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How we would do it.

Over the past 2 years, we have built a successful following of one of the most ground-breaking eBike products on the market, the Sur Ron.  In that time, we’ve always had a “wish list” of things we wanted to see improved, and now, we’re making this wish list a reality.  This is the original Sur rodded to the gills by Luna ... we present you a special edition hot rod Sur Ron...only 20 of these will be offered to existing Luna bike customers  and Luna VIPs only. 


First and foremost we think the Sur Ron is an excellent bike, but not enough power for many seasoned riders….We took the same approach to the Sur Ron as we have other eBike products in the past, and doubled the amps to a whopping 120 peak amps…This required more than a simple controller mod, so we also modified the Sur Ron battery to sustain this power reliably.  Smooth…fast…reliable. And it can wheelie on demand...those that want to wheelie this bike will not disappoint you. 

Super Motor Format

We chose to outfit the bike “as shipped” with Super-Moto tires because they are best suited for a high powered bike for race track use or pit bike use, while also still being second to none for gravel riding, trail riding, whatever…We at Luna like our powerful bikes lean and mean and prefer the silence and confidence of the Super-Moto tires over the stock knobby tires. 

Belt Drive

In our pursuit of making the leanest, stealthiest version of the Sur Ron we decided to ditch the chain drive, and install a custom belt drive kit.  We custom made our own sprockets and teamed up with Gates to provide a carbon belt that is strong and reliable…why? It results in a SIGNIFICANT noise reduction for the Sur Ron.  In fact, the Luna R with Super-Moto tires and belt drive is over 80 percent quieter than a standard Sur Ron!

Custom California Saddle (not a seat)

One thing we all can agree on…the stock seat sucks!  We had a custom seat hand-made by James Renazco in Santa Rosa, California, from high grade suede and carbon vinyl with red accent stitching.  Made in the USA, incredible improvement in comfort and style from the stock seat.

Rear Lights For the Haters

We always wanted a functioning brake light with turn signals, so we made it happen.  We took the baddest ass rear tail lights we could find and then cut a custom CNC mount with our in-house machines.  Brake lights function upon brake actuation, and turn signals are controlled by an all-new bar-mounted switch setup. The “afterburner” style lights truly bring the rear-end of this bike together, which is important because that is mostly what other riders will see.

Pinstriped Red on Black

We pinstriped the entire bike by hand at pinstripe stickers.  We utilized 3M Dinoc carbon fiber wrap, which looks indistinguishable from real carbon, to accent the battery pack in all the right places.  Expensive custom cut stickers where we needed them. 

Extra Set of Shoes

In case you decide to take your Luna R to the dirt you can swap on the included stock dirt tires… and you won't have to switch brake calipers or any major components because you will get a complete set of dirt tires, rims, and brake rotors fully built and ready to install. Only component needing swapped is the custom sprocket on the belt which is 5 bolts. Overall changing the wheels is 15 minute swap…30 minute swap if you are a girl (just kidding).

Limited Edition

We will be limiting the production of the Luna R to only 20 units.  These 20 units will be numbered with a custom engraved name plate created on Luna’s MOPA laser.  After we sell these 20 bikes they are GONE and we won’t make any more!  

Luna VIP Club

Once you own this bike you automatically become a Luna VIP, which will include a special email address contact only provided to VIPs for your needs and requests. 

Things Included Over Stock Sur Ron
  • Ludicrous 120- amp controller
  • Modified 65v 31ah battery 150 amp max
  • Luna Cycle custom belt drive with gates carbon belt
  • Renazco Racing Custom suede Saddle
  • Super-motor Tires
  • Extra set of stock dirt wheel/tires (fully built)
  • Custom rear light with brake light and turn signals
  • Luna stainless steel Bash Guard
  • Custom pin striping with battery graphic
  • Custom front Stainless Steel race number plate
  • Serialized custom Luna R of 20

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