Luna Ludicrous XX

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How we would do it.

Over the past 2 years, we have built a successful following of one of the most ground-breaking eBike products on the market, the Sur Ron.  In that time, we’ve always had a “wish list” of things we wanted to see improved, and now, we’re making this wish list a reality.  This is the original Sur rodded to the gills by Luna ... we present you a special edition hot rod Sur Ron...only 20 of these will be offered to existing Luna bike customers  and Luna VIPs only. 


First and foremost we think the Sur Ron is an excellent bike, but not enough power for many seasoned riders….We took the same approach to the Sur Ron as we have other eBike products in the past, and doubled the amps to a whopping 150 peak amps…This required more than a simple controller mod, so we also modified the Sur Ron battery to sustain this power reliably.  Smooth…fast…reliable. And it can wheelie on demand...those that want to wheelie this bike will not disappoint you. 

In this edition we retain the X Controller so the bike still retains its smooth FOV sine wave qualities...and as an added bonus...double the level of stock regen!!!

Limited Edition

We will be limiting the production of the Luna XX to only 100 units.  After we sell these 100 bikes they are GONE and we won’t make any more!  

Luna VIP Club

Once you own this bike you automatically become a Luna VIP, which will include a special email address contact only provided to VIPs for your needs and requests. 

Things Included Over Stock Sur Ron
  • Ludicrous 150-amp controller
  • Modified 60v 31ah battery 150 amp max
  • Custom front Stainless Steel race number plate