60-Tooth Sur-Ron Sprocket

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Custom-designed to give more torque to the Sur Ron X Ebike

60-tooth sprocket will give you incredible low gearing 

Made in-house in USA from 304 Stainless Steel for lighter weight and durability. 

Mechanically tested in CAD by a mechanical engineer to ensure strength and durability

 Mechanical strength testing of custom Luna Cycle 60-tooth sprocket in CAD


We designed this sprocket to replace the 42-tooth stock sprocket that comes with our Super Motor conversion kit.  It gives you a significant amount more torque and less top speed.  With this sprocket your bike will have a top speed of 28 mph which is within legal limits of most states for an electric scooter  although we still do not recommend or condone riding the Sur Ron on public roads. The 60-tooth sprocket will give you incredible torque and wheeling power way beyond what the stock Sur-Ron has. 

The 60-Tooth sprocket includes standard Motorcycle 420 Chain compatible with the Sur-Ron MX, if you have an X Version you will need to add additional chain found here