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Mini Cyclone Kit

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Product Description


  • For experienced builders only
  • Only use our 48 or 52v batteries with this cyclone
  • Compact size for sexy looking bike
  • 2000 watt system
  • Black anodized mounting brackets
  • Sleek looking motor
  • 7 to 1 gear reduction built into the end of the motor
  • 7 pounds
  • diameter is 88mm, total length is 170mm and length without shaft is about 138mm


We only recommend cyclone kits for experienced builders and people who have done their research and know what they are getting into. 

Get cyclone performance in a much smaller, lighter and cleaner looking motor. 

For weight wienies you gotta love the 7 pound weight with a 40 amp controller. 

40 amps is a lot for such a small motor, but it is built to take it. 

The Smaller motor makes for a clean install.

It makes an excellent platform for a custom install with custom mounting brackets. 

This includes the complete kit, everything you need to install on most bikes minus the battery and bicycle chain:

  • Motor
  • 40amp controller
  • Front Sprocket (48 and 46 tooth)
  • Left half twist throttle (with voltage meter)


The Luna-Tick Crank Set is only compatible with the ISIS BB if you follow this simple modification guide

Square taper crankarms are only compatible with square taper BB. And ISIS cranks are only compatible with ISIS BB. These are not interchangeable.

Currently the Luna tick freewheel is only compatible with the Luna crankset (and is included in the crankset) You can make it work with an adapter for the standard freewheel/crank options but this is not yet available.

Support notes:

If using bluetooth controller option it has a smartphone app to use phone as display. This app is on the controller listing. 40A version here ... 60A version here

If using one of the other controllers and you want a full featured display we recommend the Batt-man display for battery info.



Product Reviews

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  1. great compact size, prone to overheating

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 23rd 2017

    Bought the motor for a cruiser bike that I wanted to place the motor in the space between the rear tire and seat post. It was a perfect fit. Once I got it up and running the motor overheated within a mile of operation. This was my first build so I don't have anything to compare it to, but that being said I would think that overheating wouldn't be a real issue. Overall it was quick and my LUNA battery is awesome, the overheating is a downer but I'll just have to take it easy when I go out.
    As for the kit the battery shipped with a sparkles XT90 male connector, but no female end so I had to shop around to find a single female to make the controller connection, also the battery meter I bought with which is an inline connector has zero means of mounting capabilities so I didn't install it because I don't like the look of it just dangling off the side of the bike.

  2. 50 yrs old and still a kid

    Posted by mark rodriguez on Jan 28th 2017

    ok so here it goes. i bought this kit in dec of 2016 loved it small size with great antisapation of it's power. well i wasnt disapointed. first i put it on my specialized road bike and as the kit implies it is a DIY kit but with the help from the GREAT folks at luna and endless sphere it was very easy. I sotered the shunts in the controller to increase amps to 50 and bypassed the three speed switch locking the motor at top RPM. WOW what a little beast. With 52 volts and 50 amps to the motor i am now getting 2500 watts out of this little beast but now without some heat and yes even a shut down or two. Top speed is only 40 mph on my road bike . with the pannisonic ga 25ah battery i get 60 almost 70 miles on 1 charge. to keep heat down i keep the motor at top speed using the bikes cass. doing this i dont have overheat problems anymore. LOVE THIS LITTLE BEAST!!! But now its time to go bigger so Feb of 2017 its time for the 3000 watt on my fat bike. Thank you luna for making a 55 yr old man feel and live like a kid again. I then took it off my road bike and put it on my specialized fuse fat tire the bike is lighter but not faster it lost 8 mph but that is due to tire size air pressure. Now though i can climb a telephone pole OMG the torque is ungodly I love it. This motor has enough power to hurt you. but i think that is what makes it so much fun and yes i found that out the hard way with a nasty through down when i crack the throttle to show off and got a butt load of road rash. Has that changed anything HELLS NO. So back to the road bike for this mighty mouse and on with the 3000 watt for the fat bike. You have heard if it,s to good to be true it usally is well not this case ONE BAD MOTOR!!!!!! Can't wait to see what the big boy can do. Thanks again LUNA . You have a friend for life.