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Luna Anniversary Sale! $750 BBS02 Mid Drive Kit with Panasonic Lithium Battery

$975.00 $750.00
(You save $225.00)
$45.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

Luna Cycle announces our 2 year anniversary sale our best mid drive deal ever available in limited quantity for a limited time.


The BBS02 750 with a 500 watt hour Panasonic Battery for the unheard of price of $750

(Or $400 for BBS02 kit alone)


For a limited time our best BBS02 deal ever. Save $225 over our already low ridiculous price.

NOTE: This kit at this price will be 1-2 weeks for delivery due to processing. 


We have an entire ocean shipping container full of BBS02 on the water that we are offering a special price on them.


If you cannot wait 2 weeks you can order our standard BBS02 at regular price here.


Help us offer the best price on the planet on BBS02 plus keep other inventory in stock, including our new custom built Ebikes




This special peorder price includes everything you need to convert almost any bike (not fat bikes). No substitutions are allowed except for the ones offered in the product add. 

  • BBS02 Kit
  • c961 Display ( or $45 extra for our new 750c color display)
  • 48v Panasonic GA shark battery  or upgrade to a 52v battery for $75
  • 3 amp charger
  • Save $225 over our regular price


When we first created our sale direct website Luna Cycle in July of 2015 the going price for the BBS02 was $1100 by sellers who would try to convince buyers that their BBS02 was different from the next guys.  The BBS02 is still the same as it has always been two years later but now the price has fallen dramatically.

The going rate for a 700 watt hour Panasonic battery was over $1000. 

In fact this same combination we are offering for $750 to celebrate our 2 year anniversary some sellers still sale today for over $2000.

For a limited time we are celebrating our 2 year anniversary by offering the best deal we have ever offered on  the bbs02 drive system with Panasonic GA battery.


We are offering an amazing price on a conversion kit with everything you need to convert almost any bike to an electric. Please share with your non-powered friends and your slow electric bike friends.

The BBS02 is all that most riders need.

It has several critical advantages over its popular big brother the BBSHD  


  • It is 3 pounds lighter than the BBSHD

  • It totally falls within federal legal limits of an Ebike

  • It's smaller in size than the BBSHD which means more stealthy

  • It has more custom chainring options available

  • It has been around longer so it is a proven platform

  • Lower amps means longer range


And now it has a significantly lower price than the BBSHD making it accessible to almost anyone, at this limited low price it makes a lot of sense over the BBSHD.


This mid drive has many advantages over a hub motor kit. And at this amazing price a hub motor kit makes little sense.

  • It allows you to use your bicycle gear train

  • It is easy to install (watch install video)

  • It gives you perfect weight balance since it is low and centered

  • It is silent

  • It is reliable

  • It is plug and play

Please note this kit does require installation and installation will require you spend some time on our technical forums and on our youtube channel, because each bike has its quirks and installs can be a bit tricky the first time. 

Regarding Controller and Firmware Hot Rod

Our kit includes a factory hot rodded controller different than most BBS02s purchased from China. The original BBS02 controller also had weak mosfets that would blow out easily when too much load was put on the system. We have had all our drives modified at the factory with more expensive and robust 3077 mosfets to make the controller handle more power without overheating. This makes it possible for us to change the firmware to a set up that allows you to utilize all peak 1300 watts this drive is capable of. We still recommend that you use a lot of common sense and keep your motor spinning fast by shifting down and keep your motor revving high when climbing. All electric motors prefer to spin at high rpms and you should keep this in mind and baby your Bafang. We do not cover blown controllers under warranty. So if you overheat your controller by not following our operation guide, you will have to replace it. 

The way this kit comes from the manufacturer it is very solid and hard to burn out. It is also difficult to get the kit’s maximum 1300 watts of performance which you can do by upgrading the firmware. We sell our kits to experienced builders with the firmware already upgraded. (Click here for the firmware programming guide)

We recommend you get the optional programming cable so you can tweak your own program settings. Their are many online guides which will help you do this.  

Read our complete review on this kit here

Watch ride video here

Which Bike?

The Bafang drive mounts in place of your current bike's bottom bracket and replaces your bike's crank set and front derailleur if you have one. 

