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52v Panasonic 11.5ah or 13.5ah Shark Pack

$30.00 (Fixed shipping cost)
This product is available for pre-order only

Product Description

Australia and New Zealand customers check out the Aussie Luna site for this product

Read review of the (NCRb Shark pack HERE). 

Read their review of the (GA Shark pack here)

  • Slimmer than  dolphin for smaller frames
  • Our lowest profile pack
  • Pick a custom vinyl skin to add color to your Shark
  • Key lock releases pack from bike
  • Led light battery meter
  • 11.5 or 13.5ah depending on cells you pick
  • Up to 702-watt hours means incredible range in small package  (read article on watt hours)
  • 14s4p = 56 Genuine  name brand grade a Panasonic 18650 cells (see breakdown on 18650 cells)
  • 30amp continuous  BMS
  • Life Span: 400-1000 charges
  • 14.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 " (See pictures for detailed dimensions)


This is a 52v battery designed to squeeze more power out of your stock 48 volt system without damaging your  48v controller or motor. To get more information read our article on 52 volt batteries. 

Not only does the 52v battery give you more power, it also gives you more range than a comparable amp hour 48 volt battery.  (read our story on calculating range) With the Panasonic NCR B cells you would have an amazing 700 watt hours, enough to get you up to 50 miles on a low power kit like the BBS02. 

One draw back to the  52v pack is it will not give you an accurate battery reading on kit dash displays made for  48v.  So consider an amp hour guage like the Cycle Analyst or Battman. 

We took the best name brand cells on the market for energy density and stuffed them into this little case to pack incredible range and still keep your ebike lightweight and stealth looking. 

This new slim case is one of the newest ebike cases to hit the market. It  is designed to be as small as possible to fit inside the triangle of most bikes where the water bottle goes  and give a more stealthy look.   You can also mount it in any other place of your choice and it would even make a great backpack battery. This is the same pack loaded with panasonic cells (same cell that Tesla uses)

Ultimate Long Range in a very small size

We designed these packs using a common ebike case, but filled them with quality name brand 18650 cells utilizing the latest battery chemistry to get the highest possible power density. This means despite these packs small size and light weight, they will get you tons and tons of range. These packs have more amp hours than any commercial ebike, who skimp and use generic cells which are known for being low power density and short battery life.  In fact we so disbelieve in generic cells, we are not even offering them as an option. We only offer quality cells in our packs not cheap no name cells like almost everyone else does.

Smart Battery

Luna Cycles builds its packs with the finest BMS (battery management system) available so that you can plug in your battery and not worry about over charging. Your cells are automatically balanced by the internal bms in the battery. Our Bms includes such features as temperature over heat  protection and advanced cell balancing. These features not only get the maximum performance out of your bms they also keep your battery from getting to low, charging too high, or getting too hot and will automatically shut off your pack if it senses something is wrong.

Cell Choice

This pack is crammed full of the highest quality cells in the industry. 52 cells in a 14s4p configuration. That means 4 rows of  14 to give you the voltage and amp hour you need. Depending on the cell you choose you will have 11.6 or 13.5ah which means the amount of range you will get.

Here are your cell choices:

Panasonic GA - 3500mah This cell is the latest innovation, and probably the highest quality 18650 cell on the market. It offers both energy density and high amperage performance...

Panasonic  NCR B 3400 - 3400mah is one of  the highest energy density available in an 18650 cell a However this is not a cell known for high power. So if you are planning to climb mountains or do a lot of off roading at full power we recommend the Panasonic PF Cell instead.  The NCR B will get hot if pushed too hard...and even though the battery has a built in high temperature cut off, getting your pack hot too often will reduce the lifespan of your battery.

Panasonic PF - This cell is an excellent choice if you are running a 30amp or higher controller. IT offers both high performance and descent energy density. It is a 3000mah cell.


Regarding Amps: These packs will easily put out 30amps (1500 watts) and even more for short bursts.

