Luna Cyclone 3D Cyclone Mounting System

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Custom made for the  cyclone 3000 kit

for 65-73mm BB sizes

Billet Aluminum Base mounts to the cyclone

Can fit a Luna ASI controller custom programmed for the cyclone 3000 inside mounts (please order the ASI  controller with this order if you want this)

Includes Beauty Plate with 3m Tape  so you can easily adhere to the ugly face of the cyclone




A replacement for the annoying flexible cyclone mounts that for years have haunted the otherwise wonderful Cyclone kit.

Stronger, better looking, and made from material that will not rust.

Right now the kit will only the 65-73mm bottom brackets...but we will be releasing a fat bike version soon. 

 These are designed to fit under the down tube as the standard cyclone mounts. 

 Made in El Segundo CA with love. 


The Options: 

3d bended stainless steel piece. This one is very strong and is made from thinner  stainless steel to be more lightweight. It is an elegant solution.

2d stainless steel plates are more traditional and are more versatile for mounting.  They are made from thicker steel than the 3d piece. 



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Ken stockinger Jan 19th 2018

New cyclone mount

This new mount makes the cyclone 3000 solid ! I had the old out and new in in under an hour I even got to remove a few extra spacers I needed with the old mount . Super solid thanks Luna ! Ken

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