M600 LUNA Full Color Display 860c With Removable Selector


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  • This model is compatible with the m600 drive only.  This will NOT WORK with BBSHD or BBS02 products.  
  • Luna is excited to announce a sequel to the popular full color vertical display, the new 860c
  • Reads accurately up to 60v (while most Bafang stock displays don't)
  • Giant LCD for easy to read data
  • NEW removable selector (for those with slightly different handlebars that may need extensions)
  • NEW USB-A Out for charging phones and other devices 
  • Automatic Backlight
  • Trip Odometer, Riding Time, and Current Time
  • Uses universal error codes commonly found on the Bafang Displays
  • Ships with screen protector on for protection!

While most of our recent Luna displays have been more focused on a horizontal footprint, we decided it would be good to bring back a new feature-filled vertical LCD display that includes a USB-A out for charging (5v out).  With a plethora of customizable features (such as watts or amps for your power gauge), the new 860c is a great choice for a choice in your new HUD unit for your ebike.  



While larger than our previous display (the 500c found here), we believe that having a USB charge out and an extendable selector for bigger size is not a terrible sacrifice and helps encompass displays for all types of ebikes (here's looking at you choppers and recumbents), and with a slightly smaller footprint than our other horizontal display (the 750c found here), the 860c will make a great upgrade or perfect choice for your next custom build.  



We especially love that you can now extend your selector (a feature not found on any other display!), easily with a display extension cable (found here).  We too were sick of awkward mounting of your control panel that makes it a bit of a pain to do any adjusting when riding, but with a plug and play extension option you can really fine tune your riding experience by placing your control panel in the easiest place to reach. 

The display can be set for 24 to 52v battery and also includes a nice colorful touch in all of the gauges that presents the data very easily in a way to process quickly.

Also the volt display is accurate in voltages over 55 which none of the stock Bafang displays have the ability to do. Please note this is for the voltage display only, not the gauge which can display for only up to 48v nominal. Click here for a handy reference chart to see how voltage relates to state of charge for 52v nominal packs. We recommend printing this out and keeping it on hand first few rides until you have memorized what voltage equals charge percentage for 52v batteries.

Support notes:

If the display does not power up, please click this link

2 Reviews

Tom Bergman Jun 3rd 2020

Works great on my FLX F4 Trail

I have an FLX F4 Trail with the M600 motor. I was never satisfied with the DPC240 display. Small, hard to read, incompatible with polarized sunglasses etc. I ordered and received the DPC860 display for the M600 from Lunacycle.
First off, I didn't gain any performance. Speed limit still the same, can't change wheel size etc. It doesn't unlock the restrictions programmed into the motor controller.
If you watch the video at the Lunacycle site, it's actually a slightly older model they're showing.
All in all, it works great. Simple plug and play and has the triangular connector of the M600.

Here are some of the interesting features.
1) Much more readable display. Viewable with polarized sunglasses. Bright enough for full sun.
2) Ability to set the number of assist levels to 9. While this works, it's not an earth shattering difference. I'm uncertain if the level 1 is the same across this and the original but you definitely gain some granularity compared to the 5 levels I originally had.
3) There are two brightness settings. One for daylight, one for lights on. Lights are turned on/off by holding down the + key for a few seconds.
4) There is much more information on the display.
5) Has Eco/Sport mode setting. Differences are not obvious but I haven't spent enough time with it to be certain.
6) Much easier to reset the trip ODO, time etc. Just hold the + and - keys down for a second or so.
7) It has a clock.
8) Power indicator can show Amps or Watts.
9) Battery indicator can show volts or percentage
10) Can set a turn on password. Haven't used this.
11) Has a "Boost" setting. No idea what this does. Does anyone know?
12) Walk mode is the same as in the original. You press minus until at assist level 0, then one more time. An icon shows up indicating walk mode and then holding the - key walks.
13) There's an icon on the screen showing when the lights are on.

When going through the menus, there are still locked items. One of these is the battery voltage selector. My battery is 48V. This appears to be set to 52V in the menus. Fortunately, this does not seem to be having any effect as state of charge percentage is still correct for a 48V battery. It must understand this from the controller.

I'm very pleased with this product. A great addition to my bike.

Joel M. Bach May 26th 2020

Great upgrade for my X-1

I love my X-1, but not the stick display. The biggest problem is you can't read it if wearing polarized sunglasses. It's also a bit small for my aging eyes. This brew display solves both issues. It's much bigger, but also provides a lot more info and is easier to read while riding. I also don't have to but new sunglasses.

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