More than likely your controller is less than 30amps and then you don't have to worry since your controller will only take the amps  from the battery what it needs. You cannot fry a controller by selecting a high performance  battery with too many amps. Voltage however, you need to be careful with.

Regarding voltage: This is a 14s (52 volt) battery, which means it should be easily compatible with any 48v kit or ebike on the market no matter what the manufacturer might say (they would prefer that you pay more and buy only their batteries).



Most people mount this battery to the downtube of their frame (where the water bottle usually goes) but it’s very versatile where it can be mounted. Because it is so lightweight (7.5  pounds) it can also be used in a backpack.


This is a very easy to mount battery. It has a mounting bracket that will mount to most water bottle screw holes in the frame. If not you can drill threaded holes into your frame to accommodate it. Or you can use zip-ties etc.  Once the bracket is installed it's a breeze to take the battery on and off. So you can have extra batteries that you carry on your ride that would easily fit in a backpack or on the racks on your bike.


For an independent review of this pack check out (this article) where Karl from calls our shark  the  'finest pack he has ever owned'.

Installation and documentation

Luna Hardcase Battery FAQ


Support notes


If ordering a battery to overseas European address it must go via ocean freight as described on the shipping info page.  Battery shipping quote may not accurately reflect shipping cost needed for overseas orders, if possible use shipping option "select this if order includes battery". In any case Support will contact if additional funds are needed.


(see questions and answers tab for miscellaneous info)




1. My battery pack stopped charging, what should I do?
2. My battery is reading (any #) volts, how much life is left before I need to recharge?
3. How can I increase my range without replacing my battery?
4. How long should i leave the pack plugged in?
5.How do i know when it is fully charged?
6.Are there things I can do to best care for the battery and prolong its life?
7. Why does my charger have a different voltage than the battery listed on the label?



1. Often if this happens it is due to the anti-spark feature built into the BMS. Say you did not properly make a connection somewhere and the wires sparked, the BMS would shut itself down to prevent damage to the system. If this happens the first thing you always want to do is to try resetting the BMS by using your charger to try charging through the discharge connector for a few seconds, maybe a minute. You just run a jumper (basically regular wires) from the charger's connector to the battery's discharge contact, making sure you go positive>positive and negative>negative. At Luna we call this jump starting it, instructions can be found here:  /jumping-your-lu...-battery-pack

2. This is a 52v nominal pack. As seen in the chart below this pack is full at ~58V and empty at ~45V. For long battery life try to keep voltage at least between 56.7-46.3V (A charge percentage of between 90%-10%)

3. Here is an article that offers some good advise for increasing range. You can find it here

4. Well you should leave it plugged in until it is charged or maybe a little bit before it is fully charged, optimally you want it to be within a range of voltage/charge percentage equaling something like 80 to 90%, perhaps a bit lower if storing for a long time such as over the winter. This will optimize it for the longest amount of cycle life. You can still charge to 100% right before a ride though as this does not negatively affect the cells much, it is more about not leaving the cell at 100% for a long period of time than about never letting it reach that charge level.

5. If your battery has a voltage display on it then you can tell that is fully charged based on the voltage readout, we have charts on every listing for each type of battery pack showing what voltage equals what the charge percentage. You can also test the voltage with a multimeter directly from the discharge connector.

6. You can best care for the battery by not running it all the way down to zero, for the best care of it you really want to keep it above 20%. This is where having a large capacity battery is great because you will not be putting it through such a high depth of discharge, thus increasing its cycle life. Another way of caring for the battery is to make sure you use the right type of cell for your application, and if you are using a cell not designed for high amps, try not to pull too much amps from it. So if you are for example using an NCRB pack designed for range, if you want max cycle life maybe don't use it for a high performance application that would be better suited for a cell like GA or 30Q.

