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Why buy an Ebike from Luna Cycle if you have not heard of us?
(Read our recent blog post first on the subject. )
We have a direct sale business model that saves you thousands in middle man fees. 
  • We are an industry leader in high performance ebike kits and ebike batteries.
  • We do not price gouge or rebrand our ebikes or ebike kits
  • We believe in educating our buyers not misleading them.
  • We build every bike to  order with love.
  • We use only the best ebike drive systems and batteries in our bike.
  • Read this (how not to get ripped off) when buying an ebike 

Please google "Luna Cycle" and do your own research.   

You will not find a better deal on a high-performance mid drive ebike anywhere.
We are a no nonsense ebike seller.