since optimal pedal efficiency is not as important.  Here is a chart to help you find your right size. Also remember that in modern mountain bikes like this one with swept low downtube frames with remote controlled drop out seat posts where you can instantly change your seat height.... they are easy to step over and size really is not as critical...so another good reason to opt for the smaller size. Sizing is not a  critical decision on the X bike.  If you are in doubt go to a local bike shop and sit on comparable mountain boost bikes to get an idea of sizing. 

X1 Frame GeometryClick Here for Close Up
Customer Support

Every member of our support team is an electric bike fanatic owning many ebikes and believe in ebikes. We are busy and prefer email and chat over phones but we get back to everyone in a timely manner.  We have a knowledge base and extensive troubleshooting guides on most of our products.  For an e-commerce ebike company we believe we are second to none and are proud of our team.

We recommend if you require more face to face customer service and need regular maintenance done to your bike we fully endorse local bike and ebike stores as a better way to buy.   

By nature all bicycles are a bit delicate and will require wrenching. 

For documentation, assembly, maintenance and troubleshooting , please check out our Knowledge Base

Originally the bike had a nylon gear which made the bike almost silent for an ebike, now with the change to an all metal gearbox the bike is not as quiet as the prototype was. It's slightly louder than a BBSHD if you ever seen one. We are now happy to offer a PEEK gear upgrade that makes it a little quieter. 


Luna has always offered way and beyond our advertised warranty.  That is nothing new, but recently people have perpetuated the myth we do not support our products.  We have always supported our products over and beyond any written warranty. 

We are offering a longer written warranty in answer to the forum haters.

This warranty covers manufacturer defects and does not cover user neglect. 

  • 2 years on the carbon frame
  • 1 year on the battery
  • 6 months on the motor and other components


Shipping notes:

WE SHIP BIKES TO USA ONLY. FOR HAWAII AND ALASKA PLEASE CONTACT US TO ARRANGE THE ORDER. Your bike will be shipped as freight from our Southern California warehouse so it's not your usual small packet delivery truck that will handle it. If the shipping address you used is a residential one then the delivery date that is shown on the tracking system is likely not the day that they will deliver it to. It's the day that FedEx will call you to schedule the delivery appointment. Best is to call them a day ahead of that date! We generally ship X1s on Friday after the stated lead time for your particular order. For lead time estimates see this page