Your donor bike must have 68-73mm bottom bracket width. That means this kit will bolt onto almost any bicycle. But not fat bikes. We have the BBSHD which is 1000W nominal 1500W peak and will work with fat bikes 100-120mm bottom brackets (BBSHD located here).

We include special mounting hardware for 73mm BB. If you need this and it was not included let us know and we will send separately.

Many people have found that the Bafang can actually be mounted to many types of trikes, which can be fun since many trikes are not good candidates for hub motor kits.

Maybe you have an old donor bike laying around you want to convert, or maybe you are wide open to which bike to buy and install this kit on.

If you are also shopping for a bike to install this kit, that is perfect. We recommend you pick a bike that is known to be compatible with this drive and has no known issues. Ideally a build report has been written on our builder forum so that you can follow step by step someone else's building steps.

Here is a post on our builders forum  with a picture  collection with links to  build reports you can quickly scroll through.

48v Panasonic GA Shark Battery 


This Kit includes our tremendously popular 48v Shark Panasonic Ga Battery 13.5ah.   Read more about this battery here.

Which Options?

When you buy your drive the following info will help you pick which options are right for your bike.

Display Options

The displays are our ebike dashboard and all of them display the same information (watts, battery indicator, speed, miles traveled, etc) so in essence just pick the display that you like the look of the most, since they all have the same basic functions. 

C961 (Included) Classic Bafang display with basic vital information. 

750C is a Luna Custom full color horizontal display (read more here) that is a $45 upgrade option.  If you want the fanciest best looking display this is it.

Sprocket Options:

We offer the Bafang with 3 different options for tooth count on the chain ring.

46/48/52 tooth

Of course your gearing will also be determined by the rear cluster on the back of your bike. 

But you need to choose which of these 3 options you want up front.

46 tooth will give you the most reliable set up that is also very powerful and better for off road hill climbing.

48 tooth will give you the middle ground.

52 tooth will give you the highest top speed (30mph) but is only recommended for street riding and you should really take care not to overheat your controller when running this high by keeping your motor spending fast. 

(Click here to read our special care & instructions guide here)


eBrake Options

The Bafang has the option of connecting with your bicycle brakes and automatically cutting off power when the brake is tapped.

The kit will work with or without the brake sensors plugged in.

The Bafang kit comes stock with new brake handles that can replace your existing brake handles.

You also have the option of getting magnet sensors which allows you to adapt your existing brakes.  This will help with users who have hydraulic brakes the sensors are not compatible with. 

You can also choose to go with a brand new set of hydraulic ebrakes with the sensors built in. 


Throttle options

If you are not sure about this one then pick the universal thumb throttle. Thumb throttles are the safest and fit all bikes.

If you like motorcycle twist throttle, our custom Luna throttles are awesome.


Programming Cable Option

The Bafang has many setting which will effect the way the power comes on especially in pedals assist mode. We highly recommend this $20 option because it will allow you to customize in the future.

Their are many great programming guides available on the BBS02 online. 


Luna Install Tool option

There are some proprietary nuts on the bottom bracket of the BBSHD that can be a little tricky to install without the right tool (still very easy to jerry rig something)

However the Luna install wrench was made to make this task a snap and make taking on and off your drive easier in the future. 

This is a $19 option.  Luna manufactures this kit in their shop, and makes it affordable the Bafang install kit would cost anywhere from $65-$150 depending on which dealer you bought it from. 

Installation and use

How to Order the Right BBSxx Kit

BBS02 Wiring Alternatives

BBSHD Pre-Buying Questions and Answers

BBSHD Chainwheels compared

BBSHD Installation

How a BBS02 pays for itself for commuters

How to install your Bafang hydraulic disc brake sensors

Most important links on use/installation/maintenance (bookmark these links):


Product Reviews

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  1. Quality hardware, no documentation, needs a torque sensor

