Cyclone Mid Drive 3000 watt Planetary KIT
Cyclone Mid Drive 3000 watt Planetary KIT
Cyclone Mid Drive 3000 watt Planetary KIT
Cyclone Mid Drive 3000 watt Planetary KIT
Cyclone Mid Drive 3000 watt Planetary KIT
Cyclone Mid Drive 3000 watt Planetary KIT
Cyclone Mid Drive 3000 watt Planetary KIT
Cyclone Mid Drive 3000 watt Planetary KIT
Cyclone Mid Drive 3000 watt Planetary KIT

Cyclone Mid Drive 3000 watt Planetary KIT

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  • For Off Road Use Only
  • 36-72V
  • 40 amp high performance ebike controller (needs a high amperage battery)
  • Efficient Brushless motor
  • Planetary Geared reduction built into motor for the ultimate efficiency
  • Massive 6 to 1 planetary gear reduction
  • Only 12 pounds which is light for this kind of power
  • Heavy duty with upgraded ACS freewheel
  • Double chain-wheel 44t and 44t
  • Standard kit will fit 68-73mm bottom bracket or upgrade to Fat kit for 75-110mm bottom bracket sizes
  • Read our in depth article on the cyclone 3000w here
  • This is the new and improved version of the cyclone kit with improved mounting brackets that minimize flex





The cyclone is for off road use only. The power limit in the US for road use is 750W.

Luna Cycle is proud to be the first company to introduce this amazing kit in mass to the USA. 

This is the latest version of the cyclone 3000 watt kit which uses improved brackets to minimize flex and not use the infamous jankey hose clamp.

The cyclone is difficult to install and we do not offer step by step install advice since it will be different with every bike.  We do have several install videos starting with this one.


This kit is for experienced builders only who know what they are getting into.  Please see our forum for installation instructions. 

Kit includes:

  • High quality brushless motor with 5:1 internal geared reduction
  • 36-72v controller
  • Double chain-wheel crank set
  • Square tapered Bottom Bracket
  • High quality right-twist Throttle


Regarding installation:


Note: this is the latest cyclone kit with new and improved mounting brackets that mimimize frame flex and eliminate the need for the janky looking Hose clamp. The picture below illustrates the difference between the 68mm and fat bike kits. 



This is not an easy kit to install. If you are looking for ease of installation check out the Bafang BBSHD or the BBS02. We cannot provide installation support on this drive and it does not come with  instruction manuals. This kit will install differently on different bikes and may require spacers and even some fabrication.

Read our in depth article which explains what your up against when taking on the Cyclone. 


That being said the cyclone is not that difficult to install if you jump into it with fair expectations.

We  do have install videos to give you an idea... starting with the 68mm install video

and how to install on the 100-120mm bottom brackets (did a great article here) on installing the 100mm cyclone kit which everyone should read before they tackle this build.

There is a pictorial guide here on the Cyclone website which is for an older drive but the same principles apply.   We also have a quickstart guide on our forum, and details on some of the wiring. Before making a purchase like this we recommend you do your research so you have an idea what you are getting into. 

Please do not buy this kit if you are a first time builder unless you are willing to take on the challenge. This kit is not that hard to install but like a lot of advanced DIY ebike technology it is not easy either.  

It uses a geared reduction so the motor spins at a slow rate and puts out tons of power so you can still pedal assist the bike which can be a big problem with most powerful mid drives.

Here are some videos to give you some ideas on how the Cyclone 3000 watt looks installed and what kind of performance to expect and at what noise level:

Youtube video from Russia with 3000w install and ride

3000w install on mongoose fat bike

Here is  the Cyclone 3000w installed on a mongoose fat bike frame and you will notice this user welded a few custom brackets to the bike to make an ultra tight  installation.  If you do an easy set up you will more likely be using the giant hose clamp and zip ties that come with the kit to make it fit your bike.

Affordable performance

According to Cyclone this is a big improvement over their old system. It is quieter, more powerful and reliable at roughly the same low price.  The 3000w Cyclone drive is a bargain. 

This is a mid drive kit designed for reliable high power. This drive system is also a bargain compared to the Bafang BBSHD which is half the power and weighs more and costs twice as much . The older cyclone drive is known for being rebranded the "Ego" and sold on very high end expensive bikes and $3500 just for the kit (with backpack battery). This is an improvement over the old cyclone motor in that it will handle more power and is super quiet.

With the controller that come with the kit you will can easily achieve 40mph speeds.  You will need a high power battery to match the performance of the controller as it can pull 40 Amps continuously. 


Not Street Legal Unless Limited

Most of the USA has a 750 watt limit on ebikes. This mostly applies to store bought ebikes and there is a debate on whether that applies to a DIY kit.

These kits are too powerful to be street legal in the USA and are for off road use only.


Recommended battery:

We recommend one of our 52 volt batteries the more Amp hours the better (larger size also means more power) with either Samsung 25r, 30q or Panasonic PD cells. We highly recommend a 20ah pack with this set up. This drive system can heat up and degrade the life of a low amperage battery pack. We recommend that you use one of our battery packs with a 50 amp capacity BMS. The Shark or Dolphin batteries probably will not put out enough power to maximize this kit because they have 30amp maximum BMS.  We do not recommend to use Panasonic NCRb cells with this set up because of high amperage limitations. 

Support notes:

If using bluetooth controller option it has a smartphone app to use phone as display. This app is on the controller listing. 40A version here ... 60A version here

If using one of the other controllers and you want a full featured display we recommend the Batt-man display for battery info.

(See the questions and answers tab for miscellaneous extra info)




19 Reviews

Mike Ison Jun 8th 2018

strap this on to a Buzzraw

Hi all, I am working through the summer rush and lack of stock to buy the Luna Banana - by ordering the Buzzraw with Coast Cycle and then a motor kit with Luna. Considering that Luna does the very same thing, I hope the install is more like "plug and play'. I am new to ebikes and respect the "not for newbies" disclaimers here but what do you think for this assembly /build? Luna is out of batteries at the moment but I might get started with a mighty mini before moving up

Lotus 7 May 27th 2018

Cyclone 3K

This motor is awsome ! I do believe there should be practically a questionaire to fill out before selling to weed out the non-mechanically inclined. Its an in-progress machine we build as a hobby. If you notice NONE of the true gearheads complain , we pick up ,replace broken pieces, rebuild, reinforce and spend hours reading up on, debugging , rewiring reprogramming and come back for more. This is what we do to de-stress and it's hugely rewarding for thàt burst of silent power knowing it was done with a lot of re-engineering over and over again till successful. For those of you who would rather plug and play Go buy RTR or start with a simpler hubmotor and work your way up. Im absolutely not slamming anybody but I read all the negative reviews of these wannabee bike mechanics with their crappy Big Lots tools and squeaky clean garages and look at their pics of horrible blobby soldering and crappy off center drilled holes and wonder "these people really need to get the basic mechanical techniques down before bashing products they arent worthy to critique. Enough ranting Im going out riding till something breaks and gives me a reason to upgrade something . Cheers!

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