Luna Apocalypse E-Scooter V2


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SOLD AS RACING VEHICLE TO BE USED ON RACETRACKS AND PRIVATE PROPERTY ONLY. Please read our "Special Note" below before purchasing

  • Massive improvements over version 1 of the Apocalypse
  • 60V 20AH Panasonic GA Battery!
  • 1.2kwh battery for massive range
  • Dual Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • All Wheel Drive with option to switch between 1 or 2 motor use
  • Eco "street legal" and Turbo modes
  • Minimal suspension
  • Rugged folding mechanism
  • Complete lighting system including brake lights
  • Ultimate transportation machine
  • Top speeds of 30mph and amazing hill climbing torque
  • 5 amp charger
  • Weight: 70 lbs


Check out review of this article on here. For an updated review on the latest version click here.

Note this vehicle is sold as race vehicle and is  for private property use only.  It is too powerful to be legal for street use.  You can modify it to go under 25 mph to make it street legal by disabling the "turbo" Button.

 New V2 model everything is bigger, better and faster! This is a complete update to make the popular Apocalypse Scooter even better for 2017

  • Now 60v and 1200 watt hours (previous model was 52v and 1000 watt hours)
  • New 12 inch hub motors for even more power  (previous version was 10 inch motors)
  • New oil filled air shock in rear
  • New beefier front suspension forks
  • New improved brake and tail lights
  • New Improved massively bright front head light
  • NEW Wireless remote lock 
  • NEW improved dashboard
  • New longer and beefier body



The Luna Apocalypse Scooter is a product Luna has been working on for over a year.   The ultimate transporting machine.  This scooter folds into a tight space for storage or for putting in the trunk of a car.

It is designed to get out of town fast if martial law is declared......when highways are congested with get out of town traffic this thing will get you out of town fast.

In peacetime is should only be used as a pit bike, or race vehicle..... IT is designed to smoke any gas powered go-ped on a racetrack.

The Luna Apocalypse is the highest performance small foldable scooter on the market.

We took the Luna Super Scooter and doubled its motor output (by adding an extra hub motor) and beefed up its suspension and brakes. 

The Apocalypse scooter is outfitted with a 60v 20ah Panasoinc GA battery which gives it possible for high range numbers....estimated 30 mile range.  Many scooters exaggerate their numbers...this thing has a real 1200 watt hour battery to back it up.  A Prius has a 4000 watt hour battery to give you an idea of how much lithium is in this thing.

It has a powerful all wheel drive front and back hub motors and the power comes on nice and smooth.



It has 4 power modes.... only power mode 1 is under 750 watts and if you go beyond that you are not street legal at all. We do not sell this vehicle for use on the street. 


Special Note:

The Apocalypse Scooter is fast, dependable and solid. It can climb steep hills and carry heavy passenger (300 pound limit). 

It accelerates hard and brakes hard and is for experienced riders only.

The battery is not easily battery must be charged in scooter.

The hydraulic brakes work so well that you must be easy on how you apply them. 

This is a racing vehicle only and we ask that only riders confident with their riding abilities purchase this. 

Please send us an email before purchasing to ensure us that you do have what it takes to ride this scooter and will ride it in a safe manner.




See here for the manual

For further documentation please check our main documentation repository

6 Reviews

Joshua Przybylko May 19th 2018

Best Purchase Decision Ever!

I went back and forth for a while with respect to purchasing this scooter due to the price tag. In the end, I decided that this isn't the scooter I need but it is the scooter I deserve. This is the best decision ever. I fang this thing up a local hill like there is no tomorrow - my wife thinks I am crazy. Turbo mode is ridiculous. I doubt a faster scooter exists. Sooo much fun! I took my cousin out scooten and now he wants one. Well done luna well done!

rob packard May 8th 2018

Holy Schnikes...Get a good helmet!!!

Just got mine delivered. "It's a madness"-Ally Law.

Yes, this is THE scooter for speed, long rides, and comfort. What everybody says is true. I've test driven the Weped in SF, sure that one is fast too, but this one is more comfortable and has more power than most people would ever need. It can take on steep hills very well. It's weird (yes, it's illegal so don't get a ticket), but when you can go up a hill at the speed it does, it feels great. The top speed is fine, I wouldn't say 35-40mph is over the top fast, but it pulls going up hills which is what I need. I followed a car up a 25mph zone and the guy looked at me like "wtf?" I can put it in my car trunk easily too and it's almost silent on the road . You can ride on a bike path and fake that you are pedaling and be fine. Nobody really looks at you like they would if you are riding a loud moped. Make sure to charge it when you first get it, or you'll take it out for a quick spin and have it die immediately, but it's easy to kick manually back too.

The V2 is so new, there are some unanswered questions that I had to ask. The manual still has some of the V1 info so Luna just needs to organize the new V2 into a different section, rather than have it on a discussion board. I didn't know how long it takes to charge or how to put the new handle bars on but this scooter is so great, I could care less. If I get a flat, I'll just do what they recommend and take it to a bike shop or motorcycle shop. For the price, you get a lot. I'm very happy. Thank you Luna.

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