Luna 2017 4 Season 3000 Black Fat Tire Ebike KHS

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Quality Fat EBike Frame
Powerful BBSHD Mid Drive (BBSHD)
Full Color Dashboard DPC-14
48v Shark Panasonic Battery 13.5ah 650 watt hours
21 piece Luna Ebike Tool Kit
Luna Mighty Mini Chainring
Luna Mini Advanced Charger
Professional assembly
Please note this bike is programmed for 750 watts for street use.


Please note this bike is shipped factory programmed for 750 watts for street use.  Although each drive is shipped with a programming cable for adjusting pedal cadence levels,
we do not approve hacking the program settings to un-limit ebikes ridden on public roads. However those that want to re-program for off road use can find many guides on the internet.

"Ludicrous Edition" is available for this bike for an extra $250. Get our exclusive BBSHD 50 amp controller (for off road, pit bike, private property etc use only) illegal for street use.


Luna Cycles knew fat tire bikes were going to be a big thing before they actually became one. Starting with Luna Cycle’s first custom made frame, we always had a vision of building a beautiful Fat Ebike in mind.
With KHS’s 4 Season 3000 Fat Tire Bike we knew this was going to be a great conversion into an EBike and had to do it. The 4 Season is great for off roading and mountain biking, with it’s Vee Rubber Snow Shoe XL Tires at 26x4.8 you get a lot of traction, and can even ride on snow.  
The tires and wheels package alone would set you back $700 on this bike, it is uses no compromise fat bike components all the way around. 
This Fat Tire Bike with a BBSHD  is a powerful bike with a 13.5ah battery in the triangle is what ebike dreams are made of.

For a full review of the Ludicrous KHS 3000 2017 fatbike check out this independant review on

Why buy from Luna a New Ebike Company You Haven’t Heard Of?

Read our recent Ebike Mission Statement
Google Luna Cycle Ebike
Read this warning about buying ebikes (do not get punked)
Read this recent Ebike School Article about Luna Cycle.

How We Beat Most of the Competition



  • Fairly priced
  • We are Ebike fanatics and experts
  • State of the art mid drive motor
  • Panasonic GA Battery - cutting edge tech
  • Tell you the watt hours 700
  • Based on Brand name bicycles (KHS)
  • Quality bicycle components
  • Full color display Luna Designed Interface
  • Programmable interface allows you to really dial in the power.


  • overpriced
  • Ebike profiteers
  • Heavy hub rear motor (cheap to buy)
  • Crappier cells, bad pack construction
  • Exaggerate range numbers
  • Cheap Chinese imported bike
  • Sketchy components
  • Really cheesy dash board if any at all
  • Not advanced enough to have any programming


Compare these Dream Features

Research these incredible features in this bike and you will not find  a better quality ebike at a better value.
Name brand top-shelf bike KHS
Powerful Mid drive
Panasonic GA 52v Battery with 700 watt hours
Full featured Color Display
Pedal assist and throttle features
Fully programmable through an interface.
Tons of small details that make Luna the Best.

Panasonic 52v GA 13.5ah Battery


The battery is the most vital of any ebike.  We use the best 18650 cells available (the Panasonic GA) which offer both amazing energy density and high performance.  We make our packs with quality BMS, cases and other cutting edge technology.  You can have confidence that when this bike is outfitted with a Luna Cycle battery you are getting the ultimate in reliable, safe, performance at an affordable price.  Our competitors sale a 48v of this pack for over $1000!  Look here for more Info on this pack.
Research ebike battery packs and you will see the Panasonic GA Shark is the best battery available today.
We use a quick change pack which allows you to extend your range by quickly swapping the pack. You can swap packs in about a minute.

Mounted Inside the Triangle - Perfect

Also this ebike has the battery mounted inside  the frame in the triangle where it belongs for the ultimate in balance and good looks. The battery in the triangle is the best solution for any ebike.  We don’t do the easy thing like other ebike companies and weld the battery case to a rear rack which is the worst place for the battery making your bike back heavy. (especially with a rear hub motor)
Also out packs are quick release for the ultimate in convenience. Double your range by buying a 2nd battery at a discount when you buy this bike.

Top of the Line Mid Drive Motor Set Up

mid drive.jpg

Luna is  offering this ebike in a BBSHD format, these drives are the most reliable and powerful drive systems available on the market today. Do your  own research to back that up.  They are also much more expensive for us to buy than a cheap hub motor.  But we are selling them for less money than cheap hub motor bikes typically sell for.
These mid drives are completely silent, efficient, and fun to ride. They have quality color display and both throttle and pedal assist.
Luna Cycles offers no hub motor bikes....but only mid drive bikes because we believe in offering only the cutting edge.  
You will not find this quality with any production bike at this price point anywhere.
Or you can save even more money by converting your own bike and buying one of our kits here. (read about the advantage of mid drive here)
LunaCycle realizes that not everyone is into building and is offering a turn key Fat Bike with a BBSHD drive (read about our most popular drive here). This is still another price break through for a quality bike with quality components.  We want to make awesome ebikes affordable for everyone.
Although we specialize in build your own kits, Luna can build your bike for you at a fraction of the price a store bought bike would cost you for this amazing performance.

Color Display / Control Center

color display.jpg

Like all the Luna Bikes  this bike comes with the DPC-14 a  full color display which gives you valuable insight such as battery life, speed, and miles traveled.  It automatically changes to dark mode when the sun goes down so you ride in “stealth” mode.  There are very few production  bikes under $5,000 with this quality of display


21 Piece Luna Toolkit


Because we feel every rider should have the capacity to wrench, we are including a free luna kit which is all tools we either made or hand selected to be perfect companion to one of our mid drive bikes.

