X2.5 Extreme Enduro 60v Ebike

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  • Now with 60 Volt battery and 60V ludicrous tuned controller (included)
  • 60 volt 14Ah battery made with LG MJ1 (820 watt hours)
  • Top speed of 40mph 
  • 20 percent faster than X2 Ludicrous
  • Offered at Black Friday special price.. same price as X2Lludicrous
  • Offered with new and improved carbon peek gear for the ultimate in silence and high performance
  • Free shipping in the USA


Carbon Fiber Full Suspension FrameState of the Art Mid DriveOptional Custom Ludi v2 UpgradeFull Suspension60v 14ah Integrated BatteryPeek Gear Standard

This is same x2 Enduro bike with an upgraded 60 volt power system that brings the bike to life and transforming it into the X2.5.  The peak voltage of the X2.5 is 67 volts making it run faster and more efficient.  At 60 volts with the specially tuned ludicrous controller it really brings new life into the x2 making it feel much faster and more responsive.  With more volts the x2.5 can put more power to the ground over a broader range of rpm.

Because each of these bikes are custom built we will need 7 business days to ship them. 

Powerful Mid Drive for Off Road Performance
  • Now with Free Shipping in the USA! (Ships to USA only)
  • Will ship within 7 business days
  • Bafang M600 with Torque sensor and Throttle
  • Includes Silent Peek/carbon  Gear at no extra charge
  • Display with USB port
  • 30-40 mile range with moderate pedaling
  • Fast removable battery (see images)
  • Lightweight bike (58 pounds for Medium)
  • 27.5 (boost) wheel sizing
  • Ludicrous V2 Controller upgrade specially tuned for 60v  included with this bike
Top End Bike Components


You will not find specs like this in ANY bike under $5k (including a standard pedal bike).  With an Eagle 12 Group set, a Carbon Fiber Frame, ROCKSHOX top end suspension, GUIDE hydraulic brakes, and MAXXIS tires, this bike will outperform similar OEM rivals with twice the price tag.

  • Rockshox Debonair Yari 160mm
  • Rockshox Deluxe Select+ 210mm x 55mm in Rear 
  • Sram Eagle SX 12 speed cassette (standard HG driver, not the XD from SRAM)
  • Sram GUIDE 4 piston hydraulic brakes 200mm front 180mm back (6 bolts rotors)
  • Maxxis Minion or WTB Trailblazer 27.5”x2.8" tires (Note: Inventory is mixed, may come with either)
  • 44 56 Non-Integrated headset
  • Double wall alloy 40mm 27.5" rims
  • Dropper seat-post with internal routing
  • All cables throughout the bike are internally ran
  • Thru-axle hubs in both front and rear 15x110 Boost front, 12x148 Boost rear (Length 180mm, 1.75 pitch)
  • 160mm front travel and 140mm rear travel
Rockshox Debonair YariRockshox Deluxe Select PlusSram Eagle SX 12 SpeedSRAM GUIDE 4 Piston Hydraulic BrakesMaxxis Minion TiresKS Dropper Seat Post
M600 Bafang's Mid Drive - Powerful & Light


  • Bafang M600 motor 
  • Over 95Nm of torque
  • Torque sensor with 5 levels of assist

Real estate is your most valuable commodity in an ebike. Big and powerful is easy but small, lightweight, and powerful is a gigantic feat.  The M600 is the newest offering from Bafang, designed for integration with production bikes. Luna has worked with prototypes of this drive for 2 years with improvements on this drive and with Luna's own proprietary touches to make it smooth, powerful and most importantly, reliable.

Weighing in at only 7 pounds, it still smashes other tiny drives on the market while retaining stealth.  While most other production bikes on the market are 250 watt Euro spec bikes with no throttle and no real power.  With most limits in the USA set at 750 watts, this drive is perfectly suited for our market, allowing it to be used on most Class-1 trails legally with non-Ludicrous mode.  Quiet power, and a torque-sensing drive system to top it off.  The bike senses how much effort you are inputting via the pedals, and increases the motor output to match.  Even with this setup, there are 5 levels of torque sensitivity and power output.  Lastly, all our bikes come with a manual throttle for when you’re worn out and tired of pedaling.

The 36 to 1 gear reduction using one of the most advanced gear reductions in the industry is not only quiet (for an all metal gearbox), but now with steel gears it is also reliable.  The importance of gear reduction in a bike like this is not only does the motor spin at its most optimum efficiency level, (electric motors love to spin fast) the gear reduction has the final sprocket spinning slow enough so that you actually get pedal cadence at high power, a very hard thing to accomplish on a high power drive.

M600 Replacement Parts

When you buy from Luna, know we are one of Bafang’s largest dealers and one of the few who keep a full line up of replacement parts on all the drives we sell.  Bafang systems are generally very reliable and if a part breaks they are very easy to service.  We provide many instructions for how to swap parts in our knowledge base: https://electricbike.com/forum/

If you do fry any parts, we will have a full stock of replacement motor parts that are easy to swap out in case something does break.  Parts are covered for a 6 month warranty but again, use common sense about being in the right gear etc. when riding, especially in Ludicrous mode.  At the least, you will have more confidence knowing parts are always easily swappable in the unlikely event something does break.