7. The voltage listed on your battery is just the nominal voltage, it actually goes higher and lower depending on the charge. The charger outputs at the highest voltage that the battery would reach when fully charged. See the chart on the listing for your particular battery and look at the 100% voltage level, that is about the voltage it should be charging at.


Product Reviews

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  1. Plastic case is too fragile / bad quality

    Posted by G on Oct 1st 2017

    The small plastic tabs that attach the case to the cradle broke one after the other, even thought I strapped the case to the frame using 2 very strong Scuba Diving Rubber Knife Straps. Keep in my mind that it is mounted on a city bike with front suspension (not a hardcore MTB). Luna's response to this issue was that I could buy a new battery pack. But in my view there is a design flaw, so the tabs would break again. I strongly suggest anyone to buy a different (stronger) battery back.

  2. Light weight and good power paired with a BBS02

    Posted by David Fairbairn on Jul 6th 2017

    The 52v Panasonic Shark 13.5ah GA battery pack seems to be a quality product with great specific energy and good specific power for the weight. It is an adequate pack for my 22 mile commute to work along the Coast Highway paired with a BBS02. With a full charge the pack provides excellent performance but this falls off noticeably during 55 minute commute using about 7 of the rated 13.5 ah. I find that some of the claims for power output are very optimistic as I have experienced a peak power output of 1238.9 Watts and 25.54 A (read from a WattsUp in series) while Luna says " These packs will easily put out 30amps (1500 watts) and even more for short bursts.".
    To qualify, my last E-Bike battery was an 18AH LiFePo4 weighing in at 18lbs and it would routinely provide >1500 Watts which gave me the ability to climb the final 1.5 miles of>6% grade at 25 MPH. The Shark pack from Luna does the same climb at 17 mph and feels like it is working although the pack is not hot to the touch after this effort.
    All in all this is a good pack for commuting but I would consider something of higher output to use with a BBSHD or BBS02 for peak performance.

  3. Not Fort Knox but nice within its limits

    Posted by Colin on Feb 7th 2017

    No surprises regarding range. My wattmeter showed the pack could output 1400W into a BBS02 (GA cell unit). I haven't done scientific tests but have no reason to suspect counterfeit cells. Value was enough to save me from trying to replicate it.

    Pack is pretty sleek. I think these guys may have popularized squeezing 14S4P in the container instead of the typical 13S4P.

    I put it on my seat tube rather than downtube for increased stealth factor since it's more likely to be obscured by my legs. I also put in a rivnut on bike frame to achieve a 3rd mounting point.

    I suspected this pack could be dislodge from the bike with one good kick. My fears were realized when it popped out while loading the bike into the bed of my truck. The tabs on the case are thin and brittle. The mount plate appears more robust. At this point only one tab remains on my pack. I use strapping to hold the battery in place but I lose power at inopportune times in response to pavement bumps. I'll probably transplant the innards to a new case if I can find one.

    These guys seem to like innovating. I'd like to see a battery that can display actual voltage and also state of cell voltage balance or communicate it with Bluetooth or similar. I think there would also be a market for cells and BMS matched for greater than 30A.

  4. Awesome Replacement for your eBay Brick

    Posted by Brendon Bosy on Aug 22nd 2016

    I bought this shark pack (NCRb 52v chemistry version) a few months back to to replace my aging pack I bought off eBay a few years ago. I have it hooked up to a Golden Motor Smart Pie on a full suspension mountain bike I use mostly for city riding. Here's some of my feedback:

    1) Shark Case - The case is very durable and well built. This pack alleviates any works of busting up the cells if you drop it. It's also so nice to have a battery pack that people don't look at like its is a bomb
    2) Power delivery - I've heard people complain about the NCRb overheating, but I haven't noticed this at all even when heavy throttle use. I mostly do city commuting so I suppose I'm not pushing it like crazy, but I do cruise around town around 25-30 mph
    3) Weight - It's amazing how much lighter and compact this pack is compared to my old one. I've shed a good 3-4 lbs while not sacrificing the capacity
    4) Charger - I purchased the 3 amp standard charger. It's amazing how much lighter and quieter the fan on the charger is as well. I love how sleek the plug point is for the charger. No more ugly ghetto wires