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 17th 2017

    Fairly shocked that there are no written instructions included with this kit. The only written documents concerned the Luna 300W battery charger. While it is certainly true that there is a lot of documentation as well as videos online for myriad aspects of installation, it is still just plain ridiculous that Luna does not include a basic installation manual and operation guide. Luna's stated reason is that all bikes are different and the kit is for custom builders. But most bikes are 95% similar. It would be perfectly fine to take a run of the mill mountain bike say and give instructions for that and then say "your bike may vary from this" and give some examples of variations and how to adapt to those. To just basically say "Google it" instead of ANY written instructions is not really acceptable on a kit of this complexity and expense. Beyond that, the kit is very well thought out. I did watch a very good YT video on installation, had my BB etc disassembled ahead of time, and installed in less than 3 hrs. Charged the battery during that time. Fired it up and it just worked. Having to tighten the BB nut super tight to keep the motor from rotating is not a good solution. Not sure why they don't have a bolt hole on top of the motor that could be bolted to a thin sheet metal tube clamp wrapped around the bike frame tube. Problem solved. (I will probably fabricate something along those lines.) As for operation, it is powerful. Somewhat disappointed in the PAS system, as I have ridden bikes with torque sensor operation, and they are really much more intuitive to ride. I find myself often pushing the + - buttons to adjust the power level, whereas a torque sensor makes that unnecessary. A lot of trail riders resort to using the throttle instead of PAS but with a torque sensor I think that would not be necessary, you could pedal safely through obstacles. The range of the 13Ah 48V battery is quite impressive, at least while pedaling, probably at least 30 to 40 mi.

  2. Products, Customer Service,and Information are Second to NONE!!

    Posted by Cory Kirkpatrick Banning Ca. on Oct 17th 2017

    Anyone who hasn't yet ordered the Anniversary Special should do it TODAY!!
    I went with the 750c display and the 52v shark and could not be happier So impressed with the whole experience with LUNA CYCLE. Thank you guys, and you can bet i wont be shopping anywhere else. I would post a pic of the bike if i knew how

  3. Solid piece of equipment...

    Posted by john mellor on Oct 2nd 2017

    We have 3 BBSHD conversion bikes but I thought I'd give this special deal a try. Using a used Elektra Moto 3-i '29er' with the SRAM 3-speed internally geared hub and cable actuated disc brakes, I received the motor kit and began assembly. As I have found on some other bikes, the threaded inserts for the water bottle mount were a little too far down to allow a direct battery cradle installation. I removed the cover plate on the battery cradle, drilled a hole so I could access the water bottle threaded insert and still have a bit of clearance for the battery pack itself and it all fit OK after that. Using the stock chainring gave me a decent chainline and I've been riding all over town with this bike. Love it!

  4. Wow, what a great kit!

    Posted by Sean on Sep 18th 2017

    I bought the bbs02 kit with a 52v shark battery and installed it the day it arrived. I am not exactly a bike mechanic, but there's enough detailed info out there to help. The links that Luna provides were especially helpful. I installed on my sixthreezero evryjourney and it looks and works awesome. I want to ride my bike every day; I feel like a kid again.

  5. Plug and play and ride away!

    Posted by Richard M. from Reno, NV on Sep 16th 2017

    I was a little nervous ordering this kit, as I had never done a conversion before, and am 64 years-old, although I have a pre-built e-bike with 500w rear hub motor from another maker with about 4K miles on it. So, I am familiar with e-bike use and performance.

    Overall, this kit has seriously exceeded my expectations. The build, on a Breezer Uptown 8 (2009) new old stock 68mm bottom bracket bike, was pretty straight-forward and took me about 5 hours. I am about the world's worst mechanic, so I thought this was pretty darned good. I went to the Reno Bike Project, a local non-profit, where I would be able to use a bike stand and find the right tools, as well as get advice.

    The battery needed to mount with the battery holder power cord coming out at the top to fit into this bike's triangle. I did forget to put the plastic chain guard on before installing the new drive-side crank, so I will have to pull that side again, but that was my mistake. The 48v 13.5 amp hour battery took about 4.5 hours to fully charge with the stock charger, but it did charge up properly. Everything was indeed plug and play, and the wiring was easy to handle and each wire had the correct connectors to make the job easy.

    The only real issue, besides me being stupid and forgetting the chain guard, is that the basic C961 controller screen is cracked. Frankly, I am not sure if this happened before I put in on the bike, or while I put it on, but when I fired it up the first time the screen and therefore the controls are not really working. Part of the screen is dead. It did power up and the throttle did work, so I used it that way for a test ride. After a few miles, the only other issue was that the speed sensor loosened up. I have put a help ticket in on the C961, so I am sure that will get resolved soon. As to the speed sensor, I will just take it off and get it fitted tighter next week. Again my lack of building experience, not anything to do with the kit.