Ludicrous V2 Controller

(Click Here to Read our Blog Post)

This bike includes the Ludicrous v2 controller specially tuned for the 60 volt X2.5.  This controller will put out up to 50 battery Amps for bursts of up to 20 seconds and producing over 50% more torque.  We install this controller in the USA and also change a few of the gears in the m600 motor, and also change out the battery for a special ludicrous battery to do the ludicrous upgrade on the bike.  The Ludi v2 is 72V-rated controller which makes it reliable at 60V and balances the user-adjustable buttery smooth pedal assist with the raw torque of power readily available at the throttle. It even spins faster than any other M600 thanks to the Field Weakening and smoothly protects the motor from thermal overloads.

By doing this upgrade this bike will no longer be road legal in many USA states.

The M600 and BBSHD share our same software platform that we are actively developing, and 7 hardware revisions have been made to keep it improving and in production. Over 100,000 lines of open source VESC code are powering this tiny beast!

With the app every motor parameter can be logged over Bluetooth in realtime to learn and keep track of your power consumption, temperatures, speed, etc; update firmware, quickly change your torque and power limits and even use your phone as display! (Note: Currently only Android is supported; you will currently need an Android device if you wish to program, update or troubleshoot)


Newly Improved Silent Gear


The X2 comes with our v2 silent gear made of carbon-reinforced peek plastic  as a standard option. (normally $300 add on).  This gear is wider (for more contact area)  than previous gears and made from even stronger composite peek material to last longer than the original peek gears lasted.  This gear also makes the bike super quiet unlike the original bafang steel gear which is about 2x as loud (see the video)

Battery Pack

Luna Cycle has been known for years as an ebike industry leader in ebikes. Without a good powerful light weight battery the rest of the bike will be landfill. This bike utilizes a battery pack which has been integrated into the downtube, yet is easily removable as needed allowing for quick changes.  The battery will include 2 keys with a locking release mechanism, securing the battery firmly in place and adding to the strength of the downtube.  The battery also has its own power switch and charging port, allowing you to remove the pack and safely charge your battery in a more convenient location than the bike may be stored in.

A Legit Enduro EMTB

The X-2 is a legitimate contender for ANY other electric Enduro eBike on the market, and will fit in on almost ANY trail due to the stealthy design and quietness.  At first glance, it will appear to be a tricked out Enduro eBike to even the most seasoned riders, allowing you to hold your head high as you share the trail with standard bikes and eBike alike.  Of course, the added benefit of being able to smoke any other $8000+ OEM 250 watt spec’d bike up a hill is priceless.

Size Guide Details

We are proud to offer the Luna X2 Enduro in 3 sizes.  But really so many sizes is not needed.  With electric bikes we always recommend when in doubt go with a smaller size, frame size is not as critical with an electric bike as it is in a pedal bike since optimal pedal efficiency is not as important.  Here is a chart to help you find your right size. Also remember that in modern mountain bikes like this one with swept low downtube frames with remote controlled drop out seat posts where you can instantly change your seat height... they are easy to step over and size really is not as critical...so another good reason to opt for the smaller size. Sizing is not a  critical decision on the X bike.  If you are in doubt go to a local bike shop and sit on comparable mountain boost bikes to get an idea of sizing. Note that we are now including the option of 29er as well as boost.

X2 Frame Geometry
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Customer Support

Every member of our support team is an electric bike fanatic owning many ebikes and believe in ebikes. We are busy and prefer email and chat over phones but we get back to everyone in a timely manner.  We have a knowledge base and extensive troubleshooting guides on most of our products.  For an e-commerce ebike company we believe we are second to none and are proud of our team.

We recommend if you require more face to face customer service and need regular maintenance done to your bike we fully endorse local bike and ebike stores as a better way to buy.   

By nature all bicycles are a bit delicate and will require wrenching.

For documentation, assembly, maintenance and troubleshooting , please check out our Knowledge Base


Luna has always offered way and beyond our advertised warranty.  That is nothing new, but recently people have perpetuated the myth we do not support our products.  We have always supported our products over and beyond any written warranty. 

We are offering a longer written warranty in answer to the forum haters.

This warranty covers manufacturer defects and does not cover user neglect. Weight limit 250 lbs.

  • 2 years on the carbon frame
  • 1 year on the battery
  • 1 year on the peek gear
  • 6 months on the motor and other components
Shipping notes:

WE SHIP BIKES TO USA ONLY. FOR HAWAII AND ALASKA PLEASE CONTACT US TO ARRANGE THE ORDER. Your bike will be shipped as freight from our Southern California warehouse so it's not your usual small packet delivery truck that will handle it. If the shipping address you used is a residential one then the delivery date that is shown on the tracking system is likely not the day that they will deliver it to. It's the day that FedEx will call you to schedule the delivery appointment. Best is to call them a day ahead of that date! We generally ship bikes every other day.   Please refer to our lead time estimates see this page