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Luna Alite Hard Tail

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Product Description


Our Luna Alite bike is a great affordable hard tail option with a front suspension a large triangle for large future battery.

This is all most people will need if your goal is just around town commuting and for light trail riding. 

It was designed with upright riding position, and solid geometry for road and off road terrain.  It has a quality suspension fork up front to smooth out the bumps.

This bike is a a great combination of utility, long range and power.  

28mph top speed.


Product Reviews

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  1. Great out of box experience!

    Posted by Martin R on Aug 5th 2017

    It was a big box too. The bicycle was carefully packed and only the handlebars and pedals had to be assembled. I had to do a quick web search for how to change from kilometers to miles and from there I was rolling. The fit and finish is great. I've only gone on a couple of shorter rides and looking forward to some longer ones soon. I was waffling on spending more money on an upgraded bike but this is a great starter electric bike for me.

    I am five steps from street level so the weight of the bike was a bit of a surprise but everything is built solid as a rock. I am used to riding an un-suspended aluminum mountain bike so any electric would probably weigh more. I'm not complaining - especially if I don't have to fix a wheel in my first year.

    Rock on Lunacycle!

  2. Great bike, great value

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 28th 2017

    Awesome bike
    This bikes climbs hills as if they were flats.
    Love the bike,
    Get bbshd upgrade and 52v battery
    great setup, great build

  3. Awesome bike. Awesome company.

    Posted by Todd Mitchell on May 16th 2017

    This is my first ebike, and I'm glad I went with Lunacycle. They were extremely helpful with answering questions, and helping me pick out options.

    The bike itself has a decent frame and the components work well, although I'm going to replace the front fork with a 100mm beefier one (an extra $150 for a Rock Shox silver). The electric motor and pedal assist integration are incredible! It's much better than I ever imagined, and so much fun to ride (can't believe everyone doesn't have one of these).

    I got the BBSHD upgrade motor, and I highly recommend it. It's silent, sturdy, and gives you amazing power. Works great with the 48volt battery, but if you're a speed freak, you might want to go with the 52V battery, and get set up with 52V from the beginning. For me,, 48V is plenty of power (I've gotten the bike up to 40mph on flats, and it does 30mph easily). Having 1300watts or more of power at your command is so much more fun than other companies that set you up with 350 watt bikes and call it a day. If you like to ride, you're going to want at least 1000watts or more.

    I use this bike mostly to commute, and I've cut my commute time in half. Plus, when I get to work I'm not sweaty or panting. Pedal assist integration is seamless and very intuitive. It makes you feel like you're Superman when you pedal. I've also taken the bike on some single-track, and that's a blast. But I'm going to hold off doing rockier stuff until I replace that front fork (it works, but you don't want to bet your skull on it).

    Here's a quick rundown of the upgrades and accessories I'd suggest if you're a first-time buyer like me:
    —Definitely get the BBSHD upgrade. Such a sweet motor! 1300watts and it barely gets warm.
    —Get the advanced charger (worth it to preserve your battery life).
    —If you're a thrill seeker, see if you can go with a 52V battery and a 52V charger from the start. The 48V battery works great though too, and gives 1300 watts on my set-up.
    —The Cree front and tail lights are excellent and well-priced.
    —Get the Mosso pedals (good deal here), and they look so much better than stock.
    —I like the 750C color display (but I've got nothing to compare it to). To access the settings, press "M" twice very fast. To access the "basic settings" press the power button once after you're in the display settings.
    —Get the Gear Sensor! It pauses the motor when you shift gears, which saves you from having to manually shut off the motor to shift. In pedal assist mode, it works much much better to have a gear sensor. Definitely worth the extra $50.

    So far, I'm using the stock BBSHD 46T gear, and it works great for commuting and some trails. I recommend trying it out before getting a smaller one.

    That's it! For under $2000 you're good to go. If you're on the fence, get the bike. Biking with silent power feels like flying.

  4. Great bike overall

    Posted by Steven A Fritz on Apr 23rd 2017

    The Luna Alite is a good bike overall and I gave it a 5 star rating even though there were a couple small issues with accessories such as the display being different than the DPC-14 (a newer 750c type). The bike is put together well and runs great. I would like to be able to program the power assist levels to lower the amount of assist at the lower levels. It gives too much power at level I which prevents me from getting the level of exercise I am seeking. What I do is turn the power assist off for a big part of the ride, and turn it to level I when I need it. I upgraded to the BBSHD and would recommend that to anybody buying this bike.