Lekkie Bafang BBS02 Bling Ring ChainRing

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  • Now Available in New Teeth Sizes!
  • Read a complete review on this product here
  • Mounts direct to the Bafang BBS02 or BBS01 without an adapter
  • 42 teeth for hard torque and off road fun and better drive reliability
  • Machined from t6 7075 Aluminum for durability and light weight
  • Much lighter than stock Chain Ring
  • Excellent narrow wide teeth grip the chain no more annoying accidental chain derailment issues
  • Good offset for a better chainline: stock chainring offset is 5mm, the BBS02 Lekkie is 9mm (in 42/46T only), The 36T is 0.8mm

This is one of the finest and most refined upgrade parts available for the BBS02. See here for BBSHD version.

This chainring will NOT work with the BBSHD

We could write a lot on the bling ring but best to read electric-fatbike.com review which did an amazing detailed write up on this fine piece of CNC machining.



Note: Size / Color options pending availability.

14 Reviews

Chuck Carpenter Dec 14th 2017

The best chain ring you can get!

It's great!, looks good, works perfect, very light and quiet. If you need a chain ring get this one!

intramorph Nov 26th 2017


what is there to say about the lekkie ring? Nothing negative. Before i upgraded to this Bling ring i had the bafang bbso2 regular 46T chain ring and i had problems with dropping chain a lot. It would drop at least once per ride and on a bumpy roads/trails it would drop a lot more often. Upgraded to this lekkie bling ring (blue) and haven't had chain drops ever since... it's a lot lighter too helps bring the weight down and overall io'm very happy with it

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