    Performance is really quite amazing. My newly built Breezer is lighter and much more powerful than the 500w rear hub bike I have been riding. The folks at the Reno Bike Project were really impressed and said that the bike flies!

    So, bottom line, from an older, poor mechanic's point of view this kit rocks! I can unequivocally recommend that, if you have a 68mm bottom bracket bike, this anniversary kit is really easy to build and will delight you. Go for it- you will not be disappointed.

  6. Great Hill Country Commuter Ebike Conversion

    Posted by Richard Ver Steeg on Sep 9th 2017

    I've purchased two of these now. I purchased the first one to convert a Scott hybrid (68mm BB) that I'd had for 3 or 4 years. We live in a place known informally as the Hill Country - a name you only fully appreciate when you ride a bicycle. I rode it off-and-on (mostly off) for exercise and sometimes to run errands. There were two problems both related to the hilly topography.

    First, is the amount of work involved. There are hills here that I could not initially pedal up even in my lowest gear - I know, suck it up and get more exercise, right? I was able to eventually conquer those hills but it was really hard, sweaty work. I want to exercise; I'm not a fan of killing myself in the process. If I was planning to meet anyone possessing a functional olfactory gland, the bicycle was not an option.

    Second, I frequently didn't have the time it would take to get where I was going On some of those hills, it was a struggle to maintain enough forward momentum to avoid falling over.

    So I got interested in an e-bike conversion - I wanted to flatten out those hills. I first tried a friends conversion - a 250 watt hub drive. I weigh 260 lbs - I got assist going down hill, on the flats, and even on very mild up hills but the power deserted me on any noticeable uphill. So I started to do my own research and found repeated references to the BBS02 with repeated mentions of the superior torque available from mid-drive units. I also read good things about LunaCycle. Before I pulled the trigger on a purchase, I took my bike in for a professional tune-up; I hadn't ridden it in quite a while and wanted to make sure there weren't going to be any expensive surprises and ensure that I started the conversion with a properly adjusted bike. Then LunaCycle announced their anniversary sale and I purchased my first BBS02.

    I have no experience as a bike mechanic; any time I've needed anything fixed or adjusted (except inner tubes), I've take my bike to a bike shop. I spread the install out but it probably took me a day total to get everything installed and adjusted. I bought the necessary tools and removed the bike's bottom bracket while waiting for the kit to arrive.

    Once I received the kit and began the install, I began to appreciate that every bike is different and you may run into things that require small additional parts or changes in approach depending on the particulars of your bike.

    Installing the motor and battery are relatively simple tasks. I bought the Bafang sockets so that I could properly torque the big nuts that hold the BBS02 in place. You definitely want to use the blue LocTite on the retaining nuts for the BBS02. I did not the first time and they came loose in pretty short order.

    My first kit was missing 2 rubber pads that go between the down tube and the battery holder as well as a special oval "washer" needed to prevent the screw from crushing the plastic on one of the holes when attaching the battery holder to the frame - I wasn't aware these existed until I ordered the second kit. I made do and didn't bother to contact LunaCycle.

    I wanted to mount the battery back so that I would slide the battery UP to remove it but the placement of both sets of water-bottle mounting holes on my bike was such that I could not do that. So when I hold the battery when I unlock it to ensure it slides down GENTLY.

    Hooking up all the sensors, brakes, etc. took a lot more time - not necessarily hard, just lots of different pieces and tasks.. My bike has the combined brake handle / shifter unit so the stock brake handles that ship with the BBS02 are only useful for the the one that connects to the front derailleur (which you remove). I ordered the cable that's advertised for hydraulic disc brakes so that I could add brake control to the existing rear derailleur shifter/brake. Yes I have two completely different looking brake handles. I could have used the magnetic switch on both sides but I didn't like leaving a non-functional shifter on the bike - to each his own. The e-brake sensor and magnet were fairly easy to install. Once I knew they were working correctly, I used hot glue to make sure they stayed put.

    The magnet that goes on the back wheel spoke and corresponding frame mounted sensor for speed were also fairly easy to install and I gave the magnet the same hot glue treatment as the e-brake parts to make sure it doesn't slip. I haven't gotten around to calibrating the sensor with the display - the needs to know how far the magnet is from center to give correct mileage and speed - not hard, just haven't done it yet.

