Luna-Tick Crankset for Mid Drives
Luna-Tick Crankset for Mid Drives
Luna-Tick Crankset for Mid Drives
Luna-Tick Crankset for Mid Drives
Luna-Tick Crankset for Mid Drives

Luna-Tick Crankset for Mid Drives

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  • Perfect for Cyclone, Lightning Rod, and other mid drive kits requiring a freewheeling crank set
  • Heavy duty Luna Tick freewheel designed to take massive power  (now 50 percent quieter than older version)
  • Bearings in freewheel are designed to take side loads (see details on freewheel)
  • Forged 170mm crank arms
  • 48t and 46t Sprockets made from 7075 alloy
  • Chainguard
  • Anodized in your choice of 3 colors



New in April 2017 new weight saving design and new higher end  quadruple pawl freewheel for quietness and strength even at high power. 

For many years mid drivers have been plagued with freewheel problems on high power mid drives since all the existing freewheel crank sets use cheap bicycle freewheels. Luna developed a heavy duty double row bearing 4 pawl freewheel made for electric motors  to handle massive power and stand the test of time. 

It is called the “Luna Tick” because of the beefy ticking the 4 pawls make when not pedaling.  

The heavy duty freewheel will not seize or fail which can be a serious safety issue with cheaper freewheels.

It even has a chain guard to keep your pants from getting sucked in and shredded.

This is the ultimate mid drive add on and a testament to Luna’s dedication to the DIY community.

The outside 48t sprocket going to the motor is a bit thicker than the inside 46t sprocket, and will require a single speed chain. You can use a regular chain for the inside chain ring to the rear cassette (Probably will not work with an 11 speed chain, only 1 to 10 speed chains)

Support notes

This chainring was designed for use with the square taper cyclone bottom bracket. By default Luna-tick crankset will not work with the Isis BB version unless you make this slight modification

(see questions and answers tab for various info)



does the crank set include a gear mounted using BCD 104

the luna-tic uses a threaded freewheel like the cyclone. 4 bolt and the bcd is about 67mm

3 Reviews

Dallin Clark Nov 6th 2017

Should be steel not aluminum

This cant handle the power of the cyclone 3000. plain and simple. should be made of hardened steel, and shouldnt be sold as "perfect for cyclone".

Oct 9th 2017

Luna Tick crankset

Great product robust bearings that run smoother than the original cyclone crank.

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