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Lekkie Bafang BBS02 Bling Ring

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Product Description


  • Now Available in New Teeth Sizes!
  • Read a complete review on this product here
  • Mounts direct to the Bafang BBS02 or BBS01 without an adapter
  • 42 teeth for hard torque and off road fun and better drive reliability
  • Machined from t6 7075 Aluminum for durability and light weight
  • Much lighter than stock Chain Ring
  • Excellent narrow wide teeth grip the chain no more annoying accidental chain derailment issues
  • Good offset for a better chainline: stock chainring offset is 5mm, the BBS02 Lekkie is 9mm



This is one of the finest and most refined upgrade parts available for the BBS02.

We could write a lot on the bling ring but best to read review which did an amazing detailed write up on this fine piece of CNC machining.

This chainring will NOT work with the BBSHD


Product Reviews

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  1. Much better chain alignment

    Posted by Mark C on Oct 12th 2017

    installed BBS02 from China (NOT recommended, Lunacycle actually answers email, support is good!) on Trek performance hybrid. Lots of issues shifting, chain was much too far out from the frame with the stock ring, and too big. A little faster, but hard to keep high cadence climbing, which is hard on the controller apparently. 42T bling ring plenty fast enough for me, and shifting is much improved. Still have to watch shifting while motor is accelerating, but no different than when peddling normal bike up a steep hill for instance; you do not want to shift under tension (I have the broken chain for proof!). Still learning about PAS, jury still out as to whether I will disable it or not

    Great product. I would have preferred black (out when I ordered) as I don't want to attract attention on the 'no motorized' bike paths, but blue is OK I guess. Motor is quiet enough (after adding grease) that no one notices.

  2. Excellent replacement ring for bbs02

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 6th 2017

    I bought the 42t.
    It is much lighter than the original ring, I had to install shims to clear the frame. No more chain drops. Top speed hasn't changed much as I have 10 gears at the rear to choose from. Very happy with the product. I wish they come in more colors than black and gold only.

  3. Class act

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 26th 2017

    Sharp well made class act product. Perfect for 11speed system. Improves chain line considerably.

  4. Torque for days

    Posted by Paul Z on Jun 26th 2017

    Just bought the 36t version in black and installed on my bbs02. I was a little worried that this chainring would cause horrible offset but on my ebike it actually improved it! I have a fat tire ebike but I believe the bottom bracket on my bike is shorter than a normal fat bike. My chainline has only been off being in high gear with the stock chainring, but the 36t bling ring, being that it pushes the chainline away from center has greatly improved access to higher gears. I lost about 6 mph from my top speed but no matter, as this is a trail bike and I spend 95% of my time in the first 2 gears. I can definitely recommend this chainring if the stock bafang ring and your lowest gear already are in a great chainline. Apparently this is not the norm for the 36t so I must be lucky. But so far it has been great, not one chain drop either! Oh and the best part, it's so sexy.

  5. Jhonny loco cargo bike trike

    Posted by Per Ivar on Apr 29th 2017

    36t is perfect for my cargo bike 25km no problem,high torque,very nice finish
    Nice shop and services

  6. Wow, horrible chainline irrelevant!!!

    Posted by Shaun on Apr 4th 2017

    I have always used a chain guide and had to deal with the weight and the noise of chain rub on it in certain gears, but somehow this ring holds the chain on perfectly from 11t-34t which I did not expect and can't believe; it is like magic! Thanks again Luna Cycle.

  7. Torque monster!

    Posted by Dayn Anderson on Apr 1st 2017

    I bought the 36T Lekkie, and I am very pleased!

    The narrow wide chain tooth pattern has allowed me to shift flawlessly even with a more extreme chain-line than the stock, but more importantly, given me lower gears to fly up-hill!

    Sure, I lost the "40 MPH" gearing of the 48T, but I really prefer the acceleration and hill climbing torque this provides instead. I had also used the 42T Lekkie, which made the chain-line ideal, however, I found that I was never using higher than 6th of my 8sp 11 - 34t Shimano Mega Range cassette on a Muddy Fox Xernt road hybrid bike, now with the 36T, I use all the taller gears, and sure, no real need for such low gears as the mega range, but I suppose that could come in a handy should I ride beyond battery range (not likely! I have gone 40+ miles using only 10% staying with-in 1 - 3 assist levels, using PAS only, no throttle). Would buy again!

  8. Real Saver for 11spd system

    Posted by Ken Wang on Mar 24th 2017

    I used Raceface 36T chain ring + adopt on BBS02 with SRAM XX1 system.
    The chainline issue made shifting chain to 42T cog a bit difficult and the chain became tilt .
    The 9mm offset on Lekkie 42T ring made the shifting process much smoother.

    If you use 11 speed system, Lekkie 42T ring is a good investment.

  9. Very pleased

    Posted by Martin on Feb 26th 2017

    Works and looks great, plus it's pretty light and high quality. Much better than standard BBS02 one as I can get a lower gear relation, which helps on climbs.

    It doesn't bring the chain line closer to the bike as the standard BBS02 one (with a 73mm BB I think this is more pronounced in my case), so I'm using it with a chain guide just in case as on the lowest gear the chain is on an edgy angle. Anyway even without the chain guide the chain was not falling off, so it's just for safety.

    Price is a little steep, but it was a great investment, I highly recommend it !

  10. No more chain drops!

    Posted by Joe on Nov 16th 2016

    Endless chain drops with Bafang's 42T chain ring. No chain drops with the Lekkie 42T, and much improved chain line too. The Lekkie Bling Ring has improved offset for my BBS02 and 10-speed Shimano drive train.

  11. Perfect replacement ring for BBS02

    Posted by Ed Busk on Jul 5th 2016

    Quick turnaround, usual Luna excellence.

    Bafang BBS02 running standard chain ring.
    Endless dropped chains on front ring (same problem on my Specialized Turbo).
    Not one drop since I bought the Lekkie.
    Much improved chain line too.

  12. Works for dual chainrings

    Posted by Dave on Jan 4th 2016

    Works like a charm! No chain skips or grinding on front derailleur to get access to my lowest gear in the back.

    Bonus- this gear is dished just enough that you can stack the stock ring (at least the 48t anyway, will confirm 52t later) on top of this. This yields a dual front chain ring that works as long as you are careful with shifting. It's not like it's machined to mate up with it but it is totally serviceable. Now I can have gearing that allows 30mph and also be able to pedal up a hill without power if necessary.

    Price is steep but is well machined and specialty product.