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Storm Hot Rod 20 amp Controller 36-52v

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Product Description

Note: This controller needs to be used with our display to show speed, motor power, and remaining battery capacity.  May not be compatible with latest sondors bikes.  Check to see if your throttle has an on/off switch, if it does not it may not be compatible

  • BONUS: Purchase this with a Sondors Upgraded LCD Screen for only $100.00 (here)
  • NEW: has mounting bracket so screws in place of old controller
  • Plug and play performance boost of Stock Sondors ebike
  • Sondors compatible connectors
  • 20amps max
  • Increases wattage by 30 percent
  • Get up to  700 watts with fully charged stock 36 volt battery
  • Get 1000 watts with a 52 volt battery
  • Significantly improve your performance with a 15 minute upgrade
  • Handles a maximum of 60v so you can use 52 volt batteries (read our story on 52 volt performance)
  • 3-3/4 x 2-3/8 x 1-3/8"


Increase your stock wattage 20 percent without changing anything but this controller.  Ride the Sondors the way it was meant to be ridden. 

It has all the connectors of the original Sondors controller including the optional display connector.

We are also offering the LCD display with this controller for a special package price of $100.

Please note you probably have to have our LCD display for this controller to work. Earlier models of Sondors displays might work but we cannot guarantee it.  

We recommend everyone who buys this controller also buys our dash or has another equivalent dash verified to work with it.


Phase 1 upgrade - Change controller and add display - get a maxmimum of 700 watts with fully charged battery... Keep the stock battery and run at 36 volts

Phase 2 upgrade - Invest in a Luna 48 volt battery and now you're pumping 900 watts

Phase 3 upgrade - Change to a Luna 52 volt battery and now you get the maximum this controller can handle which is 1000 watts


We do not recommend you go beyond 1000 watts on the Sondors bike because it  will become unreliable  with the stock motor and you can possibly damage your motor if you get it too hot. 

We feel 1000 watts is a sweet spot with this wonderful bike. 


Sondors THIN compatibility

Yes, it is compatible. However it is not a plug-and-play replacement like on the fat bike version, because they changed the wires on the battery. So you would need to add bullet connectors onto your battery, or change the connectors on both sides and put something like an XT-90 on the controller.

If you look at the pictures above you can see that on the controller it has a single red wire and a single black wire, these are the connections to the battery. The connectors that are on them are called bullet connectors. Last we checked the fat version has bullet connectors on its battery, so this would be plug and play unless they changed it in the latest version. The thin bike does not use bullet connectors, it uses an XT 90.

This is what the controller looks like when added to the thin.

You see an XT 90 coming off of the battery and in this instance the individual put a matching XT 90 on the controller where the bullet connectors were. It looks like he did that with crimping but he could've also just as easily done it with soldering or even just taking some wire nuts from Home Depot and putting them together and then covering the whole thing in a bunch of electrical tape. If you do it like that you would probably want to put a little dielectric grease in there too.
This shows how to crimp, it's pretty straightforward. You need a crimper, butt splice (there are crimping kits with varying size butt splices available), heat shrink and XT90. We sell the heat shrink and the XT90 connector that you would crimp on to it if you want to.


Latest Sondors Original Compatibility

On latest sondors models where it is compatible it may be necessary to mount the controller outside of the battery box since the battery box has been slightly changed in such a way that only a thin shaped controller can now fit.  Please make sure you are okay with that before placing the order for the controller.

Product Reviews

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  1. Product is good web pricing and service mediocre

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 7th 2017

    Product works as needed. Web price indicated $55.95 although at check out somehow switched to $59.95. Per web site I could've purchased the 25amp controller. Once I contacted Luna they stated the web site price was incorrect and would be changed

  2. Such a worthy purchase with the new screen :-D

    Posted by Patryk K Braganza-Gallagher on Aug 4th 2017

    Definitely awesome upgrade. Switched it out today and you can feel the power difference immediately :-D

  3. Plug and Play Performance

    Posted by Rick Denison on Jan 6th 2017

    I installed the controller along with the LED screen and everything was a great fit with all the required hardware. The 1-5 assistance is a nice feature for new riders wanting to make all trails a bit easier. Both the controller and the LED Screen are quality products.

  4. Must Have Upgrade

    Posted by Bob Katayama on Aug 31st 2016

    Bike is now very stable at low speeds.
    Reaches top speed so much faster.
    Previous cruising speed was 27 - 30 km/h and now I get 30 - 33 km/h.
    The LCD now show top wattage of 550 - 600 instead of 400 460 watts.
    Has the added torque which really helps when passing.
    Make sure you have a long Allen key or screw driver since the tops bolts only get 1/3 of a turn each time due to the case getting in the way using a standard Allen key.
    The upgrade sure adds a nice kick in the pants when going full out from a standing start.

  5. Great customer service!

    Posted by Patrick on Jun 30th 2016

    I have not installed it yet (waiting for my Sondors thin to arrive), but price was the best, shipping fast, and customer service top-notch ( had a question regarding compatibility with Sondors LCD unit- Gary responded quickly and confirmed it was and gave me a good tip on install). Thanks Gary!

