BBSHD Aluminum Chainring Adapter and 42T Sprocket


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  • Aluminum chainring adapter with 42 sprocket for the BBSHD
  • 130mm bcd
  • 220 grams is less than half the weight of the steel bafang sprocket
  • 2 pieces so you can use with other sizes of chainrings
  • Designed by Luna
  • Lightweight 
  • Wicked tooth profile to hold your chain on
  • Anodized black
  • The first ultra affordable chainring set for the BBSHD

The only negative complaint we have heard about the BBSHD is the ugly and heavy steel chainring.   

Luna is excited to offer its new custom aluminum chain ring adapter and sprocket set  that looks twice as good and weighs half as much as the stock ring. In additon this sprocket uses the latest in sprocket tooth technology to hold on your chain better, and offers a more ideal gearing for the BBSHD with its 42 teeth. 

This is not the piece of art that the $100 Luna Eclipse chainring is but serves the same purpose and saves a bunch of dollars. 

This chainring looks as good as any other chainrings (besides the Eclipse) on the market at a reduced price.

It uses extra thick teeth to grab your chain and for long lasting durability. 

The chainring is in two pieces so you will eventually be able to put other sized sprockets such as the 5 bolt race face chain rings. 

We are offering this set up at a very reasonable price at $59. Compare that to our competitors who sell similar set ups for well over $100.

Note: This does not have as much offset as the more expensive chainrings. If you foresee having chainline issues you want our Eclipse or Lekkie, or plan on reworking the cassette as described in our documentation



What is the weight of each Luna chainring?

40T = 316g 42T = 228g and 44T = 248g

17 Reviews

Teigan Johnston Mar 2nd 2017


First day using it and a tooth bent. I attempted to bend it back but no luck. Had a fun walk home....

Jeff Markham Feb 23rd 2017

Didn't Work For Me

This sproket is far better than the one provided by Bafang (aka. the Death Frisbee). I'm disappointed though, due to a lack of offset. It's on my bike now and seems to be working fine, but the chain line is way off, in favor of the smallest gear on the rear cassette. As a result, when I use my largest rear gear to climb hills the chain is highly bent. I'm not sure what type of bike this sprocket would produce a good chain line on. At some point I'm going to have to upgrade to the Eclipse in order to get a proper offset and avoid destroying my chain.

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