    1) Power gauge - seems useless and doesn't work. Luckily I bought a voltometer so I don't really need it
    2) Mounting Cradle - The mounting cradle also seems a bit flimsy. It would be nice if they made the slide hooks out of metal rather than plastic. My full suspension frame has it's water bottle mounts on the underside, so I have to mount the shark upside down. I'd advise anyone mounting this pack upside down to use a safety strap or velcro to hold the pack in the event the mounts ever break
    3) Key Lock - With plastic mounts, it seems like the lock is basically useless. Since the mounts are made of plastic, someone could easily rip this battery off your frame if they really wanted to. I suppose plastic is how they keep the cost and weight down, but it definitely sacrifices strength and security. If you live in a high theft city like me, it's best to just dismount the battery and bring it with you for peace of mind

  5. Great Battery, recommended

    Posted by Blizzard on Jul 28th 2016

    I bought two of these batteries for a BBSHD on a fat bike. I have not ran them to empty yet, but am delighted that they will take our fat bikes on 20 mile pedal assist trips into town and back. Our bikes are built for torque, not speed, but we generally cruise along at 20 mph and have a large hill to climb at the end. The batteries do not get hot. Great performance. they seem light for the amount of power they hold. Here are my gripes:
    #1) mounting is not very flexible... there are 3 holes in the bottom of the battery for the 2 water bottle screws. IF it doesn't fit, you have to jury-rig it. Recommendation: make more holes in the base (for the bike water bottle spots) and even the sides (for zip ties or velcro straps). #2) Anderson power pole connectors? really? I bought XT90-S connectors and re-soldered which are much better (the S is anti-spark, which is nice, otherwise they spark every time you connect). #3) the rubber anti-water cap for the charger doesn't won't stay in place. #4) one of my batteries came without the connection hardware. I hope Luna will mail that to me. #5) I would like to see a higher-gauge wire coming out of it. All that, I would buy another one of these in a heartbeat!

  6. Don't know what to make of it.

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 28th 2016

    The power is there. BUT, after an initial test ride up hills I was wondering why the battery level still said 100%. I then changed the settings on the dpc-14 from USE to 48v and the battery level promptly went to low 90's. Then after another long ride, 20 miles, the battery level is still low 90's. Occsionally the power assist was totally cut out, even though I tried different levels, but the throttle power still worked. Today after a short run to Frosty Freez, less then 2 miles, the battery level goes to 65%. While charging it I looked over the battery case closely. There are no Panasonic stamps anywhere. Only one that says 'designed by Shansan'. Hm, that does not look like any Panasonic branded item I have ever seen. The assist level is also very strange, as it doesn't apply full power until the cadence is fully reached and then it gets stronger, instead of stronger before cadence is reached and then maintaining the effort level. The end effect is that with assist on, I always feel like I am pedaling air once cadence is reached. The power is there though, and 65% seems a reasonable reading.

  7. Packs a punch in a small form factor

    Posted by Chris on May 29th 2016

    I recently purchased the Shark Battery to replace a Dolphin pack on my Santa Cruz Nickel. I notice more power and range with the BBS02 . Very glad I made the change, and am very happy to have found Luna Cycles.

  8. Packs a punch, never gets hot.

    Posted by Jacob Smith on May 2nd 2016

    I am very happy with this battery pack. I have paired it with the BBSHD and it has enough juice to get me to and from work (4.5 miles each way 9 miles total) with a half battery to spare, which supprises me because the 4.5 miles back home is literally all uphill and about a 500ft climb.
    Takes me 10 minutes to get to work and 15 minutes to get home. - Its actually faster to get to and from work on my bike than my car.