    The gear shift sensor took the most time to install. But it's worth it. A number of commenters have pointed out that you can achieve the same thing manually by tapping the brakes when you shift. That's absolutely true but the gear shift sensor just works and is reasonably priced for what it does. Ever plan to let someone else ride your bike? Imagine explaining the whole tap-your-brakes-while-shifting technique to them and then imagine the sound of your chain skipping.

    The one - important - thing I hadn't considered was that installing this sensor requires removing your rear derailleur cable and that means you'll have to readjust your rear derailleur when you are done. Shout-out to Park Tool for their excellent bicycle maintenance how-to videos. I bought a cable housing cutter/cable crimper, watched the video and found that it wasn't all that difficult to adjust the rear derailleur. Took me a lot longer than a bike mechanic but I got it done. The other thing I found was that - depending on where you are able to mount the gear-shift sensor, the supplied cable may not be long enough to reach the cable on the motor. It was not for my first bike. You can get an extension cable but I just cut the cable from the sensor and soldered in some extra wire cover with heat shrink tubing (electrical tape would also work).

    Once installed everything, routed cables and did some simple tests, I wrapped the power connectors and the gear shift sensor in silicone tape to water proof them.

    As a side note, I've installed super bright headlight and tail lights on my bike that I use day and night. I never assume that anyone in a car sees me.

    The completed conversion has been great. My wife started riding it too work so I had to get another kit and convert her bike to get mine back. I've read a number of comments about the BBS02 pedal assist working differently than other kits and suggest that while it's weird, you'll get used to it. . Most kits apparently give you more assist when you pedal faster. The BBS02 gives more assist when you are pedaling slower. Might just be me but that's the way I want pedal assist to work. I want it to help me if I'm struggling to move rather than speed me up when it's easy to pedal. I can now pedal up virtually any hill 4th or 5th gear by choosing the right level of pedal assist (I installed the 42T Lekkie Blink Ring - I care about power rather than top speed). Unless I need to be somewhere fast and/or presentable, I turn the pedal assist off completely or keep at the lowest level I can so that I'm still getting some exercise out of the deal. This is exactly what I was looking for - it lets me flatten out the hills.

    I installed the throttle and use that when going through intersections from a stop and other similar places. I can get in the turn lane with cars and not hold up the cars behind me.

    The motor IS smooth and silent to quote another review. This is a great kit, I've already bought and installed a second one and I would not hesitate to recommend it.

    The battery has plenty of capacity for me. I don't travel super long distances in a single day so - once I complete the recommended 6 full charges to balance the cells, I plan to follow the 40/80 rule as much as possible to extend battery life.

  7. Smooth and Silent

    Posted by MandalorianX on Sep 4th 2017

    I already own a BBSHD, so I knew mostly what to expect going into this purchase. I work as a bicycle courier in Phoenix, and have moved to using ebikes in place of single speed/fixie's. I'm faster on delivery than my car and truck driving counterparts, I don't consume gas, and I don't wear and tear on my truck. The boys at luna didn't send the charger with my anniversary kit, so I had to come up with one on my own locally. That being said, I'm still satisfied with the purchase. I am still waiting for the charger it came with, but have been using the bike daily since I finished the build. I'm getting upwards of 60 miles on a charge, which rivals my haibike sduro's efficiency. I have a 48T in front, and an 18T single speed in the rear, 29" vee tires, and rim brakes. I set PAS to have 4 levels, and I toggle between 1 and 2 while on runs. Its very sluggish to start off from a dead stop (obviously), but it effortlessly maintains 22-26 MPH with a very relaxed pedaling cadence. I can click it to PAS 3 if I need to fight some headwind, or just to pass through a stoplight or something. And if I bump it to 4, I can hit 30 MPH, although I have to just ghost pedal with it, I can't pedal that fast to still contribute with my legs. I almost never use the throttle for two main reasons; 1. It drains the battery way too fast, way way way too fast. 2. And even when I gently press on it, the speedo seems to think that all of a sudden I'm going 3x or 4x the speed. It then cuts out the motor, and I have to wait for the speedo to register the correct speed again. It's never happened on my BBSHD and I have used two different displays on that, but only the 961 on my current build. It's not a deal breaker, as it always works if I am already at 20 MPH or higher, the throttle does not send a false reading to the speedo, but at low speed, the throttle is more of a hindrance to use. Thanks Lunacycle for the best pricing on these kits.