This will help you because our high performance mid drive bikes will need  occasional adjustments, This kit along with our video guides will give you the tools you need.


Frame Sizing

Please don't stress about about frame size the way you do when you buy a pedal bike, it’s not as important.

With electric bikes it is not important to get the right frame sizing, since you are not reliant on efficient human power for propulsion, you won’t notice much of a difference since the motor is doing the lion's share of the work.. We actually recommend going with  a smaller size with an ebike than you would get for a pedal bike, because smaller sizes are better for keeping the weight and center of balance low, and are easier to get on and off of (since ebikes are heavier they are more awkward to tilt to swing your leg over)... You can always raise your seat or raise your handlebars….but keep the center of balance low and get a smaller sized bike if you can.


Included With This Ebike (with links to each item for more info):

KHS 4 Season Fat Bike (see complete list of specs here)
Powerful mid drive (BBSHD)
DPC-14 full color Dashboard
48v Panasonic Battery 13.5ah 650 watt hours
Luna Mighty Mini Chainring
Luna Mini Advanced Charger
Please allow two weeks for  shipping since each bike is built to order ($50 rush shipping option)

Please note this bike is programmed for 750 watts for street use.

Optional upgrades:


Bike Specs

Frame Alloy 6061 w/Custom Formed TT, w/Replaceable Derailleur Hanger, 12X190, 1.5 Taper H/T
Rear Shock n/a
Fork Alloy Straight Blade, 15Q
Headset FSA Orbit 1.5E ZS, 1-1/8”~1.5”, Alloy Cap
Rims Alloy, 100mm Triangle Holes, 26x32H
Hubs (F/R) Alloy Disc, Forged, S/B, FT:15x150mm, RR: Cassette, 12x197mm
Tires Vee Tire Snow Shoe XL, 26X4.8, 120 TPI, Folding
Spokes 14G Black, 32x32, W/Alloy Nipples
Derailleur, Front Sram X7, Direct Mount
Derailleur, Rear Sram X9 Type 2
Shifters Sram X7 Trigger
Chain Sram PC-1031
Cassette Sram PG-1030, 11-36T, 10-speed
Pedals N/A
Seatpost KHS Alloy Micro-adjust, 31.6x350mm
Saddle WTB Volt Comp
Handlebar Kore XCD-Flat Top, 31.8, 4.8x710mm
Stem Kore XCD, Alloy 3D Forged, Threadless 4-bolt, 31.8, S-M: 80mm, L: 90mm, XL: 100m
Handlebar Grips Q2 Lock-on
Brake Levers Hayes Prime Sport
Brakes Hayes Prime Sport, Hydraulic Disc, 180/160mm Rotors
Color Matte Black

Warranty Options

We are an ecommerce company and ship this bike to you wherever you are at. We charge minimal markup because we do not offer face to face support.  Most of our sales are to enthusiasts and to builders who know what they want and don’t need a lot of assistance from their dealer. You can use our forums and knowledgebase to find the answer to almost any support question you have.

If you expect your bicycle to be flawless and never need adjustment or maintenance, we recommend that you buy your ebike from a local brick and mortar ebike store if you have one near you, especially if you want person to person support when it comes to adjustments and maintenance of your ebike.  We do not offer this level of support.

Bikes are large and expensive to ship, and once you ride it it is used, and we do not offer any returns on your bike unless it is dead on arrival.

For 30  days after you get the bike we will replace any parts that are defective.
These are just bicycles and are easy to maintain and to work on…. And we really encourage you to learn basic bicycle maintenance or get a relationship with a local bike shop.

The Drive system and battery we will cover for 90 days for part replacement.  

Extended warranties are available for 6 months and 1 year and 2 year  for an added cost. Warranty covers any parts that are defective we will send to you with instructions how to install.

Since our drive systems are modular every repair is easy with the right part in hand.

That being said this a high quality bike with a high quality component system and should be as solid as any ebike. However you will be required to do routine adjustments and maintenance on your own.

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1 Review

Jesse Lawson Jan 31st 2017

Everything I wanted and More

This is my first purchase in the Ebike world. I did not feel comfortable building my own for the first time and wanted a quality factory fat ebike. After searching for days and days I finally found Luna Cycle and was very impressed with their knowledge and data base. Luna was always quick to respond and answer all my "newbie" questions. I chose this bike for its great reviews and above average components. I ordered the bike and had it in my hands within two weeks. The bike came very carefully wrapped and I was impressed with the care it received. Set up was a breeze, All I had to do was install the handlebars on the stem and pump up the tires. I am 6' 4" 250 lbs. I was very concerned that the 19" frame was going to be to small for me but as Luna's website stated, the smaller frame on this ebike is near perfect. With the seatpost up so high I did install a set of 3" rise handlebars for a more upright feeling. This did the trick and the bike feels great! I cannot say enough about the workmanship or performance on this bike. The motor and electronics install looked top notch and Luna's programming is perfect for me. I upgraded to the 52v 24AH battery pack and I am glad I did! This bike goes forever and that includes climbing some very steep hills in my area that I as a novice rider could not get up with a standard bike. You get what you pay for and while I think this bike was a "steal" for how nice it is. It was on the top of my budget. I am really glad I decided on the KHS 3000 built by Luna, It far exceeds my expectations.

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