  6. More power for little money

    Posted by Steve Doty on May 30th 2016

    This was the 2nd upgrade after testing the lcd first the install took maybe 10 minutes fool proof wiring 2 screw mounting tabs instead of 4 but still held in place securely in same location 1st ride notice motor was a little quieter had way more torque uphills even with 36 volt battery hit 23 mph on flat also at 36 volt Nice product

  7. Makes it even better and easy to install

    Posted by Drew on Apr 24th 2016

    The next step in improving top speed and enjoying the sondors even more. Everything is color coded and easy to swap

  8. Great Upgrade

    Posted by Daevid Hernandez on Apr 19th 2016

    Wow! wish I would have done this a long time ago. For the price and upgrade its a bargain
    My Sonders runs quieter ,faster,more torque.I Highly recommend getting this ,much needed like LCD Display.Thanks LUNA!!!!!!

  9. Fantstic , quick, simple upgrade!

    Posted by Justin on Mar 28th 2016

    Instant bolt on upgrade! Fantastic addition to my bike! Thank you Luna!

  10. Plug-N-Play Power

    Posted by Paul on Mar 25th 2016

    I purchased this controller for my Sondors and it couldn't have been any easier to install. I also purchased the LCD display for it and that installed easily too. This new version of the controller includes a mounting tab that was not in previous versions. It makes it really easy to install. The controller removes that 19 mph limiter that is in the stock Sondors controller and the display allows you to easily adjust the pedal assist. Well worth the money and works as advertised! Now for the 52v battery upgrade... :-)

  11. Best upgrade ever..A MUST HAVE

    Posted by Jon Jones on Mar 19th 2016

    I purchased this controller with the LCD display and the results are "night and day". The performance is outstanding. Good News it comes with the mounting tab on the wired end and using two of the original mounting screws its rock solid and sits in the same spot as the original controller. All of the wires are color coded perfect (there is an orange connection which is not used I don't know its purpose but was not needed.) Don't buy this without the LCD display you are missing too much.....Get them both the PAS is outstanding and the bike runs smoother and quieter.

  12. Not as good as I expected

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 16th 2016

    Maybe this unit is defective? I really didn't see or feel much change. My daughter said it felt a little faster. I have the Sonders LCD and using a Luna battery. The Sonders battery started smoking on the charger. They said they will replace it.
    I like the suggestion of double sided tape and velcro for attachment.


    Posted by Unknown on Mar 6th 2016

    Combined with the LCD Screen (see review) this is a must do for your Sondors. Hurry up Luna and get some more, I have another bike that needs this upgrade.

    Don't wait, change out your charge controller and LCD screen now; it's like getting a new bike.

    I live in Canada about 20 miles from the Boarder so it is easy for me to pop across and avoid those nasty FEDEX/UPS "duties and taxes estimates"

  14. Nice.

    Posted by Vinat Kettavong on Feb 26th 2016

    First ebike and first upgrade. From 450 watts to 650 watts to the motor. The battery drains faster but you get to wherever you're going quicker. No mounting tabs but I just slapped on some velcro. Works perfect and definitely noticed increase in pickup and power.

  15. Worth the upgrade!

    Posted by Erik on Feb 3rd 2016

    This is definitely worth the upgrade. It is about same size as stock controller but doesn't have the built in mounts. I just used 2 strips of 3M double sided mounting tape and put in in the same spot. Took 15 minutes to install and the color-coded wires connected easily and quickly.

    Noticed power difference right away, even with stock 36v battery. I mainly upgraded to add the KT3 LCD which is also a recommended and worthy upgrade. Adds 5 levels of assist and unlocks 20mph speed limiter.

    Luna shipping and support was fast and excellent. Thanks

  16. installed on sonders ebike with LCD display and stock battery

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 5th 2016

    Shipping time from Lunacycle was fast enough (Thank you) and the price is reasonable.

    The Installation took about 45 minutes to remove stock controller, sort out and identify existing cables and routing, and install new controller. After removing the battery, I had to remove the battery cage also to be able to access the cables. The stock cables connectors would not pull free from behind the cage.

    The new controller did not come with any type of mounting bracket. It does not screw back into the stock controller mounting holes. I used Heavy Duty peel and stick Velcro to hold the new controller in place. A glue gun with High temp glue might work also.
    I think the 25 cent velcro pad should be included in the purchase.

    Although the cables are color coded and Plug and play, There were not any installation instructions or mounting instructions included in the package. Ummm.. 2 red connectors of different length cables?? I had to follow cables to figure out if it made a difference in which was which. The Red ones go to the hand brakes. Left or right side doesn't matter. Just red to reds.

    With a fresh charge on the battery, The sondors bike now has a slight increase in overall speed of 22 mph on flat pavement. I was only able to achieve 18 mph before. and a noticeable increase of speed going an uphill grade.
    The motor does run quieter as well.

    I happily give this item a 5 star rating for being as described in the seller's description.
    It does improve the Sonders performance at an affordable price.