  9. Solid power

    Posted by Christian Claborne on Mar 30th 2016

    I chose a 52V, 13.5A battery which the C965 display isn't calibrated for. I'm getting a bat man watt meter, which is really the only way to understand how much is in the tank. 700 wh is plenty to get me to work and home. I'm not sure it likes an extended max load but it hasn't complained.

  10. Game changer

    Posted by Ron Johnson on Mar 8th 2016

    I got the PF version. It gets about 20 miles out of a full pack if I'm pushing the throttle really hard with minimal pedaling and 25 miles with a moderate amount of pedaling and keeping speeds in the 25mph range. This makes it super practical for running around town instead of taking the car. In most cases, I get there damned nearly as quick as I would in traffic. It's never been hot to the touch. I feel very confident it will last a long time with only charging to 85%. It's likely I'll replace it with a new pack of new battery tech before this one starts to fade.

    At first I was confused about the mount because the unit is so sleek. But after messing with the keys, I realized that you just have to hold the base towards the trailing end while pulling off the pack. It mounts to standard water bottle mounts like other packs. Very sturdy and absolutely no issues after daily use. Probably a good idea to take the battery off the base to solder on the connector anyhow.

  11. Great pack

    Posted by G-man on Feb 17th 2016

    I've had this pack for one week, so I can't say how it will last long term. But for the week I've had it, I'm very pleased. My old pack is a 15 lbs lifepo4 battery, and this thing is waaaay lighter in comparison. This doesn't put out quite as much current as the lifepo4, but the small dimensions and light weight are well worth it. I mounted this on the main horizontal frame tube, and it fits just great. Really like that I can remove the battery in just a few seconds. I went for a ride last week and got 20 miles of distance with the 13.5ah battery, not too shabby! Note that my battery shipped with an XT-60 to barrel plug adapter standard, so you might not need to purchase one separately.

  12. Improvement over HobbyKing LiPo's

    Posted by eDavid on Feb 12th 2016

    I have been using HobbyKing Mult-Rotor 2p-6s LiPo packs because of their small size, light weight, high current and most importantly their low cost for several years. The Shark pack proved to be only two pounds heavier than my HK 48v 10 amp hour batteries/mounting (including BMS). In addition the Shark 52v PF 11.8 pack was easier/better to mount than HK batteries and PF cells provided adequate current for a Bafang mid-drive motor on single tracks and in snow. Bottom-line, for about $200.00 more than HK 48 10Ahr batteries, Shark packs have more voltage, 1.8 more amp hours, better packaging, better mounting and a lower fire risk. The price, quality and compact size of the new Luna Shark packs makes them no brainers compared to other battery packs currently available. FYI, the two +/_ connecting wires could be a larger, longer and have some internal strain relief... but that was an easy to fix.

  13. Excellent value

    Posted by Donny on Feb 9th 2016

    Eric is very responsive and providing a great bargain with this pack. If you do your research, you'll find that others are selling this same case with the same cells for more than twice the price! In fact, less of the same cells (52 instead of the 56 Eric crammed in here). Comparable packs can be bought from at least one reputable seller over seas, but shipping charges really cut into the value proposition and Luna's pack was a better deal than any I could find. The included charger has a metal case and appears very durable. I'm using the 11.5ah pack with a BBSHD kit and couldn't be happier. After my 15 mile commute under heavy use, the pack is slightly warm. Can't speak to durability/longevity as this is a new build.

  14. Strange battery with securing keys but no mounting option

    Posted by Gregory Bell on Jan 28th 2016

    Bought the new shark style battery thinking it was a better version of the dolphin battery but no its most certainly not!!
    Not only does it not have an on/off switch on the battery, but no way to mount on the bottle frame of the bike as unlike the dolphin battery that comes with a mounting bracket this one does not!! They do however supply 2 keys lol that are totally pointless!!
    So yes very disappointed