Luna Fat BABE (Bad Ass Belt Ebike)

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  • Rockshox Bluto suspension Fork
  • Bafang M600 800 watt mid drive 
  • Gates Carbon CDX Belt Drive Group Set
  • 5 Speed Sturmey Archer RSX-RK5  internal gear hub 
  • 48v 13.5ah Panasonic GA battery
  • Maxxis Minion FBR 4 inch thick fat tires
  • Tektro Dorado 4 piston hydraulic brakes
  • Now available with the Luna Silent Treatment (Read More Here)

Luna Continues our tradition of offering state of the art bikes with our new production fat bike featuring a dream drive line consisting of a m600 torque sensing mid drive, Internal gear hub 5-speed transmission, a gates belt drive group set, and Maxxis 4 inch wide fat wheels. 

Combine all this with a Rockshox Bluto fork and you have one of the funnest, fastest, fattest, cleanest high traction ebikes available.

Available now at a special sale price of $2750. This price is the lowest price we will ever offer on this bike.  You wont find an ebike with this spec at this price anywhere. Since we sell retail direct to the consumer (no dealer network) we can offer outlandish pricing like this. 

This bike with its hidden battery and tiny mid drive is the stealthiest fat electric bike on the market.  

We outfitted this bike with a Gates Carbon CDX belt system coupled with a sealed 5 speed transmission built into the rear hub (internal gear hub). So you can ride even in the sandiest conditions without dirtying your driveline. Your days of maintaining a drive line with dirty oil and derailleur adjustments are over. This set up will be as maintenance free as a single speed while having the hill climbing power of a mid drive 5 speed. 

For our mid drive, we use Bafang’s latest drive system M600 800 watt mid drive. Unlike other mid drive systems on the market, this bike comes with a throttle so you can blast over those sand berms or snow moguls. It also has a state of the art torque sensing pedal assist system with 5 levels of assist so you can get your exercise while blasting up and down the hills. 

48v 13.5ah Battery

This battery utilizes top shelf Panasonic GA cells for the ultimate in reliable energy dense performance.  The battery snaps into the aluminum frame where it is safely housed inside the downtube, and locked for security.  100% replaceable and easy to remove for charging outside of the bike.  

4 Piston Hydraulic Brakes

With a fast bike like this with all that traction it is as important to stop fast as it is to go fast. This bike features one of the best ebike brake ever, the Dorado e725, a four piston design brake.  The modulation is ultra smooth on this brake and you will easily be able to control your braking with just 2 fingers.

Bluto Front Suspension

Many fat bikes on the market are typically outfitted with cheap front suspension, or no suspension at all.  We prefer no suspension than cheap suspension especially when it comes to fat bikes. The Luna BABE comes equipped with the best fat bike suspension fork on the market, the $700 Rockshox Bluto.

This has been the top fat bike suspension fork on the market for years now. It is hard to get a front suspension right on a fat bike because it needs to span up to 5 inches (max tire width).  The Rockshox Bluto is the most proven fat fork on the market and offers 120mm of travel (4.7 inches).  Fat bikes (with their floaty tires and massive traction), are super fun to ride over all types of terrain from sand snow to street.  When you add a quality suspension fork to the mix (Rockshox Bluto) you get the ultimate in riding fun. Roll your way over any terrain. 

Gates CDX Belt Drive and 5 speed IGH

Mid drives and internal gear hub drivelines have been our dream set up for years (check out our article on IGH on a mid drive here).  IGH (Internal Gear Hubs) use a complex gearing system to hide the transmission in a standard sized back hub.  Since the hub is sealed this promises trouble and maintenance free shifting. The RSX-RK5 is one of the lastest IGH on the market offering 5 speeds and a 230 percent gear ratio.  Since you have an electric motor, really anything more than 5  gears would be a waste. Shifting is done with a convenient twist shifter grip so your hand or thumb never needs to move positions when shifting.  Unlike a traditional bicycle shifting system, an IGH can be shifted while standing still.

Connecting the M600 to the IGH 5 speed is the beautifully functional Gates CDX drive system. This is a high end system only found on top tier bikes.  No broken chains to stress about and no chain maintenance to worry about. Belt drives are also quieter than chains and slightly more efficient.  The Gates CDX system promised years of slip free use.... Gates claims 10,000 mile range on a single belt. 

You also get rid of all the oily grime associated with chain drives. The Gates CDX system also looks way cooler with its customer sprockets and clean lines compares to traditional drive systems. 

M600 Mid Drive Motor

The M600 is Bafang's latest motor system.  It is outfitted with both a thumb throttle and torque sensing pedal assist system.  Luna and Bafang have been close partners since our inception and we know these drives better than anyone.  The m600 puts out 800 watts and 120nm of torque.  The motor is reliable, stealthy, and powerful.  It comes with Luna's custom firmware which makes it much better and more ride-able than a stock M600. 

Frame Sizing

 This bike only comes in one size (18 inch) which will fit most riders from 5 foot 6 to 6 foot 3. It has a low swept downtube making the bike fit a wide variety of riders. Total weight of the bike is 65.5lbs.



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