Luna Sur Ron Belt Drive Upgrade Kit


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  • Matches the stock gearing of the stock Sur-Ron bike when used with Supermoto kit (48 tooth sprocket equivalent, see notes below for details)
  • Gates Carbon Polychain belt brings the ultimate in long lasting reliability
  • Significantly reduces the noise of the bike to make it quieter and more stealth
  • CNC beautiful made in the USA adds bike porn value to the bike
  • Belt life is up to 75,000 mile life
  • Belt drive requires no maintenance
  • No more messy oily chain making bike easier to store and transport
  • Saves weight over stock chain drive (1.4 pounds lighter)
  • Belt drive is more efficient than a chain drive.

Luna is excited to offer the Sur Ron belt upgrade kit for those who want to upgrade their Sur-Rons to be quieter, more efficient, and cooler looking.

We worked closely with Gates to make this drive happen and happen right. We spent several months testing to ensure the reliability of this system.

We are using the same brand and width of belt as used on the zero motorcycle. The Carbon Gates belt has been an industry leader in reliable and strong belts. We decided on this narrow belt because it is more efficient and quieter than a thicker belt, also it does a better job of kicking out off road debris when the belts are narrow.

Luna CNC’s the sprockets from 6061 billet right here in the usa and finish them with a hard anodized finish (clear or black) for years of beautiful service. 

Weight Savings

The stock chain drive weights in at over 3 pounds

The belt drive kit weights: .65 pounds

So you get a total weight saving of 1.4 pounds. 

Is the Luna Belt kit reliable?

For most riders it is.

For 99 percent of riders the belt kit is the best Sur-Ron upgrade ever. 25,000-75,000 miles with no maintenance and no noise clatter. For 1 percent of riders (pro mx riders) who have hot rodded their Sur-Ron to over 20,000 watts, they may have a problem with snapping belts.  If you don't do serious stunts on your bike like stoppies followed by hard throttle wheelies you will be fine.

What about gravel getting caught and breaking the belt? That is a wide belt problem on a high power bike..we are using a very narrow belt that will  eject pebbles that get lodged in them on a relatively low power surron. We have not seen any belts break in this way and do not expect to see any do this.

Zero electric motorcycles has used Gates Carbon belts on all their bikes for years and there is a good reason.  On a quiet electric motorbike there is no place for chain noise or greasy oily parts.  Zero motorcycles has 5x the power of a Sur-Ron, and uses a very similar system to the Luna Belt kit, so we think the Belt kit should be very reliable. 

Luna is offering Gates Replacement belts at the discounted price of $45 for buyers of this kit who happen to break a belt... but we do expect the belt to last the life of the bike. 


Installation will take a mechanical person an hour or two to do.  It is not a hard kit to install but it is also not very easy. We recommend this kit to people who are mechanically inclined.  We provide all parts you need and a special tool required to loosed the swing arm nuts.  Luna will be releasing a detailed install video shortly to give step by step direction on how to install this kit. In the meantime here is a document how to do it.

Support notes: The belt is a 8mm pitch, 1280mm Gates Poly chain Carbon, as per the gates Poly Chain GT Carbon tension calculator, the proper tension for a stock X (or MX) Sur-ron is 100Hz (120hz for the R), but anything 90-125hz is fine, If your bike is modified please refer to the Gates calculator to tune the belt to your power level.

Kit includes the following

  • Gates Carbon Belt Polychain
  • CNC Front and Rear Sprocket made from 6061 aluminum
  • Luna Swing arm removing tool
  • Pedal Band-Aid Plate

Support notes - Recommended usage

This kit is primarily for use in conjunction with the supermoto kit for on road use only. Using the belt kit with stock wheels you would be lugging the motor to some extent as you would be effectively dropping the gearing from 48T to 42T, which would alter efficiency, torque and possibly top speed if rider weight is considerable. But when using with supermoto wheels you have smaller wheels, which spin faster thus balancing out the gearing to match stock, that way you get the same torque and speed on it as if you would be using the dirt tires with 48T, i.e. it behaves same as a stock bike but quieter with better efficiency and reliability. This kit is not for you if you jump curbs, speed bumps or like to do some burnouts, if the rear wheel catches some air and you pin the throttle, the rear wheel will go to 45mph in a fraction of a second then upon landing the belt will likely break due to the enormous stress. If you ride streets  (and the occasional trail) and keep the rear on the ground it will last you a long time. This belt drive kit is not compatible with the pedal kit.

Speedo: Speedo is based on motor RPM, so anytime you gear it differently or go to a different wheelsize it will throw off the reading. If you use belt drive with supermoto wheels it is relatively close, but if you only have belt drive it is not going to be accurate. With only belt it will under-report the speed. With only supermoto kit it will accurately report speed because a 42T sprocket is included with that kit to compensate. We recommend using both of these kits together or to use an aftermarket gps speedo app on your phone if you are only using belt drive kit.