  8. Love my new electric bike

    Posted by Joules on Sep 2nd 2017

    This is my first build. I'm still working out some minor kinks getting it customized to my bike. I read up and got a lot of great advice and knowledge from the links provided. They are right the hardest part was removing the bottom bracket. Well, really the hardest part was waiting for the kti to come in :).
    It really climbs hills great and goes. I may be hooked.

  9. great value

    Posted by Ralph Mcgahagin on Aug 23rd 2017

    first time ebike converter here... and this kit made it simple. everything needed is included and it is a great value... so much so that i bought another for myself after installing one on my wife's bike.
    i would note that the first kit i ordered from luna was missing items (the connecting harness and the wrench) but luna was quick to make it right...
    i am now offering to help friends install one on their bikes.

  10. You have to beleive the hype

    Posted by Patrice on Aug 22nd 2017

    I was doubtful from these kits from China that you bolt with a magic tool with a odd name for the moon on it but a guy from work got one and installed it on his bike and said he had ridden 2000 miles on it with no notable issue, and that is in Montréal were on road is worst then any off road anywhere.

    So, I went for it even with the Canadian dollar exchange rate and UPS custom fees and it was utterly worth it. Installation is not that tricky and you simply get at the end of the process a new mode of transportation that bypasses all car traffic, cost no gaz, no bus ticket et is just so much fun to drive. I have but a 100km on it but I hope to have atleast 1500km before winter.

  11. Great kit but some issues

    Posted by BKN on Aug 21st 2017

    This is the second BBS02 kit I've bought from Luna, this one at the $750 anniversary pricing. The first kit was great except thst the battery cradle did not have a connector to mate with the motor so I hard-wired them together. This kit had the Anderson connectors already installed to the battery and the motor, which would have made connecting them together easy except that when I first tried powering them up I got nothing. I checked the voltage at the battery end, and it was about 53 volts but the motor side of the connector was 0V. The connector from the battery cradle had one contact that was pushed partly out of the connector shell so it was not making contact. I tried to push it back in but it would not stay in. I discovered that the contact was broken. I cut the connectors off the motor and the battery cradle and replaced them with XT160 connectors that I had in my shop. Another issue was that the display did not have rubber spacer rings to make the display bracket fit the handlebars. My first kit's display came with 2 sets of rubber spacers to match 2 different handlebar diameters. I suspect this display was a return because it was already partly assembled and was missing the spacers. I had to wrap electrical tape around the handlebars to make the display bracket fit. The third issue was that the battery charger was supposed to be a standard 3A charger. The one I received is a 2A charger. On a positive note, the ebrake levers are nicer than the ones that came with my first kit. I still like the Bafang mid drive kit and the anniversary pricing is good. I would have given it 5 stars if I didn't have the problems with the connector contacts, display bracket spacers and the wrong charger. I contaced Luna about 2 of these issues as I was installing the kit, I didn't learn of the connector problem until I tried to power it up. So far their response has been "Thanks for the update".

  12. Amazing

    Posted by Rich Chang on Aug 20th 2017

    I just put this kit on my Surly Big Dummy. Only took a couple of hours (though I work on bikes a lot). This is my first time riding an ebike and it is amazingly fun. Eats up hills with my kids on the back. A couple things to note:
    - The battery and motor have matching connectors, so no soldering. Everything is plug and play.
    - The motor has an input for a gearsensor near the base.
    - if you have a cargo bike, you will need a speedo extension cable (I ordered 12". 9" might have worked).

  13. I bought my mide drive from china before I knew about Luna cycles.

    Posted by Eric Stull on Jul 19th 2017

    I would buy my next mid- drive made in America from Luna Cycle ,what a great deal for 750$ ,buy it ,it's a great add on to your bicycle,I live in Pittsburgh on the highest hill and I ride into the city and back through the park, up some really steep hills 30 to 40% grade ,this motor climbs big time. I bought mine 2 years ago from china, 800 miles of no pedaling the shark 48volt battery pack is still working like a champ.I am so happy with the BBs02 ,750 watt motor on a cruiser with 26 inch rims I can go anywhere ,from trails with huge hills. I recommend you buy this set up that uses all your gears.mid drives rock.